Drake Receives Rap Grammy Award

Four months after the Grammy ceremony, Drake finally received his award for Best Rap Album. He celebrated the moment by taking a shot out of the trophy with his OVO crew. Let’s see if he can double up after Nothing Was The Same drops on September 17th.

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  • Tev Milli

    I still think Kendrick gonna win but that shit is getting close I mean we got him Ye, Jay, Drake, and Cole so far….
    I’m probably missing someone else 2 but u get the point…..
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yay !

  • The box was already open to begin with and Hov drank from his so this actor remade the scene with some flamboyance

  • Tjp

    I liked Take Care a a lot but Nas should’ve won the Grammy, Life is Good was a proper rap album and lyrically it was the best thing put out last year.

    This year I’m not sure who’ll win it… people say Kendrick but with Jay putting out Magna Carta Holy Grail and the Grammy’s love Kanye so it’ll be a toss up.

  • Black Shady

    @Tev ; Em gonna be added to the list. im sure his album gonna come out before the end of september (limit date)

    shouts to drizzy for that grammy. but the Grammy’s keep on playin Nas for real

  • ECU

    Nas got robbed. Next Grammy gonna go to Kendrick or cole

  • Evil

    Next years Grammy race for Best Rap Album will be between Kanye West,Jay Z,Eminem and Kendrick.

    Hell of a line up.
    Hope the person with the best album actually wins this time.

  • xxx

    I’m no drake stan, i’m actually very critical of his music and take care, but please lets not act like the middle of Life is Good wasn’t weak. For as good as it was it felt as though he was reaching and unnatural on some of those tracks (ie Summer on Smash, Reach Out, You wouldn’t understand and others). Drake, love or hate him, did him on take care. And it was a more consistent album top to bottom then Life is Good was. Best Rap “Album”…

    But yes Kendrick should win next year…

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    it wasn’t rap it was rap RNB esque thats the category he should have won thats all I’m saying makea rap pop house music alternative rap grammy then it would be cool but rap album not really let alone rap album of the year na. so what u said is corny. yes life is good has a few flaws by the way u wouldn’t understand was dope but as far as the
    he concept and the shit he said was all real and authentic not make believe or pretending to be some real shit. Hell the lyrics on WORLD IS AN ADDICTION ALONE destroyed anything drake said on the whole take care so stop it.

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    i wouldn’t be surprised if fox 5 owns stock in the grammys… conspiracy and everybody knows it.

  • @BlueScalise

    Drake should call his team The United Nations.

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  • creo

    Life is gd was classic. U wouldnt understand was dope af. Even the deluxe version was fire rose,wheres the love could have been on the album easy. Nas got robbed 4real.drake is r&B

  • MibolineFromSweden


  • It’s the roc

    It is RIDICULOUS that best rap album winner doesn’t get to make a speech. Rap is not some niche genre, it’s fuckin huge

  • still best rite now!!

    thats a nice azz house…i mean compound lol they in Miami?

  • chan

    that house is like a camp that shits crazy

  • jose

    Canada in the map mother fucks……….

  • LR

    is that the OVO headquarters?! lol any way, i hope they actually air the rap album of the year award during the grammy’s actual show next year…if not, that’s some BS!!!!

  • Showboat

    Poor Nas. Take Care wasnt even really a rap album

  • Obama

    Rap niggas are all homosexuals at this point.. Nobody wanna say how awkward that shit was? Buch of fruity dudes with lisps hanging out together on their “compound”?? Every other rooms got a random dude sleeping in it?? An what the fuck did that Israeli dude say about putting a dick in the grammy that they were drinking out of?? They beeped that shit out quick, but he says the work fuck right before it an that ain’t get beeped out.. What do you think they’re hiding? Fuck these bitches…