Drake & J.Cole Buy Born Sinner

After joining him on stage last night, Drake and Cole hit the Best Buy in Union Square to cop a few copies of Born Sinner (and one copy of Take Care). Hell, Drizzy even footed the bill. That’s love. Follow suit and get your copy here.

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  • http://rapradar.com Wooooo!!!

    Drake is like…let me help your sales, so I can shit on them my next album….

  • http://Yahoo Kaybee


  • Yacht

    Video private now? Guess Drake feelin different about it today.

  • http://Yahoo Kaybee

    That new Freddie Gibbs ain’t what they want. Damn!!

  • Yng Nipsino the best

    sometimes i brag like hov beeetch

  • Donn

    Hold on Hold on hold on

    This dude bought copies of his own albums, isn’t that considered cheating? Isn’t this the shit Lil Wayne get’s played for. I fuck with Cole and love the album but idk if I feel a nigga buying copies of his own shit to beat the numbers game. Just me

  • http://twitter.com/rashadp_rap RashadP

    “We should get a basket…Oh Yea!”
    lmfao niggas gotta luv it

  • itsMe


  • M.T

    Drake and Cole = 2 future legends

    Make sure yall cop Born Sinner.

  • Ryuk

    Yes, just you. Because all kinds of artist hace done this. Across all genres. Stop it.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Of course Drake paid for it, he’s the only guy there who sold enough albums to afford that many copies! Really though, this is a bad idea for Cole…for one, taking all the copies off the shelf at maybe the ONLY location in the world that might sell that many copies of Born Sinner keeps it out of the hands of the fan….if he wanted to make that big of a sales impact he should’ve bought them online. I can only imagine that anybody watching this video would be like “What the fuck he’s buying his own album? Oh well, I guess I don’t have to now”. You don’t see Kanye and Jay going into Walmart and buying Yeezus…isn’t the record company supposed to give the artist a bunch of copies of his album anyway? Why he buying more? Anyone who he would give it to is one of the few people that might actually have bought it! Well, at least we know he sold SOME copies.


  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Donn

    ^ was thinking the SAME thing.
    Got the album. Good album. Two things I’ll never understand about rapper’s 1) promoting liquor and 2) buying their own album. I know someone is going to say “it’s the same as if you owned a clothing,” or something to that effect, but its not. “Everything that’s understood, don’t need to be explained.”

  • Loyalty

    J. Cole partner tweeted that drake purchased all them copies of Born Sinner, not J. Cole.

  • chan

    the way my bank account is set up!!!! lol that shit was cool they are probably gonna give em out at the concert anyways its waters. its a good album. Drake buying the weekend trilogy that shits mean.

  • Reg

    He bought about 50-60 copies I am sure the difference between him and Kanye won’t be 50-60 copies… it’s more so symbolic than it is cheating….

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  • Reg

    Sooooo Noone’s gonna comment on Drake saying, “Oh they got The Trilogy, I’ll cop one of those” Subliminal shots….

  • MrsTTG

    Cashier whipping out her umbrella to throw all that shade! Hahaha! Artists supporting each other will never be a bad thing.

  • Black Shady

    DOPE SHIT!!! cant hate on drake for supporting the homie


  • http://peonyisland78.wordpress.com carywashington25

    best video of the born sinner series. I like seeing these two cats together, hope J. Cole gets as big (commercial-wise) as Drake and they stick around for a long time.

  • M.T

    Sooooo Noone’s gonna comment on Drake saying, “Oh they got The Trilogy, I’ll cop one of those” Subliminal shots….
    so u think drake copping trilogy is a subliminal shot? like really? niggas stay reaching. smh

  • http://honeychrome.net/ honeychrome

    we r lovin this album. lamar brings his style nicely on that Forbidden Fruit. the realest DID write this. the hook on Born Sinner is sticky icky. J writes so true.

