Big Sean Hall Of Fame Release Date

Oh God! Big Sean’s sophomore album, Hall Of Fame was set to drop December 18th. But in his latest blog, he says the project will now arrive early 2013.

UPDATE: It took a minute, but we’re back. See you August 27th.

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  • veesky

    No surprise there…that’s a little over a month away and he only dropped one single that created little to no buzz. Still looking forward to something great after the awesomeness that was “Detroit”.

  • Marko-V

    Big Sean is a clever artist appealing to the emotions of his fans. Somehow acting arrogant and then getting emo in vlogs balances out in todays Hip Hop.


  • Album delay? That’s all you got from this video? Sheesh…

  • brollya

    hope it never come out….. he is assassassassasss now…..

  • Ya Bish!!!

    “Ya shit pushed back cause it ain’t buzzing…” Back to the 5 mic classic GKMC!!!

  • M.T

    wow thats such a surprise. (sarcasm)


    Good move. He knows he wouldn’t have the number one album. If I was tip I would feel pretty good that one of the best new rappers in the game stepped aside because he knew he can’t fuck with tha kang. Ha!

  • @Ya Bish

    y is everyone on wack ass kendrick lamar’s nuts. that wack ass motherfucker aint never dropped no classic and never will. fuck kendrick and his irritating voice

  • Drake’s Cool In Every Hood Spot

    He know Chief Keef gonna do Taylor Swift numbers

  • trae

    t.i., the game and cole coming thats why

  • dave

    this made me respect sean a whole lot more.shows he actually does have a brain.

  • Yacht

    Yeah, of course it will…

  • DJ Game

    I’m shocked.

  • CaliSteppin

    Tip had him shook haha. Trap Back Jumpin and Go Get It satisfied his core fans and Ball is doing numbers on itunes right now

  • Bang

    december 18 is Tip’s day…something tells me he might have the highest selling rap album this year..he will sell 250k minimum..I expect him to sell about best he will push 400k especially if they drop that record with pink produced by t-minus next.that will do numbers for sure.. Big sean did the right thing and respected a rap OG..chief keef needs to do the same

  • Jay

    Yeah he kno that “GUAP” song was trash

  • Gambino

    This nigga is played out

  • M.T

    forgot if this nigga existed.

  • Devante

    Got damn Hiphop is heating up… The winter and spring was kinda dry, but summer and fall looks pretty good.

  • Epitome of a wack rapper

  • the brain trust

    Yo, it seems like EVERYONE is dropping this year.

    We might never have a year like 2013 again.

  • this will be fire

    someone ring the alarm lel

  • Midsize Jerm

    Yo I don’t care how much flow he got, how many verses he killed in the past, or how intelligent the kid is… his music is boring and basic. Great mixtape buzz but the album was a huge disappointment, ater the legit “I Do It” the album was downhill from there…even the obligatory Kanye feature was more “Erase Me” than “Make Her Say”, and I don’t see this album being much better. For everything he does right on paper, he lets you down when it’s grind time. “Guap” is just shit, everyone knows he got better bars, but that’s Sean. Probably be a couple feature-heavy tracks on this album with a little replay value, a bunch of self-hype on the track with nothing to back it up, and a slew of unlistinable love/club/solo songs….

  • petitnorbert

    Detroit was a classic! Hall Of Fame gon be amazing!

  • PistolPistol

    Gonna sell cause of the Marshall feature..


  • 7 mile Better Pile

    Fuck this fake ass nigga. You had a mixtape called Detroit and didnt have one Detroit artist on your mixtape. Shout to the real Doughboyz Cashout, Team Eastside, Em & Royce, D12 (rip Proof) Say it aint Tone, L.O.M., Trick Trick and Diezel, Black Milk, Slum Village, KDeezy, Big Herk, King Gordy, Helluva, Tone Tone, all the real artist holding the city down. Kid Rock gets more cred then Big Sean. R.I.P. Blade Icewood, Wipeout and Showboat

  • petitnorbert

    @7MileBetterPile What are you talking about? “Detroit” has 6 tracks produced by Key Wane (from Detroit) and features Early Mac, Say It Aint Tone, Royce Da 5’9 (all from Detroit)

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  • 7 mile Better Pile

    @petitnorbert big sean is fake come to my city youll find that out personally. He gets no respect in Detroit. Key wane and Royce are industry. Detroit is full of talent. This nigga clamin the city and aint puttin niggas on. Nobody listens to him in Detroit flat out.

