Wale Covers The Washington Post


With his third album dropping in two days, it’s Wale against the world on the front of today’s The Washington Post. Have yourself a “Wale moment” and read the full article here. Excerpt below.

He’s been goaded into far too many “Wale moments” here, engaging with anonymous trash talkers, confronting his critics, shouting down the faceless digital mob that lives inside his phone at all times. He can’t seem to go more than two minutes without looking at the screen. He says he turns it off only when he’s recording or sleeping.

“I wake up every morning to ‘I love you, you’re the greatest’ and ‘I hate you and wish you would retire,’ ” Wale says. “I’m looking for a little reality in there.”

How different would his life be if he didn’t have the ability to know what millions thought of him at any given instant?

He doesn’t hesitate: “I think I’d be one of the most successful rappers alive.”

If you’re in the DMV, be sure to check Wale out for his CRWN with YN at the Howard Theatre today at 5pm. Tickets here. Wale street corner freestyle below.

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