R.I.P Lil Snupe


Blessed 2 See 18

Details are scarce, but Meek Mill protege Lil Snupe was fatally shot last night. Reportedly, over a dice game. His manager confirmed the death this morning via Twitter.  Seven days ago, Snupe posted the photo above from his 18th birthday party.

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  • Chris

    R.I.P. Kid had a lot of raw talent, the mixtape he put out recently, R.N.I.C., had bars.

  • yo

    This is sad. I hope everyone can get through it.

  • @LRG1906


  • Donn


  • Niggalas cage

    smh good die young

  • Bangers N Mash


  • BG

    >unclear how he died
    >was murdered

    Yeah, I’m going to venture and say he was shot to death. Fucking idiots at RR.

  • The Truth

    apparently he got shot 5 times over a $100 dice game. in fucking sane. rip snupe

  • Devante

    Smh, this sad…

  • Evil

    And RIP James “The Sopranos” Gandolfini.
    Sad day.



  • thetrizzuth

    weak wills prolly did it so he can have something that has emotion to rap about.. so maybe instead of some song forcefully delivering lyrics about maybachs and shit he can write a song about his dead royalty check.

  • Devante

    ^^ where’s ya respect fam?..

  • Mr. Opinion

    thetrizzuth <— YOU A HO!!!!

  • Therealist

    RIP LIL SNUPE! I copped his Mixtape on launch, i listend when he first dropped a freestyle wit meek, he had a future in this shit ass rap game!

    Sad to See R young Black Men, still gettin SHOT OVER BULLSHIT!

    but HOPEFULLY this LEADS TO A CULLING OF THE FAKES! BIGGIE AND TUPAC died cuz they was real, aint heard of no shots fired at these so called TRAP GODS! and they LIL HOMIES getin shot up to! where da hood nigga army that supposed to protect the new kids in da game! this shis is shameful on all levels!

  • Shit real in these fucking streets!! Lil nigga had mad potentials

  • thats fucked up. His song “Melo” was dope.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    R.I.P. he definitely had potential. Even to be better than meek mill wack ass.

  • ilovethots

    @thetrizzuth ur life must suck clearly ur projecting your on self hatred on to others so i hope it made u feel a little better about yourself even if it was only for a couple of seconds

  • blow

    r.i.p. to this guy but yall niggas need to stop the petty sensitive dickriding. yall niggas acting like he was the second coming

  • STFU

    Mad potential*… Not mad potentials….

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    Cotdamn @thetrizzuth I thought I was cold hearted! I hand you the crown you cum-burpin’ fuck boy!

  • Truth

    damn can’t believe this right now .. damn

    rest in peace,


  • How Wonderful…

    sad, tragic and petty. Talib Kweli said it best “Its tragic how you’re in the street cuz you aint got no avenues” But when you do have avenues opening up why are you still dealing with the street life. You can be on the come up and keep the same negative destructive company. A dice game? Seriously? RIP to this young man

  • Rozay


    You know you are wrong for that….Karma is a bitch.

  • YunG based god

    R.I.P. that’s messed up

  • KingJuggaNott

    Hard to not acknowledge Hell when you’re living in it…Damn. RIP.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Yo this crazy. Lil dude was so happy to make it out of his situation. Mannn shocked about this. This is b/s. all over a dice game? Damn.

  • Jaymalls

    WTF…. WOW! WOW!

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    Snupe should’ve kept his “LIL” a$$ at home and the GOOD don’t die YOUNG, the DUMB die YOUNG. The SMART grow OLD.

  • Bowtie_fly

    Man, I was listening to this nigga the other day. Saw his video too. Thinking, he cleaned up since that lil battle with TI and Desean Jackson.

    Yall niggas gotta chill B! Now yall see why I be on here occasionally advocating Jesus.

  • Officer Ricky

    Don’t be sad this is the type of stuff he rapped about, obviously he died doing what he loved.

    Not surprising it happened in New Orleans, what a rotten pit of humanity.




    Fuck Outta Here With These Meaningless RIPs Them Shits dont mean nothing Son Left Earth on GODs Clock ..And Regular People Die Daily …Yall Dont Go to Old Folks Homes and say RIP so Stop It When a Rapper Dies

  • @BlueScalise

    Another going one gone for nothing. A real bright future he had..

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  • Realniggashit

    This is really fucked up so close to his dreams

  • atown don

    Man its truly some sad & sick people in this world! This cat was only 18 years old so sad… R.I.P young brother!

  • Smh @ You Niggas

    @AMAZINACE I’m pretty sure if we did know those people we would say R.I.P. Y’all niggas try to act so hard and so cold hearted for what? Y’all just can’t let niggas pay they respects without bein “that nigga” huh? Mad cuz nobody showed love to y’all fallen? Get over fuck face

  • Black Shady

    18 and lost his life. what a shame………RIP son

  • Deezy

    Had real potential, his freestyle with meek on youtube is straight trap story.

  • weedhead

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW thats so fucked up.
    seemed like he had a great life infront of him
    im gonna smoke one for him right now.. rip

  • Marteens

    really really really sad smh he was bout to get on and get money and do good in life FUCK!

  • fucktheleague

    Yea it’s fucked up dude dead r.i.p. But like niggas said he rapped bout tht life how did yall think he wld die never ever ever in my life seen an 88 year old drug dealer at a dice game no disrespect at all ijs yall like bright future kill tht shit yall dnt knw the nigga yall hear a freestyle here nd mixtape there damn thts all he got nd to whoever said some shit about an avenue I mean he signed to meek mill tf who knows how long he even gne be signed meek said he tried to help if I rap nd meek say come on you on my team let’s go make music I wldnt decline so IM sure he didn’t meek wasn’t talking bout shit dude jus happen to b at a dice,game yall talking good nd young but from Wht I understand he wasn’t tryna pay his debt tf yall thought wld happen

  • vzed
  • vzed

    one too many f’s my bad

  • why do you nigrz “rap”. and hate to pick cotton. now you pickin more shit


    Never should have gave u niggaz money! Cmon I can name a few more lil niggaz that need to go too and his music was garbage he was never gonna blow up lol fuck outta here sonny boy

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  • Craig Cameron

    Damn I shed tears for him and his family. I have never in my life seen or heard anyone that could freestyle and spit fire like he did! He spit fire from his heart and soul! Real shit he had lived and experienced. Damn Damn Damn Shit like this makes me wanna Rock a muthafukers dome!

  • Craig Cameron

    Music was garbage? You are a fucking retard! And yeah my name is Craig Cameron. Mofos like u is what’s fucked up about the world today! Sanford NC if u need to know. If u wanna come to the trap ok but I guarantee u gone leave fucked up leaking fool!

  • Craig Cameron

    Music was garbage? You are a fucking retard! Yes and my name is Craig Cameron and I’m in Sanford NC if u need to know. Come to the Sandtrap if u want to fool but I guarantee u gone leave leaking u inconsiderate Asshole! Mofos like u is what’s wrong with the world today. If u ain’t got nothing to say worth a fuck then don’t say nothing at all.