New Music: Tony Yayo x Twista “Girlfriend”

godfather of the ghetto-cover

Tony Yayo’s prepping his Godfather Of The Ghetto mixtape and as always, it’s money over bitches. To hear him tell it, here’s some auto-tune pleasure featuring Twista.

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  • justbeinghonest


  • LOL

    this was his 2nd album title, now it’s a mixtape?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Southside stand up !

  • Officer Ricky

    I agree, nobody wants either of these dudes to make music anymore.

    Hang it up Yayo, hopefully those G Unit royalties were enough to buy a house…just stay inside of it…sell your recording equipment

  • the truth

    track is nice but he shouldnt auto tuned his verse.

  • fuck mmg

    damn!!! the beat is so smooth. ima fuck shawty while playin this joint.

  • G-untAftrMathFan

    JustBeingHonest yo y u hatin? its 2013 no1 is lissinin to Gunit?
    well sir.
    how about you keep your openions to yourself?
    just a hint…

  • Mic CHECK


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  • cheeeese

    @G-untAftMathFan, um! actually nobody does listen to G-unit anymore

  • AidenBradley

    When did it stop being about the music? It all about the name/buzz now. This is a decent track but no love because his crew aren’t the hot crew right now? And then on the backside you got people praising Chief Keef because his name got buzz…this sure isn’t a hip hop culture no more.

    If the same thought process was applied back in the day…there would be no because they all were forgotten after they loss their buzz…they weren’t the hot MCs when they eventually dropped their album:
    The Great Adventures of Slick Rick
    It Takes A Nation of Millions
    Amerikkkas Most Wanted
    Criminal Minded

  • Evil

    Fuckin terrible song

  • Freddie Gibbs – ESGN ON ITUNES NOW

    Yayo needs to go back to making that hard street music and not give a fuck its not as popular as it used to be

  • StarFox64

    the only person in gunit that anybody DID listen to was lloyd banks, but u already know 50 had to go and fuck that up…

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Took time for getting the skidmarks out 50 draws huh Marvin? Garbage ass nigga.

    Twista is a legend but hes washed up with that same detergent yayo uses to wash 50s draws with.
    Only nigga thinks G Unit is relevant is cheerleaders like ZoomZoom

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Hannibal Lecture. Why do you out of the blue call me a G Unit cheerleader???

  • Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker

    Not a fan of this. Tony Yayo Was better when he was making mixtape records in the early 2000s…