Drake Album Release Date; 4 New Songs

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & The Miami Heat celebrate NBA Championship at STORY Night Club

Wake the fuck up! Drake just launched a new website which reveals that Nothing Was The Same will be released on 9.17 and we got new tunes to boot. Thank Aubrey now.

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    happy new year

  • Gudda Gudda’s Album Release Date

    Migos about to blow up now. This plus the Travis Scott – Quintana Remix ft. Migos coming out soon.

    Drake the new king though.

  • Devante

    Ill listen when I get home from work, not in the mood for Drake

  • J

    All fire. Summer 2013 = Drake

  • J UK


  • awww shit

    j.cole’s buzz is gone hahaha why does drake does this to other wrappers its not fair woooooaaah!

  • jrak

    Cole bodied dis shit! Dang! Born Sinner!!

  • dreel

    More cole and drake collabs plz!!!!

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  • CashlessClay

    The moment everybody getting up and see that Drake just put the Game in a clinic! Dammmnnn!

  • One2go

    @awww shit
    Guess you didn’t listen to jodeci freestyle all the way through. Smh

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  • the brain trust


    TRUST ME, listen to Jodeci freestyle now.

    You’ll be in for a huge surprise.

    Haven’t even listened to the other shit, cuz I can’t stop pressing rewind!!

  • the brain trust

    Mahnnnn, Drake & Cole need to make a damn album.

    Call it ‘Return of the Light Skinned’.

    Non. stop quotables

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Y’all such groupies for this dude, NOT ONE of you even mentioned how FRUITY the pic is. SMH.

    I can’t believe you all condone this dudes behavior, he made a song called “Girls love Beyonce,” and he is obsessed with Aaliyah. And, you call yourself keeping it real………smh

    *Paul Mooney voice* Y’all will fall for anything.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Another R&B album from the singer.

  • Gayke

    Fuck Drake

  • Skinny

    jodeci back is super dope drake second verse was sick then cole came in jeezus he just killed it he really can spit

  • Devante


    I didn’t listen to the song because I thought he was gonna be pouring his feelings out on em.. But all 4 tracks are nice.

  • Black Shady

    Cole killed it!!!! shouts to drizzy

  • KD

    BORNSINNER!! Cole destroyed this shit!!! COLEWORLD
    Cole has the best bars out of all drizzy’s new releases.
    Drizzy nice tho! Could do without all that singing.

  • CK

    top 10 best cole verses…you can seee the lyrical difference. cole is number 1 in lyricalll rap, arguably. then drake kendrick, jay, eminem are under his level right now. FACT.

  • Mike

    cole and drake! all fours songs are dope.

  • Gayke

    I swear Drake is a fucking dumb ass and a wannabe. He is terrible. Kill yourself, salacious sissy. Please do somebody a favor.

  • &

    that pic tho

  • GiFTD

    dude said jcole is over eminem. Cole is nice but he’s not on eminem’s level yet. He may get there but not yet.

  • CK

    @GiTTD : in 2013, Cole>eminem

  • Word

    Jodeci is fire. Cole must’ve just rapped that the other day though because his voice still gone but both verse were fire. I didn’t realize how much u missed Drake music until these tracks.

  • GiFTD

    @CK em hasnt dropped anything in 2013 w/the exception of that tony touch verse. if u compare cole now to em’s last album Good vs Evil 2, no comparison em still better then cole – no disrespect to cole . ima cole fan but knaw he aint there yet.

  • goldmonkey

    Drake should just leave ymcmb already, he’s way more talented than the rest of them…

  • gregg

    He released 4 songs so he can recover from people talking about him getting banned from the heat locker room LMFAO!!

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  • Hiswife

    @goldmonkey I agree. I liked all the songs & Cole being on one was a great touch.

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    Drake looking like a little high school cheerleader on this pic!! Lmao!!

  • StarFox64

    jodeci freestyle tho…

  • Musikal

    Drizzy Motherfuckin Drake back again going to be a good year in hip hop.

  • LOL

    Jodeci Freestyle goes off

  • Tev Milli

    Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace!!!!!
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • chan

    yea because you next to lebron would probably look real tough! stop focusing on dumb shit.

  • MasterRapper2000

    Lil Wayne Dies – Drake Dies!

  • W33D~RolL iT

    i like that Motion shit

  • Chris

    Migos fucking sucks

  • Rozay

    Drake is one of the most talented niggas in the game I love Kendrick and Cole but this nigga is on another level…damn never everything he drops is a hit. Kanye. Kendrick and Drake are the best raw talents that came out in the in hiphop in the past 10 years and that’s being real.

  • TruthBeTold

    Honestly ,

    Drake is talented . You can tell hes really TRYING to rap these days which is a good thing. I can tell he listens to criticism a lot.

    Looking forwards to his next album , but it just seems like i will know what to expect — the usual few turnt up tracks and some love songs or song about how he hates fame etc . .

    Anyway , That jodeci freestyle with Cole was dope . I got goosebumps when Cole went in -pause .

    People keep saying that Drake and Cole need to do a tape together … How game Game & Cole ? After hearing Jesus PIece and Born Sinner the comparisons of their flows have just stuck in my head . . Similar “smoky” harsh voices too . Just a thought

  • M.T

    been waiting on some new drizzy and all of these are fireeeeee!

    The Motion is my shit. Drake’s flow on versace was dope. Feeling that Part Next Door joint too.

    Cole killed that Jodeci freestyle! Born Sinner in stores now.


  • Rozay

    When the motion comes on I just can’t help but hear Master P come in with a big Unghhhhhhhhhh, sounds like some No limit shit back in the day…..everybody play the track and go unghhhhhhhh after it comes on.

  • juju


  • Da truf

    God drake is the worst whining ass lil jew hoe…. He a closet homo for real.. J. Cole is the man . Already copped me born sinner

  • Pedro

    Wack ass nigga

  • G

    Drake is very talented, but also kinda predictable. Jay, Em, Kanye are unpredictable which is why he cant be in the same class as them yet.

  • caseyp


  • YN, you aint ish for putting this pic up.

  • iDSGB

    That pic though………..Drake looks like he’s from the “Make a wish foundation” lol

  • MrHeat

    Hahaha Cole will never get at Em’s level. He has a level of his own. And drake looks like a fag lol

  • yung

    @GiFTD em has been trash for well over a decade now

  • yung

    @MrHeat same goes for you, he’s been trash for a hot minute now. delusional stans

  • Bowtie_fly

    Honestly, Drake is the hottest rapper right now. Even haters are anticipating his album.

  • JReezy

    Lol @ anybody calling Cole the #1 lyrical number. He’s dope but that nigga is not touching Elzhi

  • word

    Fuck that Nas/Cole shit

  • yea

    #new legends! Drake, Cole and Kendrick the new big 3!

  • Well damn…

    So, is that what we have to look forward to? I’ll pass… and I’m a fan of Drake. This guy seems to be losing his way, or something because whatever this garbage is that he’s releasing now is just… TRASH. Versace though!? Come on man.

  • T

    dont forget drake used to be an actor

    probly not hard for him to act like he hard

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