New Music: Chamillionaire “Overnight”

From the corner of his cubicle, Chamillionaire punches the clock in his new video. 9 to 5 ain’t how we trying to survive. Off his Elevate EP, which you can purchase here.

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  • ali bazzi

    hes 100% indy now and look at this dope ass material he puts out. the recognition will come soon koopa!!

  • Stuff like this has me chompin at the bit for “Poison”. It was also cool that he didn’t even announce it. He pretended that he was going to speak to us for a while and then sprung it on us out of nowhere.


    CHAMILLITARY coming through !

  • Jeremy Watley

    If this is what we get from an EP release when he is indie, rappers better watch out for when Poison is complete.

  • Dope!

  • Bob

    Dope Video Cham!! Chamillitary mayne!

  • BucktownzFinest

    Dope visual for a dope song.

  • Jamie

    This is just a little taste of what koopa been doing and what he will continue to do…put out fire!! He is best artist out there. Dont believe me..just watch!!! Cant see it then you better get lasik

  • brandonfarber

    This is an amazing video. The production is spot on and the story the visuals tell work so great with the music. I wish every video from everyone was this good.

  • Luigi

    Very nice video, great song!

  • pi4ushkin

    Without label Cham does dope things

  • Jerry

    Maaaaayyynnneee! Dope!!

  • Evelina

    This video is just amazingly good. This could easily have been a part of a real movie. 10/10.

  • BucktownzFinest

    Agreed, Brandon…. the best videos have visuals that play out with the song.

  • Dios

    This is a Big Bada Boom that what Leeloo said…..Quality, perfection, patience these are the things that lead towards such projects. Love it mayne <3


    Nice! Chamilitary mayne!!!

  • Dios

    btw I new Reignfall EP that’s on 23 July def will have smth like it

  • candypaint

    damn.. another hole in one koopa

  • k3lm

    Dope as always…

  • stillo

    Indy all profit made is this goes big which i think it should…

  • anita

    good visuals perfectly matching the song

  • stillo

    nice again

  • Cyborg

    Chamillitary representing. Dope video

  • JttN

    Wow, really didnt expect that coming!

  • Kostya

    Chamillitaaaaary!!!! So dope video, im suprised))

  • OJ

    Excellent work!!! Chamillitary mayne

  • ChamillionLizard


  • ChamillionLizard

    Awesome Work. Chamillionaire Is The Best Rapper Alive

  • Sangeeth

    Glad you back with a sick track!

  • ChamillionLizard


  • Ryan Tilis

    This is the hardest video I’ve seen in too long. #chamillitary

  • BJLJBranded

    Great quality vid. I love the cliff hanger at the end.

  • Tanner Borud

    Maaan this is TOO dope! #chamillitary

  • Johnny Ryall

    Damn! Indy artists paint clearer pictures. Less sheep more wolves. #newrules

  • theking2245

    love it

  • dmc

    We’ve waiting so long some videos for this mixtape, bout time

    looks good

  • That new music is getting me more excited for Poison!

  • James Marlar

    the video is awesome, great thing are coming

  • theking2245

    great video

  • So refreshing to see a video without smoking, drinking, or twerking in it

  • Eden O.

    Cham is gonna inject the world with Poison… Go pre-order Reignfall if you haven’t yet!

  • chris

    cham paul at it again hehe

  • chris



  • ECU

    5/5 song and video.

  • Chamillitary Stand up!!!!!

  • The video is on point, his lyrics are too.

  • Tbones

    The interns are hard at work again up in this bitch. Shit is so obvious and laughable. LMAO

  • ark

    sick vid. sick ep. the intro and this one are my two favorite tracks

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    fi yahh

  • jose

    Dope song and video,he is back,that is a real rap .
    Salute and respect from brasil

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