The Breakfast Club Interviews 360

Queens rapper 360 broke bread with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. He gave a playful interview and spoke on his origins, relationship with J.Cole, New York hip-h0p, and of course, new LP: Beginning Of Forever. At the 8:11 mark, he recited an acapella. Download the project here.

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  • Chris

    My nigga ’60. Good ass interview.

  • trill cosby

    It’s crazy watching dude career grow. I remember when I first seen him on this site dope!

  • Dashing

    Seems like a cool humble dude.

  • solo

    @ dashing – you still think this dude missing the “it factor” ? seems like he got it on this interview.

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”

    Gave his last tape a listen to see why B.Dot loves him so much and it was nothing great.

  • logicsense

    he wont make any type of impact in the hip hop world sorry, he doesnt have the appeal nor “it” factor be real

  • Facts


  • los

    smoke-a-lot you trippin that tape went hard!! top 5 mixtapes of the year easily

  • imperial85

    Great interview. Wish they could have gave him 25 minute minute talk time. Dude is honest and can rap.

  • Str8 Dumpster… Next

  • slomo

    lmao I love reading the comments on this dudes post cuz niggas hate him so much lol

  • Hip-Hop

    Good interview.

    @Smokealot you must not have listened to the right mixtape. Its easily one of the best I heard this year. ITs more like an album

    like he said he really does make undergound mainstream cause the records i heard sound like the belong on radio.

  • imperial85

    niggaz said that same “IT” factor shit about J.Cole,Wale,and Kendrick. And we see how correct those pre judgments were. SMH


  • logicsense


    Well for one wales being an arrogant dickhead is appeal in itself to see why he is like that so ppl lstill listen to him, kendrick does shit sonically that nobody else in his class is doin and hes also regarded as the savior of the west and as for cole he occupys the lane 360 wants….so yes ill stick by sayin he is jus another nigga who can make semi big words ryhme niggas just follow a formula that they think will work…

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  • imperial85


    Only time will tell

  • got that

    360 is nice

  • Can’t be mad at him


  • Marko-V

    Great interview and really enjoyed the few seconds where he explained all the various methods he tried to get into the rap game. He can definitely become a household name and eat off rap forever if he begins to do more features. Seems like he can get along well with anybody and has no ego so he’s gone make it. The interview added to the music tho.

  • Soul

    “Just shoot me in the leg” lmao

  • Dashing

    @solo, I do still think he’s missing it. The talent is there though and he’s a better interviewer than most of the established rappers out… I don’t think dude is bad. I think he’s good, just unexceptional.

    I’m gonna stop commenting on his posts though cause it comes off as hating, but nowadays cats can’t just rap, they gotta have something unique about them. Chance the Rapper, SchoolboyQ, Wale, Ab Soul, Mac Miller, Curren$y, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick, Danny Brown, Wiz, they created their own lane, their own “swag”, their own flows, musical sound. That’s why people will ride with someone wack like French or Jim Jones (who he essentially replaced for that slot) cause people go to them and them alone for that. That’s what he’s lacking. If you don’t have that you can make up for it with extraordinary rhyming ability, extraordinary beats, or extraordinary hooks. Thus far, he hasn’t had any of those yet.

    Not saying he can’t do it. It just hasn’t happened yet.

  • Karate Kick Miguel

    We have enough rappers in the game already! Honestly this guy is nothing special. He’s not wack, but nothing extraordinary! Next!

  • Damn yall bitter


    cole has the lane 360 wants? unclog your ears totally different artists.

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  • Just Don

    @logic… 60 is well aware of his lane and its not Coles. Every artist goes through this in the beginning. Everybody got an opinion but at the end of the day, people are talking, so he’s winning. Good interview, good music and its only gonna get better cuz he’s in that hunger phase. Im looking forward to his shit in the future

  • That was dope

  • DJ Game

    never making it; ever.

  • mac DIESEL

    never making it; ever.




  • Only need one word


  • DeezNuts

    If he changed his name to his real name or whatever, he could actually become interesting.

  • Morris Day Laugh

    He’s a basic nigga. He even knows that…he is trying to spread some game over his basic shit but like they say..real recognize real and I can see the “hope I can fool them with basic shit” dripping off of him….he ain’t real.