The Truth: Google Hangout (Vol.7)

It’s been a long time and YN shouldn’t have left you. But now, he’s back with the seventh installment of The Truth’s Google hangout. This time, he discusses some of the Summer’s recent releases.

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  • SmfH wtf
  • timofey

    It’s simple. Kanye won. He outsold Cole and created something the hip hop world has never seen (for better or worse). I think the divide between Cole and Kanye is the divide between “real hip hop stans” and hipsters. Kanye could easily make an album of the caliber of Born sinner (AND HAS). Kanye has 3-4 records that do what Born Sinner does better than Cole could dream, but he went the anti-College Dropout direction.

  • Wale & J Cole’s albums, best albums so far this year!

  • TrueMusic


  • TheCritic

    Put me on this show man, Id talk circles around these clowns

  • SmfH wtf

    WOW a bunch of Yeezus haters lmaooo Cole shit is boring production is so so,MEN LIE WOMAN LIE THE INTERNET LIES “NUMBERS DONT LIE”


    I dropped a album with NO single and told the public a month early and STILL SOLD THE MOST but I lost right lmaoooo (kanye shrug)

  • DK

    It’s hilarious how the whole ‘Yeezus-Born Sinner’ thing is presented by so many as an either/or situation. It’s not. The two albums are entirely different in sound, Kanye and Cole are in entirely different stages of their respective careers, and the fact of the matter is that the two albums facing off with the same release date boosted sales on BOTH ends.

    I’ve listened to both, and personally prefer ‘Born Sinner’ out of the two, but that’s just my personal preference; mainly because I’m someone who tends to root more for the underdog, and the fact that a lot of ‘Yeezus’ came off to me as Kanye caring more about “trying to be different” than creating any real quality music. They both won in their own respect. Keep in mind that Cole is known primarily in the hip hop realm, while Kanye is “Kardashian famous.” Also keep in mind that Kanye has a well-established set of dickriders that’ll call anything and everything he does “genius” or “innovative”, even if it’s not really that great or if it’s been done before (e.g., the lack thereof-album cover being hailed as innovative when Mos Def and System of a Down had done it years earlier, and arguably better).

    ‘Yeezus’ managed to hit #1, yeah, but ‘Born Sinner’ managed to sell substantially more copies in its first week than anyone truly expected him to, myself included.

    Oh, and Mac Miller was also there. I guess.

  • Dashing

    ^What he said

  • Cole production is improved but a lot of his drum patterns are very similar and get repetitive. And while technically he shows some skills with word play and an improved flows, but his content isn’t anything we haven’t heard before (ironically it’s a very kanye-esk). That isn’t necessarily a bad thing…in the history of the world there are few concepts that haven’t been explored, but the message can still be potent if its timely, or conveys enough emotion to the point where you connect. Cole don’t do that for me, he lack conviction. I dont believe him! he got the most plain tone to his voice (and maybe to his overall style) of all the popular rappers out. I give it a 6.5 outta 10

    Kanye is insane. Just the title yeezus offends me a lil, and so does “I’m am a god.” If I didnt feel like actually thought he was a god, then maybe i wouldnt be.
    I like some of what he did production-wise on his album, but the content on the album is weak. I liked that fact that there was some humor on there, but some of the humor didn’t match the vibe of the production to me, and after a couple listens through i was still confused. He’s def pushing the envelope. only time i could see myself vibin to the whole shit is when im doing something I wouldn’t tell any1 about! like catching a body American Psycho style, or fuckin a fat chick lol. bound 2 hard tho. I give Yeezus a 5 outta 10

    Who won? cole did better than his last project…. ye did worse. Disappoint is a function of expectations. Cole the winner of that one.

    Wale raps are complex and weird sounding in general. He be makin not even half rhymes! I swear this nigga got verses where he rhyme like twice lol …shit is cooked…but he deep. He def has KILT some verses but when he do, sometimes it feel like it was lucky. One of the artists our here i rly believe is making the music he wants to make 100%. The gifted has its own sound, and has enough content to occupy ya mind for the duration of the album. meek kilt his feature. Juice kilt his feature, and w/ mint condition helping out the overall sound is original. Still a lil early to decide whether his album outdid Cole’s or Ye’s tho…

    Show me some love YN

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  • Izzy_Ballin

    Cole went on tour, went on every single rap station, made a radio song, and mixtapes, Kanye dropped an album with no single, promo, radio play, interview, tour and still outsold J.Cole. When is the last time you saw someone with no singles/videos drop and hit number 1.

  • B

    Kanye had promo too so all you Kanye stans can quit spoutin that shit. He went on SNL, had a NY Times interview, previewed New Slaves on buildings in like 60 cities, HAD A BABY, and oh yea he’s with the hottest reality television star on the planet. But righttt…. no promo.

  • B

    Also, Cole outselling Ye second week… Men lie, women lie, Numbers don’t.

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    Imagine this J COLE sells more album copies than KANYE that would have killed YE career so if u was KANYES team what would u do to make sure that it doesn’t happen? I GOT IT BUY A FEW 100 album copies of our own right everybody does it so do numbers lie HELL YEAH! ill be real honest was J COLE born sinner dope not really it was pretty dam good though… But was YEESUS dope hell no. stop making excuses for it were not judging it on a new sound attempt were judging it on if it was hot or not and even his fans were disappointed not cause it wasn’t hip hop but because verbally the shit STINKS! and i was one of KANYES biggest fans for the shit he says when he rhymes! but this was a weak attempt at trying to push the envelope. all he did was get daft punk and travis scotts original sounds and stamped it if thats the best these three guys could come up with than i feel sorry for the gods of creativity cause that shit was not creative! WTF IS WRONG WITH YALL!?

  • West West

    I hope you guys are aware that we wont get any big albums next year! #justsayin

  • Izzy-ballin

    Drake represents everything wrong in Hip-Hop. His songs are about the same damn thing, its soft, and he’s fake. Started from the Bottom? You starterd on a teenage Canadian Soap Opera and lived in a middle/upper class neighborhood.