• sayid

    song is better without drake tbh

  • JOHNYblaze

    WORD!!!^ Cosign, Aubrey the epitome of the actor turnt rapper.
    But Im glad to see Asap and Kdot getting MAINSTREAM BET love, because they are the current carriers of modern soul music.

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  • The ghost of Mac Dre

    *2013 k dot show* haha

  • Kendrick really deserves his BEThe has raw talent , hes gifted lyrically and above all he puts in mad work to get where he is now and really is an inspiration to all upcoming rappers!

    myslef being an upcoming rapper i know its incredibly hard to get where he is now and he is due so much respect big up to kendrick lamar , if youre intrested in lyricall rappers like kendrick check me out

  • The Wise

    gtfoh ^^^^ this mother fuckers so over hyped ..with no star power ..i swear this guy is real mono tone..an he jus lacks the surprise element of a dope artist..there hasnt been a really big major arist since 50cent or game…an btw kendricks features evere since his album are all trash..he doesnt have what it takes to last or even give dope hard bars