J.Cole Speaks On Nas “Make Nas Proud”

Before this evening’s show in Houston, J.Cole visited Devi Dev at 97.9 The Box in Houston. He spoke on Nas’ first listen of “Let Nas Down” and response,”Make Nas Proud“. Cole also mentions releasing The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights mixtapes for retail. Cole World.


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  • TA


  • Bornsinner

    Cole the truth

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    MADE NAS PROUD! The joint is kind of magically haunting in a good way gives me chills every time i hear the shit… ESCO bodied the shit!

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    So JAY Z got DRAKE and NAS got J COLE. This is a big moment in HIP HOP y’all.

  • Kieran

    Did this bitch actually say “Pound sign”?

  • migueljontell
  • migueljontell
  • migueljontell
  • Nice to hear him speak on it. Made Nas Proud still rocks.

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  • foekist

    J. Cole won!

  • Strong Johnson

    He’s gotten better in his interviews as well as his music. Dope

  • Black Shady

    Nas making MADE NAS PROUD is one of the biggest things in Cole’s career

    my nigga keeps on winning. oh and watch the #s today!!!! COLE WORLD

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I Should Own Rap Radar I Would Make 50 Proud Indeed.

  • Chronic

    I don’t get the point of releasing mixtapes as albums? Why would someone pay for something that’s free to download and legal?

  • Haha

    Made Nas Proud is a lyrical beast…Nas can’t be fucked with & s/o to J Cole.

  • Smith

    Lets just call it how we see it Jay Z has yet to pass the crown to J Cole cuz that nigga is silently hating. Nasir passed the crown to Cole, Snoop Dre and Game passed the crown to Kendrick without any problems. And I dont wanna hear “Jay Z got millions and he got Beyonce” what that nigga doesnt have is time…hes 43 or 44 J Cole can be that niggas son. Nas is the GOAT next to Pac and Rakim and the rest and J Cole respects Nas more than he respects Jay Z. Hova aka Jigga pass the fuckin crown!!…Jay tried to keep Ye quiet and Ye dropped “through the wire” on that ass and FINALLY got heard. Stop being a stingy rich hater Jay Z yea nigga thats your new title!!

  • TrueMusic

    @Smith So Jay-Z signing him has no validation?? … Jay-Z knows J.Cole doesnt need the stamp to survive… He is learning from his mistakes in the past with Roc-A-Fella… He wants Cole to be succesful but in this case Hov has to own the label …

  • Nas got Kendrick .. Jay got Drake.. & Cole just has Nas co-sign but he ain’t the new age Nas tho.. that’s def Kendrick.

  • Rah hill

    Man ESCO killed Made Nas Proud. #lifeisgood

  • @fromus2yall

    Cole dat nigga. Inspirational even. But @fromus2yall definitely made the most accurate statement on this post.

  • @fromus2yall

    J. Cole is shaping up to be one helluva blend of Nas and Jay though.

  • P.A.

    J. Cole,

    I have a sneaking suspicion you check this posts.
    You gonna get handed a cd from a Charlotte kat in a few months.
    Find time. Don’t pull what Jay pulled on u. Same situation I guarantee it.

  • Morris Day Laugh

    @Smith How and why would you pass the crown when you still outsell (by a landslie) or make better albums than the artist that wants the crown. WHEN/IF they ever outsell or make better albums THEN I could understand Jay passing the crown. I barely uderstand why Nas did i but Cole is on the come up…He damn sure don’t deserve a crown yet though. Game and Snoop passed it to Kendrick because if they didn’t pass it…Kendrick was going to snatch it! Well….snatch Jay-Z or Nas’ crown….be THAT nice!

  • Carol

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