• Gambino

    KDot instead of Wayne.

  • Tev Milli

    I think Big Sean album is going 2 be really good….
    But with all this music comin out this year we ain’t gonna have shit next year lol….
    That’s all I got 2 say

  • Chris

    I think Kid Cudi would have been better for this song.

  • Jax

    Two flop singles in a row for this ni$$ga, smh. G.O.O.D. music falling off this summer.

  • toad3527

    what is your basis for calling this single a flop? the song just came out. You can call a song a flop based off one listen?

  • toad3527

    what do you mean kid cudi would have been better? better than whom? better than all the participants on this song? Does anyone on the RR boards know how to form a complete thought?

  • Bornsinner

    Fuck, Why Gayne in this. Let me give a listen

  • Renton

    @toad3527 get em!

  • Donn

    Damn I’m a fan but this is mixtape worthy not album worthy. I think Sean is gonna have a hard time finding a single. Dude just trust ur fans and drop the album. This is just alright

  • toad3527

    yeah, and one more thing, how can you just arbitrarily say KDot instead of Wayne? what just because K Dot the hottest now you can just arbitrarily start replacing anyone you want with the name KDot and feel like an intelligent hip hop person? idiots man.

  • Jav

    just big sean would of done. And I like this exactly because It sounds like big seans old mixtape jawns. good shit.

  • DMVinyourchick

    @toad Im sure he ment cudi instead of wayne and I agree. Nothing worth listening to comes out of wayne

  • Shoutout to Big Sean for staying loyal and sticking with Key Wane on the production.

  • the brain trust

    This is pretty good. 1st dope single he’s dropped (3rd time’s the charm I guess).

    Love the beat, Sean’s 1st verse, & Wayne’s verse. Nice, light hearted addition.

    Thought the hook was only serviceable at 1st, but it’s already stuck in my head.

  • Joe

    i dig. fuck wayne tho

  • was Jhene forced to be on this track? all over the place… can barely hear her with sean singing too.. not feeling this.

  • yeaHOE

    wtf is this?..where’s the song that was in the album announcement video?? that shit sounded crazy.

  • wavegod

    i think this is a good album cut but not single worthy this is a fall record we are in summer time …. kinda disapointed in the young kid.

  • The Wise

    I swear all these rappers stealing drakes style ..an i aint the biggest drake fan but this cat is pretty wack

  • toad3527

    but where would you get that tho? like what about lil wayne’s verse makes someone say “ya know that should have been kid cudi right there instead of lil wayne”? and to say nothing good comes out of wayne is irresponsible, he was the greatest rapper alive, he has certainly fallen off since then but i mean Kid Cudi? LIke what does he say so much tighter than wayne? if anything Cudi has a nicer voice, he has his notes he likes to hit on every song but rap”?

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    In my opinion its not dope but for some reason i could see this get a lot of radio play. But I’m not sure if taking so long to release the album is gonna be a mistake or not. So i ask what y’all think?

  • tigereye


  • migueljontell

    i like it. YE needs to sign his sound alike http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/paparazzilife

  • Midsize Jerm

    Sean’s big verse says it all to me. Beat isn’t the worst, presentation is correct but his bars just don’t resonate with one bit because it’s some real basic shit, and it’s prefect to have Wayne on the track because he’s riding on the same level now. Funny, he used to add so much to a track that people would fuck with shit they would never listen to for a Wayne feature and has now reached the point of actually taking away from the track. No substance.


  • Capeman

    Concept’s cool n shit but Big Sean’s filler nonsense you can’t take it seriously, and Weezy “eat dat pussay) always the same. Jhene’s a real talent tho.

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  • JReezy

    Jhene Aiko is winning

    On another note, Lil’ Wayne was NEVER the greatest rapper alive. Dude was popular but that was pretty much it. There are people he can’t and was never able to compete with lyrically.

  • Evil


  • matrix

    Niggz really said wayne was the best rapper alive lmao…nigg stop it never could this nigg be the greatest rapper…most industry bacced rapper sure…mosted popular sure…most hyped most definitely…greatest? fugg no lmao…

  • This is a hit.Got some serious crossover appeal.Sean flowing on here.beat threw me off at 1st but this is tight.Good song.Sean bout to drop a banging album.He flowing on here.wayne’s verse was average.Sean got that
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video): http://youtu.be/oWF0DkfI2zk

  • What

    You fake ass hip hop savants kill me when you think lyricism is the only thing that makes you the best rapper alive thats part of it another part is cultural impact, quality, never wasting a verse, prominence in mainstream, touring, RECORD SALES, with a few awards lets say 4 Grammys for instance. From 2004 to 2008 who was better then wayne in all those aspects

  • Get Real

    It’s going to be hard to actually push these kinds of half bad records in the current state of the rap game . For once in a while THERE’S A LOT OF QUALITY music out there circulating so these kind of songs are going to fly straight under the radar.

  • CAlejo

    mhmmm this is mixtape shit.

  • Drew

    Instead Lil Wayne he should of Rihanna on the song, I could see K. Dot too but definitely RiRi instead of Wayne

  • Drew

    Lil Wayne was just a basic feature he didn’t really have anything to contribute to the song.

  • Drew

    @toad3527 I could see K. Dot on this cause he did songs like Sherane, Poetic Justice, Real Love, & was featured on Memories he has done records like this @Gambino just didn’t explain the logic.

  • juju

    K. Dot, Yeezy & Cole set the bar too high for this shit to actually be a single yo…

    • JanMoolah

      forgot about wale dude

  • DMVinyourchick

    i honeslty feel like schoolboy q might even been a better choice

  • Tef

    Godammit! Why is Jhené fucking with these niggaz musically? She’s so dope. It’s sad how these phenomenal artists feel like they have to attach themselves to features with the likes of niggaz like Wayne.

  • Tef

    I know people are saying “you get spins and new fans when you branch out and collab with niggaz like Wayne.” Truthfully if a fan has to discover through niggaz like him, those ain’t the fans you want!

  • chasee

    This song is horrible

  • K


  • Marteens

    why the hell did he put lil wayne on his track? can ppl stop puttin that wack nigga on songs his time is up

    • Folarin

      FUCK YOU Wayne’s still a beast

  • toad3527

    @drew thanks for the explanation.

  • jayzuz

    sophomore slump on da way. smDh!

  • Dwalyn


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