  • petitnorbert

    @7milebetterpile Big Sean is showing love to Detroit bro…last year he brought Kanye at the Palace, he is doing another big show at the DTE in august, Guap was shot in Detroit, come on! He got a foundation in Detroit! Plus, all the guys working with him are from detroit, DJ Mo Beatz, Mike Carson, Zeno Jones…everybody! And, how gets no respect in Detroit and Eminem recorded a song with him? Man…

  • StarFox64

    if people still can’t tell this dude is a gay i dnno what to say…

  • Evil

    StarFox64 says:

    Sunday, June 23 2013 at 7:12 AM EST

    if people still can’t tell this dude is a gay i dnno what to say

    It takes one to know one i guess.

    Hope the EM feature will be dope.

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    GUAP wa corny i don’t know how long its gonna take before the real RAP HIP HOP KARMA TRAIN COME AND RUN THESE CORNY DUDES OVER BIG SEAN DRAKE DJ KHALED and a few others these cats are really portraying and they really messing up the rap game WTF y’all aint tired of this shit yet. no disrespect to sean but fuck the radio and being pop! where the good music at not this leather skirt two earings tight pants and a blouse ass rap game niggas! And did y’all ever see him perform this dude is straight whack on stage its all KANYES fault! #DAM i know big sean could make some hot shit but he need some mentoring. a lot of these new age rappers do.SHHHEEEEEEEESHH!!

  • ShatteredWorld

    I liked Guap, but this nigga has, like, little to no buzz.

  • big anticipation for this.

  • ZERO

    he never capitalized on his buzz from “Mercy” and “Clique” last year. Sure he dropped Guap, but that didn’t do shit for him. song was okay but nobody cared about it. maybe the Em feature can help him out

  • daff

    Niggas saying he gonna sell off of a single Em feature? dumb.
    Detroit was album quality music and he was killing features last yr,
    Definitely excited to hear the new album.

  • I wasn’t crazy about his debut, but his mixtape Detroit was nuts so I’m looking fwd to seeing what his album will be like.I think he’s gonna drop a banger
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video):

  • Normal

    Big Sean is far from boring. Listen to Higher, Supa Dupa, and etc. His style is distinct and unique

  • He’s trying too hard to be deep. C’mon Big Sean, you’re not that deep, be honest with yourself. A deep, intellectual artist doesn’t call a homeless person a “bum”.

  • 7 mile Better Pile says:
    Sunday, June 23 2013 at 12:47 AM EST
    @petitnorbert big sean is fake come to my city youll find that out personally. He gets no respect in Detroit. Key wane and Royce are industry. Detroit is full of talent. This nigga clamin the city and aint puttin niggas on. Nobody listens to him in Detroit flat out.


    A little harsh but as a known Detroit transplant from New York, I’ll say there’s 80% truth to this.

    But what you gotta understand 7mile (because I rep the mile as well) is a lot of times these rappers aren’t really in the position they’d like to be in or even have convinced the world they’re in.

    It’s a known fact Kanye and Big Sean had differences in the past, they may be just fulfilling contract agreements at this point. Maybe Big Sean isn’t in the position to put ANYONE on including himself.

    Detroit’s main problem is a lot of niggas ain’t never seen shit or been no where so when you try to introduce them to industry shit they don’t take it for face value. Big Sean has A LOT of unnecessary people in his camp who speak for him and don’t necessarily do a good job of it. I remember an instance where I tried to interview Big Sean on Sweetest Day, and I had left my wife at 2 am in the morning for this interview. I was exhausted, and after a long wait while Big Sean, Mike Posner, Clinton Sparks and Far East Movement were shooting a video in MGM Grand Detroit I got to speak to Big Sean. This was after a Finally Famous affiliate whom him and his friends used to record in my basement studio hooked up the interview . Big Sean was tired and so was I, it was now 5:30 am.

