Frank Ocean Debuts Songs In Germany

Frankie’s across the pond and last night, he treated the BMW Welt Auditorium in Munich to a few new songs. No word as to where they’re from, but he’s already deep into his second album. More clips below.

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  • Truth Will Out

    Some songwriters should do just that, just write songs and stay off the stage.

  • LR

    bout time he releases new music…it’s been about a year!

  • Kimm

    He’s a great songwiter but a terible ‘live’ performer.

  • Joanna

    What should he do? Do a generic souless Chris Brown dance? High kick a girl like Miguel? Or take his top off and grind like Trey Songz?? THANK GOD for Frank Ocean. A non generic black musician who is showing we’re not all preforming seals with no brains but just ‘those tap dancing flippers’.

    Understated. Intelligent. Humble. Finally representing a non conformist black image on media.

    And furthermore, wtf are you all listening too?? What else is he supposed to do? This music is singer songwriting music..not stupid commercial r&b. SMDH.

    Would you tell Bob Dylan or Nina Simone that they had no stage presence? Neither did/do ANYTHING when they preform.

    Keep doing your thing Frank,if you weren’t black you wouldn’t even be getting all this hate and your music would actually be called what you have said it r&b music.

  • Joanna

    LR he isn’t a machine.

    Commercial musicians should release every year as they don’t write their own music nor do they produce it but when you write AND you produce…please take all the time you need to come out with a conceptual masterpiece as your music will tend to mirror your current life experience at that moment.

  • Facts

    “Seems like today, it’s cool to be gay”

  • da commanda


  • King Hoover

    why is this even on “Rap Radar”

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  • Truth Will Out


    Huh? Did you bumped your head this morning?

    Placing Frank Ocean in the same sentence with Bob Dylan and Nina Simone is pure lunacy. Look, shadenfreude reasoning comparing CB backflips and Miguel Leg drops is misplaced and has zero to do with Fank Ocean’s lousy on stage performance. He is atrocious on stage because he SINGS FLAT, HAS SHAKEY UNCONFIDENT VOCALS and FREQUENTLY SINGS OUT OF KEY.
    The kid appears vain beacuse he obviosuly does not respect his craft enough to practice. It’s called artist development! Sam Cook, Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding all just sang on stage without backflips or ripping off their shirts. Wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt does not make you James Taylor, Joni Mitchell or a good singer; it just makes you look like everyone else in the room. That’s neither a good or bad thing. That’s just style.

    I could go on with that ignorant black crap you spoke about regarding R&B, but we’ll just leave your disrespting black cultural gifts to humanity alone for now. Last, without black folk in general and Hip Hop in specific white folk would not even know who this kid is. PERIOD. You sound really stupid girl. AS IN IGNORANT.

    –Truth Will Out

  • the brain trust

    @Truth Will Out


    The excuses people are making for his terrible live performances are pathetic

  • brza

    horrible performance. kind of over this guy after the pr stunt he pulled during the release of channel orange.

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