Jay-Z Now Licensed NBA Agent

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It’s official. Two months after forfeiting his Brooklyn Nets ownership, Jay-Z and partner OG Juan Perez, have been cleared by the National Basketball Players Association to represent NBA players. Rumor has it that Hov is trying to recruit Oklahoma City Thunder star, Kevin Durant. And 1.


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  • Jay Money

    Big money comin his way.

  • Bowtie_fly

    Master P generated the blue print for rappers to get this money, but he just did not excel at rapping as Jayz did, hence the demise of his appeal.

  • Devante

    ^^^^ Word

    Master P showed rappers instead of worrying About signing with a label and getting endorsement deal go out and create your own label and product.

  • StarFox64

    when the players play good its because of jay from now on, when they play shitty its jays fault..

  • Trillionare

    Everyday you hear his name in the news and its not about rap… Him coming from a rapper and branching out to all these other markets…. He is living proff that no man has no excuse about nothing!!!! And i hate Jay as a rapper!!

  • Musikal

    It is nothing jay can’t do.

  • Capricorn Religion

    God damn…..

    Can anybody remember when this man took a L? Was Ether and “Kingdom Come” the last ones?

  • afdsad

    Jigga watching Curtis from afar.

  • Emad Shad

    Get gets praise for signing deals all the tins but nothing significant come out after.
    No reall success from those signing later. Either he close, or sell the business. Y’all delusional. Jayz likes the look cause it makes him look good.

  • chickdude

    @emad. Not really. Businesses fail or don’t meet expectations all the time. It’s knowing when to sell that counts. Scared money don’t make no money. When you make deals based on your image and brand alone 90% of the time, you get paid up front. So you win even when the plan fails.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to Jay. Kevin Durant is a loyal dude if it was me I would’ve left OKC a long time ago.

  • Nathaniel

    game: blouses. “y’all gon learn today.”

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  • Space Ghost

    Before I say this, let me preface my statement by saying that I have a bachelor’s in Finance from the University Of Memphis. With that said, it amazes me that people still don’t comprehend that Hov has mastered the art of create, maximize value, sell that to the highest bidder and pocket the money. Then on to the next one. Same as Trump, Same as Russell Simmons, just on a more noticeable pop culture scale because he is one of the most prolific emcees ever commercially released. On another note, people…..stop pretending to have knowledge of of how much HOV makes off these deals. Spending time hating and claiming that his moves are only vanity in nature. Be clear, he does nothing for free. The guy get’s money while you are playing PS3 and arguing with your girlfriend in your half boarded up apartment. Besides, half the hate info comes from the same team that steals your history, rewrites it, and gives it back to you to memorize for theses fake ass degrees that we get. Don’t believe the hype….THE FEAR HOV!!!!! AND THEY FEAR YOU TOO!!!!

  • G

    ^^ CO-SIGN @Space Ghost statement

  • truth

    pretty good verse for a throwaway track. cosign space ghost statement as well