    He said he didn’t want to really do the interview but would give me a few minutes, all the while his little yes men homies that were anxious to drive his rented cars and fuck the groupies who were waiting in the lobby were in his ear shouted “lets go, fuck this nigga”.

    So tired and irritated from trying not to punch his homie in the face with an ill two piece, I’d momentarily mistaken Big Sean for another Detroit rapper who I felt should have been on the Freshman 10 (I knew better but I was TIRED, been up for 48 hours)…Big Sean had already received the Freshman 10 cover.

    Now his little butt fuck yes man had all the ammo he needed, while I was asking Big Sean about why he was letting Drake take credit for the “Supa Dupa flow” (Hashtag rap) his butt fuck yes man cut me off and said again, fuck this nigga, let’s go!”.

    Big Sean says “you just shot yourself in the foot cuz”, then he said “write what you have and take a picture so the story is confirmed”

    He throws some Louie V luggage in the limo while his girl is arguing, and his little user yes man is cheesing and hops in a rented Escalade eager to fuck some groupies

    Moral of this, is that I was the first person to EVER to my knowledge to interview Big Sean and Drake ( I was simultaneously living in New York and Detroit at the time) about the Supa Dupa flow. Big Sean wasn’t buzzing in Detroit yet like that. They favored Drake over Big Sean and I thought that was kind of wrong because I knew how hard some of them worked to make that situation happen, plus they were from Detroit. I would’ve expect Toronto to have more love for Big Sean than Drake.

    I was gonna give the story to Source Magazine who I did some freelance work for in the past.

    Not saying my contribution would’ve made a difference, but it was a pivotal time in Sean’s early career, 2010. Drake’s buzz was sky rocketing and he was gain momentum at the time through popularity of Hashtag rap. Detroit would’ve validated the story especially because MGM GRAND CASINO was a hotspot at the time

    To this day I don’t really fuck with Big Sean’s music, or respect his representation of Detroit. I’m a eastside nigga and eastside Detroiters stick together and will ride for you even if they don’t know you based off the face your from the eastside. I love the eastside. Big Sean is a westsider …and deep westsiders are like two steps from being republican but I thought Big Sean was different because most his peoples I know were eastsiders and that made Sean a rare breed in Detroit rap. That day changed my perspective on Big Sean, I didn’t see him as a leader anymore.

    Business FIRST, that night, regardless of how low on the totem pole I am, I could’ve repped Sean differently opposed to me hardly acknowledging his existence now. And I know a couple of his friends, he does look out, backstage passes, tickets to shows and what not. Some of them are cool.

    But it only takes one asshole to end your career, and that butt fuck yes man is the reason I don’t listen to Sean’s music. You can’t tell me about Detroit or what it means to be a Detroit nigga and you letting yes-men with NO KNOWLEDGE of the industry talk down to the people who get your name out there.

    It’s a lot of that in the industry, it ain’t just about the music, it’s about your message, and if your OWN CITY doesn’t respect you how can you expect the world to?

    Here’s the pic:

  • 7 mile Better Pile

    @DJ Live Longshot
    Thank you. I cosigned everything you said. Only people who arent from Detroit would say some shit they dont know about. Im from 7 mile and schafer in mix of everything and nobody is checking for Big Sean.

  • 7 mile Better Pile

    And im not in the industry but i know mixtape material you can do what you want with no limits. That Detroit mixtape should have had detroit artist featured. He had nothing but industry favors on there.

  • @7mile I said the same thing, that mixtape was industry niggas that don’t know Big Sean ain’t really poppin’ in Detroit like that. Most of the cats I know in Detroit can’t stand him. I don’t blame them neither that mixtape and those videos AIN’T DETROIT…

    Since this is my real Dj name and the name I used for EVERYTHING in Detroit there’s tons of mixtapes and DVDs out there that go back to 2004. I love Detroit but it’s too many haters and cats like Big Sean homies for me.

