New Video: The-Dream “Michael”

The-Dream’s at it again. Depending on where you work, this would may be considered porn. So viewer discretion is strongly advised. But if job security isn’t your sort of thing, press play now. Show your appreciation and buy IV Play here.

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  • itsMe

    Lol the visuals are better then the damn album, lol….smh

  • John

    Sorry but I cant get with this song. dope video. But just coming out on records saying ” I wunna fuck” you is a lil weak to me. R kelly made great sex music, Prince, this is soundtrack to a low budget porn.

    Dream You are way better then this album.

    And i am a Dream Fan!

  • Tango

    Worldstar! haha

  • matrix

    This shit fire that album was fire the fugg yall niggz talking bout?

  • Gambino

    I like the song, I like the video, but what does 4 minutes of this girl touching herself have to do with this song?

  • Da Truthhhhh

    last time i checked Aids is at a all time high. niggas is really guiding the youth and people the right way

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  • Money pouch

    Shout out to da truuutthh

  • JB

    Does no one see that the dream is just using sex appeal to stay relevant?
    Weak shit.

  • Kill

    Haha! @Da Truthhhhh is afraid of pussy!

    There’s no sex in this video, fool. You can’t catch AIDS from a finger.

  • JB got it right. This is a sad attempt to be relevant.

    “I wanna fuck you, over the weekend” even dream’s playin weeknd to the bitches

  • Morris Day Laugh

    That was some Worldstar shit..

    She bad

  • the ripper

    Sorry to disappoint you young nigs, the album is cool as hell… WTF r u guys smoking!!! He got at least 8 bangers on that mofo…

  • DopeMatic3002

    Watching Videos With The Sound Off, haha.