Rick Ross Speaks On Wale’s The Gifted

All eyes are on shorty in the back of the ‘bach, but all ears are on the Bawse as he speaks on Wale’s work ethic and his third album, The Gifted. What are your thoughts on the album?

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Great album.

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  • JOHNYblaze

    Hate commenting on something without first checking but Wale music is for simps or working girls, and yes I mean prostitutes or strippers to liste too in their off time.

  • Wale’s “Worth Ethnic”??
    What the hell is the world coming to??

  • Jack Hoff

    I wonder if he put a Molly in her drink without her knowing.
    Album was great though.
    @JOHNNYblaze have you even listened to this album?

  • LardASS

    officer william is hilarious when he getss in character

  • The Brain Trust

    I really love the way Ross goes hard for his artists.

    When an artist forms a label & signs other artists, this is exactly how the situation should be handled.

    Shout out to Wale for making a great body of work too.

  • gammaboi

    Disclaimer: No continents were called countries in the making of this interview

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  • dll32

    album sucks. mediocre at best.

  • Bowtie_fly

    Respect to Ross, he really pushes his artist.

  • Shny

    Lmao he was spaced out wen he asked bout wales creativity. Wen u listen 2 The Gifted on ur headphones of choice it sounds like there is a live band behind him wen he’s rapping. It will be a great album 2 perform on tour with a live band.

  • DK

    Wax this footage taken while he was in the beautiful country of Africa?

  • Officer Ricky

    @ Big Homie

    Great line about Wale’s “work ethnic” man, that’s top notch writing right there.

    All you had to do was write TWO sentences, and one of them was “What are your thoughts on the album?” and you STILL fuck that up?

    Elliott calls himself the GOAT of hip hop journalism but this is the type of product he is actually putting out (LOL LOL LOL)

    just more MMG promotion

  • Sierra Tango

    Big Homie, Big Homie, Big Homie. It’s work ETHIC not work ETHNIC. Smh.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    Corny question? wale is Corny

  • livingdaybyday

    WTF is RICK ROSS talking about? This Wale’s album is straight up garbage. Lets take a clear look at this video interview, and lets look closer at the female you see sitting in the back. Using the female body to sell records. The black community is going to continue pursuing low life action that equal = NO CHANGE.

  • LOL

    at least Ross is bigging up his artists, Wale sucks though.

  • @jonnyblaze da truthhhh n livingdaybyday

    Ya’ll have shit for brains. Especially johnnyblaze. Who looks at a post about an album, let alone comment on the quality of an album, without listening to it. You are a hater, and broke as fuck haha. N if you dont like wale, dont listen. But its just funny when ppl hate on internet blogs. Insecure little peons make me laugh

  • Dre

    Man Ross is a funny guy lol, hes a full character by the way, that wale trash.