• Marko V

    Badu is so thick!

  • Sample

    She till got the cake

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  • slick

    best ass in the game

  • Shyne

    Cot Damn! Erykah Badu is badder than fuuuuuuuu

  • slick

    “i can see your ass from the front from two blocks away so…..bitch please turn around bitch please turn around”

  • now thats a performance!!!!

    Konshens TheMC & his State of Mind

  • AyYyyy

    Andre 3k, Common, The D.O.C, Jay Elec, now she gunnin for KDot. The boonkie is magical.

  • nocomment

    Badu was nothing more than a bird all along it seems.

  • steezplati

    best performance of the night by far

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  • @nocomment How is she a bird? She’s been in the game since 1996 and only linked to 4 guys (Andre 3k, Common, The D.O.C, Jay Elec) in 13 YEARS.

  • ^^^^ meant 17 years