New Music: Dom Kennedy “Never”

dom kennedy

You can hardly ever say Dom makes bad music. Produced by The Futuristiks, he further proves the point on his new audio. Get Home Safely coming soon.

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  • West West

    Dom is dope! Good beat selections and a really chill flow! Like what he doin! A lil more buzz and the ni99a is ready for an album!

  • the brain trust

    Big fan of Dom.

    Don’t know why he’s using the same flow he did on ‘My Type of Party’ though…..

    It gets tired REAL quick.

  • Joe Nasty

    dom is my favorite rapper out right now. he’s not on some swag shit, he’s just genuinely cool.

  • Joe Nasty

    note i didn’t say the BEST rapper, he’s my FAVORITE rapper

  • yeaHOE2

    This nigga corny as fuck

  • This is very dope. Dom’s in my top 10 all time.

  • Anti-Lollipop KId

    Yeah the my type of party rythm rap kinda ehhh… Shit he say dope though. Fuck with Dom, need more from him though please. Never looks like he’s trying too hard and it comes of tight gotta applaud that.

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  • Officer Ricky


  • This is cool, I feel like this is the warm up tho. #GetHomeSafely

  • isaiah

    i like dom, but lets be honest. this is the same flow weve heard in yellow album. havent really heard him rap forreal in a while.

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    They flipped the fuck outta that R. Kelly Tempo Slow sample. Good shit Dom!

  • DebonaiRR

    Def diggin the track. Dom is of my top favorite artist. Keep making good music sir!