• Philly

    Shit is nice!

  • PaperTags

    #WorstRapperEver Asher Roth

  • the world is ending

    Yeah..I’m not the biggest Asher fan, havnt heard a whole lot….but for this cat ^ to be sayin he’s the worst ever…cmon son, u ever listen to french montana? 2 chainz? Judging by the name “papertags” I’m sure you idol those two.

  • hiphopfan

    yo papertags this isn’t twitter you faggot, don’t use hashtags.

  • Asher Roth sucks asshole haha

  • Set303

    Asher be bodying shit.

  • PaperTags

    ok @ the world is ending. ur right he can rap but his songs all suck.

    @ hiphopfan thanks officer next time ill follow ur rules

  • LikeJordan45

    ^^ That’s actually valid. Son can rap but his music is fuckin fertilizer

  • Freddie Gibbs – ESGN ON ITUNES NOW


  • Yeezus Christ

    lol at drama looks retarded

  • bob backarack

    have u fucks even listened to the tape? i doubt it. Shit is really dope

  • Tay J

    If any of you are listening to the lyrics your opinion would chance. Ignorant people these days.

  • C

    Good shit. Ash still spittin

  • brza

    the deejays talk entirely way too much about nothing!


    Been fucking with AR since day one. A rappers rapper indeed. Can’t wait to bump this.

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  • CAlejo