• FrAnKiE J


  • iyi performans

  • La Verdad

    This Rochester, NY spanish hood cat is garbage. Nobody checkin for you Emilio. You got no buzz. You got no skillz. The streets don’t want you. Hang up the mic and focus on a career before you end up 40 and wondering where did the time go!

  • youreajoke

    ^^^^^damn. such hate. want a cookie tough guy?

  • La Verdad

    I guess this must be Emilio’s fanbase. Blog beef. Good ish!

  • That Sht was Clean. “Give em curses in cursive” pretty nice.

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  • That new Freddie Gibbs is crazy! Aint even on the third track yet, but damn! It’s Gangsta Gibbs hoe!!

  • Yeezus


  • B.Dot

    @La Verdad
    Emillio must owe you money or something. Gheesh. Dude can rap

  • La Verdad

    Emilio can ‘write out’ nice rhymes, however, his flow is terrible and the sound of his voice does not attract you to his music. Maybe he can go ghostwrite or something. Hey I am only one human being so my opinion doesn’t mean nothing but hate to everyone’s eyes, so if you and the rest of the world love Emilio Rojas so be it – but wake me up when he becomes an all-around MC.

  • youreajoke

    ^^^ stop crying. cornball.

  • La Verdad

    You have to be in Emilio’s camp to care this much. Hey there is room for all kinds of artists in the game, so let it be.