• Ball like melo

  • Reginald

    Snupe wasn’t from New Orleans…Get y’all shit right…

  • Yacht

    Pray for Us. Life is becoming less and less valuable… No matter what walk of Life you come from.

  • YunG based god

    real shit spitta RIP Snupe

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  • 456 headCrAcK


  • Troofas

    This is who he should’ve signed too in the first place.he would’ve taken better care of him! Put him on records and moved him and his moms out of the hood for good.Meek is a evil bum! He just cares about his self! Knew something was up when he was on diddys jet few weeks ago smh.lets see him blow up now with blood on his hands smh

  • Tone Touch

    @Troofas How is it Meek’s responsibility to get another nigga out the hood? He obviously was doin something to help cuz snupe had the lil buzz goin. Niggaz don’t just blow up the second they get signed, they gotta do shows put out projects, etc. Snupe was on his way it’s just an unfortunate situation. If meek only cared bout himself why is he showin snupe mad love on the IG? Meek ain’t Diddy, besides Meek record label is just gettin off the ground he ain’t put out any artist yet. #RipSnupe

  • Toy-T

    $pitta never di$apoint$

  • Skg

    S/O Curren$y.

    Follow @SkellyG

  • NovaKaine

    Life is crazy Meek let him live his life to the fullest before he passed RIP Snupe Currency stay having the wettest whip game tho

    KR Mack

  • K

    People die everywhere & anytime all around the world. Whether getting shot down, blown up or beheaded. Stop making a world news outta this.

  • Willy Lump Lump

    Too off beat for me..

  • fan of good music

    Rider music for the lifers

  • StarFox64

    rappers with “cult followings”, how do they avoid going mainstream so adamantly, and what is naturally preventing them from eventually becoming more mainstream, hmm…….

  • Boom


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