Nas Visits Hennessy In France

Bonjour. Esco recently traveled over to Cognac, France to visit the Hennessy headquarters. Aside from learning of the distillery, he creates his own blend and wines and dines. Cheers!

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  • wow

    definitely his biggest fan, not sure how I feel about him doing this though. Nas slinging liquor in the hood smh. But at the same time can’t hate a man for getting his paper.

  • Tbones

    LMAO @ Nas slinging liquor in the hood. The nigga up top has to be a dunce.

  • Nas Broke

  • dll32


  • Haha

    Nice documentary Nas…from Queens, NY to Cognac, France.

    LOL @ “Nas broke” it must make a hater feel great to believe this delusional statement.

  • Rt

    It’s actually economically smart. It’s called cross-marketing, cross-branding and both entities will benefit. This video was wonderfully shot…Extremely classy, documentary-style.
    I wish both parties much success from this. It’s time to expand and branch out, own and cultivate ownership. This is about building a legacy.

  • “…I like the Hennessy I grew up drinking…” >> translation >> “…I like the Hennessy I grew up drinking on the benches of Queensbridge when I was 14 years old…”

    • Earl Grey Summers


  • migueljontell

    but how you guys not posting that college drop out song that leaked? 2dopeboyz already ahead of you. kanye killed it

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  • LP2687

    That second instrumental ain’t a Nas record right ?, that shit

  • Video was nicely done. Nas tha Don!

  • Mii o il

    Nas said he would never sell out and promote liquor?.

  • Wow

    If you listen to the first song on Nas’s first album you wouldn’t even question him doing this. “Take this hennessy man”…. Ha! Shit is perfect!

  • josh

    what is the 1st song in the video from if anybody can tell me i need to know thanks in advance

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  • TecOneNyc

    Living Legend !!!

  • brza

    remember nas specifically saying no liquor endorsements in his mtv diary years ago. just an observation no slander.