  • SayItAin’tSo


  • Reg

    @ M.T considering Drake and the Weeknd no longer fucking with eachother yeah… especially considering how nice Drake is with the subliminals “Guess its funny how money can make change outta nigga, some nobodies started feeling themselves” def about the Weeknd…

  • ShatteredWorld

    If anything, it shows that he still has love for the Weeknd than anything. You niggas reach more than fucken Halo

  • ShatteredWorld

    J. Cole and Drake + Kendrick have some GREAT chemistry

  • edi

    no yeezus cop

  • king

    cool to see for sure

  • Gaz

    Are you all really talking like hes trying to push his numbers up, they bought like 30 copies haha, he’s selling over 100k……. Unbelieveable haha

  • East Side Braniak Loc

    This is like me working at McDonald’s, and paying to eat for the same burger I make

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  • NickH

    Imagine if Kanye did the same thing. “He’s so self absorbed that he bought 50 copies of his own album”

  • NovaKaine

    Yall dumb as a bag of rocks
    You thin k he just buys 50-60 copies and juat kept them for himself prolly signed em and handed em out in the street for free
    Its symbolic becuase its like another nigga veing yea buy this its worth the money

  • NovaKaine

    Yall dumb as a bag of rocksYou thin k he just buys 50-60 copies and juat kept them for himself prolly signed em and handed em out in the street for freeIts symbolic becuase its like another nigga veing yea buy this its worth the money

    Yall need to getbsome pussy or sumthn you all sound like some ol naggin ass bitches

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic


  • Yeezus

    they should’ve bought Yeezus and learned something jussayin WHY STOP BEIN A STAN NOW lol

  • Gayke

    Now I know all those album sales are fabricated.

  • Good

    Is it me or has Cole wore that same outfit for like 3 days straight?

  • Word

    Wow I didn’t think folks in the comment section could get any dumber. First, Drake bought the albums not Cole. Second, 50-60 copies isn’t “beating” the numbers game, that shit may barely make a dent. Third, y’all Dont know what he’s doing with the albums he could sign them and give them away at a show. Fourth, stop reaching for shit to hate on and just listen to the music. Fifth, making a separate account to cosign yourself is lame..I see y’all doing that shit y’all not fooling nobody. Cole world. Born sinner.

  • Word

    @JustMyOpinion you Dont understand why rappers promote liquor? Do you know who P. Diddy is?

  • Donn

    But why would u buy the albums to give away. The purpose of putting an album out for retail is to sell it lol. That’s why it’s on the shelf lol. Niggas hustling backwards. And the nigga said in the video, I gotta beat Yeezus

  • the brain trust

    Good says:
    Friday, June 21 2013 at 8:07 AM EST
    Is it me or has Cole wore that same outfit for like 3 days straight?

    Lmao. I noticed that.

    Nigga doesn’t wash his garments.

    Cole world no (spare) blanket.

  • Dashing

    People do buy albums to boost their sales, but if you really thought this was that then you’re bugging the fuck out. 50 copies don’t mean a damn thing for your sales. They were doing it as a symbolic gesture.

    And Drake fucks with The Weeknd’s music. That’s why he bought the album. He already said in an interview that he was NOT dissing The Weeknd on that record.

    People stay reaching…

  • Word

    @Donn You’re reaching buddy lol we just said you buy albums, sign em, give em away. Its no different than a company buying the album and giving it away. Ain’t that what Jay and Samsung doing? But I bet you LOVED that idea huh? Its called marketing but I think your lane is fashion and other shit. Cole winning and there really amount of reaching you can do to change that.

  • Word

    And I didn’t know there was a right or wrong way to sell an album lol its your shit. Buy it sign em and give em away or let them sit there its gonna be in the fans hands at some point either way ain’t like he buying em and letting them sit in his trunk lol selective as fuck with the hate

  • Word

    & drake CLEARLY bought the albums not Cole so who’s hustling backwards? Drake essentially gave dude 400 dollars and helped his sales how can u hate on that

  • the One

    They buy the their album to stimulate sales and give the copies to less fortunate people who can’t afford it or maybe give to someone and make a new fan…. Its called good business!

  • ocizzle

    those dudes are hella close. the new and upcoming face of hiphop if you will. and all that is is drizzy showing support for his nigga J! Fuck i mean i’d for sure go out n cop a bunch of copies