• Steve

    they suck

  • matrix

    U succ pussyhole battybuoy!!! this shit was the best part of the show!!!! Chuuch!!

  • Jenny

    loved it!!!!! thank you for doing this. loved how nikki minaj was getting it….next maybe we can have some soca and calypso

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  • woulda been better if shabba ranx and super cat was in it. beenie damn near forgot his lyrics.

  • ???

    Thank the Yeezus samples? lol

  • The performance was great and energetic haters please watch the show and see how the audience was dancing and reacting and appreciate the genre. dancehall is the father of reggaeton and rap music. go check the facts and the history before some of you come here and try to pass your place. much respect to bet thanks for giving dancehall music a chance to shine. love you

  • come-on-son

    TURN OFF AUTO-PLAY!!!! Website is hard to view today, amateurs.

  • Obama

    No Sizzla?!

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    Shit was priceless, a lot of the younger cats didn’t know what the fuck was going…. go learn about music. This shit was dope, they had Dawn Penn up on there, big up.

  • alle

    @cinematicFresh beenie didn’t “forget his lyrics”…there are certain parts of the lyrics which he can’t say on network tv, hence him turning the mic on the audience on those parts. and also letting the audience sing the song is something that beenie ALWAYS does at all his shows, especially his classics.

  • alle

    and why the hell would sizzla be in this? for something that is done for the first time, these artists were the right people to do it. you can’t try to heavily showcase a genre with artists who most are unfamiliar with. sizzla is well known and respected throughout the dancehall community, yes, but non-Jamaicans and non-dancehall lovers would not know or care who he is. they’ll know dawn pen, chaka and pliers, ele and of course beenie man from their songs which have been successful in the US. perfect transition into having the dancehall performances become a staple at these awards.

  • joe

    who was the older female who sang & opened the dancehall tribute?