Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Ads

During the NBA Finals yesterday, Samsung aired their second commercial for Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. Seems as if Timbaland’s still got that bounce. Album drops July 4th.

UPDATE: Included in yesterday’s app release is this third ad with Hov breaking down his “Holy Grail” track. Hear it in full when it drops tomorrow.

UPDATE 2: There’s gonna be some good picnics on this July 4th.

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  • @_iam_sam_

    This is the same place where the Rae and Nas pics happened right??? Hmmmmmm…

  • Dre


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    This comes to show you that brilliant work requires inspiration from a compilation of talented minds.

  • but these beats are not great tho lol.


    ^^^ I agree, none of those beats sound like something AMAZING or great. Not hating, just my opinion.

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  • Reginald

    Timbalame is a whack bitch…

  • Reginald

    Who wears all of their chains and shades while working in the studio???See what i’m saying.

  • Space Ghost

    The beats on the first commercial were banging….I believe that was mostly unanimous. This particular beat however…sucks. But we all know HOV will not put that shit on his album. Strictly for the commercial.

  • foekist

    ^^^I agree. Beats sounds like they’re straight from some old ass space invaders game.

  • eastpointvet

    yall hear a piece of a beat and judging lol. cant wait to hear the finished product

  • how to sell a shitty ad.. Stick Jay Z in it !

  • @Siy

    Jay Z man this wack

  • JustMyOpinion

    So……that’s what REVOLT TV going to be? People recording cellphone videos and posting it to YouTube?

    And, while we’re on the subject, people are,dropping their cable service (or getting rid of tv-as a whole) at a rate 400,000 people per household (and that was just last year). What’s the point of a NEW tv network?


    ^ read article here.

  • daff

    ^ clearly doesn’t understand how many people have cable service.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @JustMyOpinion ain’t no nigga got time fo that^

  • L


  • Nickey Black

    I guess it’s just cool or trendy to hate?

    Usually that means the person hating is really doing nothing productive in their own lives.

    But it also means people are going to hate the person who keeps winning.

    “…I know what y’all keep asking yourselves…..is he ever gonna fall off? Nooo!”~JayZ

  • Devante

    Why could this come out for IPhone first? Lol

  • Devante


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  • Hov that nigga.Period
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video): http://youtu.be/oWF0DkfI2zk

  • PolarBearsToenails

    Jay Z is a legend. One of the best to ever pick up a mic and certainly had the longest career as far as being relevant.

    But c’mon son….enough with just marketing the shit out of your projects to sell them. Let the music sell it. He did the same thing with Blueprint 3, shit was wack but he hyped it enough to make a bunch of white people that don’t keep their finger on hip-hop to pick it up and jack up the first week sales.

    Jay has been a master of marketing since he “retired” with The Black Album, but the only good album he’s made since then was American Gangster, and that probably got the least hype of any of his recent projects. I know it’s easy for him to buy and bargain his way into this big push for his stuff, but man I just don’t buy it anymore. Not to mention it’s gonna be some bullshit artsy Basquiat-referencing shit that I really want no part of from him

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  • LOL

    these commercials gettin corny now

  • Genesis

    Huge Hov fan, but I gotta agree with Polar…. This is just marketing….. I mean, we don’t need new rules my nigga…. The only rule we should have is the “No Rules” rule…… The shit he’s saying sounds profound to a chained-brain, but free-thinkers just wanna hear the album…. Fuck that NewRules bullshit…..

  • vitogthadon

    Just give me the damn album… shit !

  • legend..kanye flopped

  • I just downloaded the full album at nugaday.com !! cannot be disappointed!