    Shout out to dudes I fuck with that show love and rep Detroit.
    E40 and D Shot got that Detroit pass, I had peoples stayed right on Chelfonte, Fenkell and Livernois ….Big Block had the strip on BANG,
    Every Iroc, Caprice, Impala was bumpin’ “E-40 feat D-Shot- Blame It On Me”

    BG got a Detroit pass as well, really a HOT BOY, BG remember Panacea? 205 W Congress?
    Stories, stories, stories, stories.

    ReUp – Cosa Nostra
    Eastside Chedda Boyz (Sticky whuddupdoe! if you see this you know what it is)
    Blade Icedwood
    Short Dawg
    Tango and Cash – Pay Your Ticket (Original not part 2) (in a former life this was WORK music)
    Trick Trick ( that’s me at the 2:20 I was an actual bouncer at the club.
    R.I.P. Showboat
    R.I.P Proof
    R.I.P. Chop
    R.I.P. Wipeout
    R.I.P. Blade Icewood

    That’s the era of Detroit I’d like to see.

    …and for the for record Detroit don’t fuck with none of them dirty hip-hop niggas that got the world fooled either. It’s a very small circle maybe a few hundred people about 150 …. #FACT (tell me I’m lying)
    Bummy niggas living like it’s 96…. “Yo gawd, yo son, straight up b”…Detroit niggas don’t use slang like that. All you fake dirty back stabbing niggas. J Dilla kept it Detroit more than ANY of them niggas, to his DEATH (and I never met Dilla but worked with his moms)

    Only nigga I fuck with who ride by himself is Boldy James, that nigga is about Detroit as it gets. Wish him success even if niggas in his ear talking about me wishing me the opposite (that’s how Detroit be through). Boldy I fuck with your music cuz. “Nautica Yacht Club”

    “7 mile niggas outlaws” (c) Boldy James

    P.S. If you wasn’t in the club where they played “Rock Bottom” Can We Party you was at a hoe ass club… that’s a club classic you had to be THERE to know the vibe when this came on.

    Juan feat Short Dawg “Im Legendary”
    Eastside Cheddar Boyz – Oh Boy
    Blade Icewood – Come Roll Wit A Nigga
    Blade Icewood- Boy Would You

    All bangers and all facts….I’m tired of these niggas making up fiction making, rewiriting history cause they got the bigger plug with the outside world, making niggas like me and commentors like 7 mile Better Pile look like haters for reppin’ REAL DETROIT….not this fuck shit these niggas be passing off as Detroit music cause they plugged with Source Magazine writers, Sneaker Shop owners and Eminem’s yes man.

    Eminem don’t even fuck with the city like that if we keeping it all the way a buck, Kid Rock repped Detroit harder than Eminem. Proof did too.

    I’m pulling the plug on ALL THE FAKERY OUT THAT BITCH…. ELLIOT WANT THAT EXCLUSIVE HE CAN HOLLA AT ME. I got 15 years of history…all facts. With pictures and videos to match.


  • petitnorbert

    @carywashington25 if Big Sean is fake then I don’t know who is real in the game…Why would he “try” to be deep, intellectual? He’s just being himself. Just go listen to his mixtapes, watch his week recaps, vlogs on youtube…he is as real as can be!

    @DJLiveLongShot Man, that’s just an anecdote. Big Sean wants no beef that’s all! He’s saying that all the time.

    @7MileBetterPile Again…”Detroit” has Detroit artists featured and Big Sean did so many songs with Detroit artists…Doughboyz Cashout, Dusty McFly, Royce Da 5’9, Early Mac Say It Aint Tone and the list goes on…He got only one album out, and you want him to support Detroit artists! Come on! And if he doesn’t get much credit in Detroit, it’s definitely not his fault!

  • Dusty McFly got that joint though….shit is tough. I’d tather see Dusty and Boldy in Big Sean’s spot though. They are the essence of Detroit. Boldy was on Fat Raps.

    I don’t hate Big Sean either, just that ugly bitch ass nigga that look like Monroe from School Daze…he the type of nigga that you can blame for Detroit not gettin’ as much buzz as it should. Detroit niggas know the type of nigga I’m referring to too. Just talk too much agitating situations and has no idea what he’s talking about.