Jay-Z Forces RIAA To Change Policy


Old rules were made to be broken. In light of Samsung purchasing a million digital copies of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, the RIAA has decided to change their certification policy. In a blog post, RIAA Director Liz Kennedy says:

We think it’s time for the RIAA – and Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman – to align our digital song and album certification requirements.  That’s why today we are officially updating this rule in our G&P Program requirements.  Going forward, sales of albums in digital format will become eligible on the release date, while sales of albums in physical format will still become eligible for certification 30 days after the release date.

This is truly ground breaking. Instead of waiting a month for a gold or platinum certification, an artist can partner with a Fortune 500 company and meet that qualification in one full swoop . For an artist like Jay-Z, this is perfect. He cuts out the middleman and gets paid upfront. Not to mention, no leaks neither. Don’t be surpised to see more deals like this in the future. Bullshit with rap if you want, muthafuckas.

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  • Ea$y Bread

    Bo$$ $hit

  • troof

    Only Billboard Counts.

  • Jay-Z stays winning #newrules

  • troof

    Em, 50, Lil Wayne. according to Billboard

  • troof

    Em, 50, Lil Wayne. according to Billboard

  • Set303

    “Don’t change the game for these hoes, who plays the game like we supposed”

  • Izzy-ballin

    Wow! So now a corporation can determine if an album goes plat? I dont understand why people applaud giving corporations more and more rights. They are the sole reason why we are in this mess.

  • B-E-Z-45

    Drake about to cash in. Jay-Z stay opening doors for rappers.

  • How can anyone hate on this? This is how it should be done, folks.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Somone explain this more to me? I understand a little but it’s still not clear to me

  • Despite

    @DMVinyourchick He’s basically getting credit for a million copies bought before it even comes out. A company bought a million copies and the RIAA originally said this doesn’t count toward a platinum certification because it’s bought in bulk all at once but they changed it.

  • B.Dot

    Here’s an example. Hypothetical

    Rapper goes to a Fortune 500 Company.

    Fortune 500 company BUYS 1 million DIGITIAL copies of an album.

    Rapper gets paid for sale. Fortune 500 company finds ways to distribute album.

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”

    Oh god not another Jay Z post stuck at the top (and heading for the top 5 posts)

    The RR team must be busy masturbating to a Jay Z picture they forgot to post the new Joey Bada$$ mixtape


    wow, jay isn’t just changing his distribution, he is changing the infrastructure of the entire music industry to serve him.


  • peter pan

    em should do this, he’ll go 2x platinum in a week!!!

  • Hip-Hop


    Joey Badass sucks. Id rather masturburate to a pic then off beat raps

  • @Smoke-A-Lot

    You’re upset that the Jay-Z post is about to be in the Top 5 posts, and I’m sure the only reason it’ll make top 5 for the day is because of the comments. Not only did you click on the comment, adding to it’s popularity, you commented on the article, adding to it even further. If you’re going to be ballsy enough to complain about what you perceive as a problem, please make sure that you aren’t actively apart of said problem. You’ll seem less salty that way.

  • la

    This kills the essence of music. Shit is fucked up

  • dmc

    Album sales are about to mean absolutely nothing… As long as jay doesn’t brag about this ill be ok with it

  • How does it kill the essence of music? How does it effect the music itself at all? It doesn’t. The album would be the same album with or without Samsung. The album would’ve eventually gone platunum with or without Samsung, but of course not on day 1. Maybe after a few months. I’d say it’ll do just north of 300,000 without this samsung promo, which would still be enough to secure his 13th number 1 album. The Samsung deal just speeds up the process.

  • RRCoolJ

    Wack. Good for him but wack nonetheless. The fans decide if your album is dope. Not Toyota or Sears. This could get ugly for music sake in the upcoming years but we’ll see. I don’t understand it fully so I don’t want to say too much.



  • Officer Ricky

    The final nail in the coffin of major record labels, they haven’t been able to figure out how to market rappers and now they don’t have to! Letting real businessmen and marketers figure out how to sell music is going to open up so much more potential.

    Sorry old jewish record label executives 🙁

  • LOL

    thanks alot Samsung, now we gotta hear Jay-Z talk about how he hit platinum in 1 day. hip hop becoming a bigger joke than what it was before. artists like Jay making corporations taking control of your artform.

  • Devante

    Jay-Z is the fucking man lol

  • DMVinyourchick

    @B. Dot oh ok thanks I apreciate that

    But to everyone else, y’all saying shitty artists will prosper more now, but I don’t think just any artists will be able to make this type of deal will they? I mean whose really gonna be willing to buy a million french or cheif grief albums

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @B.Dot off subject lol but perfect YPY. No more stunt raps for Ace Hood.

    On subject King Hov

  • At DMVinyourchick.

    Before digital sales would count as numbers if 2 or more ppl were involved in the purchase…. now Samsung and Jay-Z through their greed for money and status (plat Status) have changed the rules where now even if only 1 person/company (Samsung) buys 1mill digital copiers they.ll count as if 10 000/100 000/1000 000 ppl bort those copies even though its only 1 company buying those mill copies.
    Jay-Z and Samsung couldnt care less how their greed for money and status can possibly harm and make a circus of the music industry. Before, record companies buying copies of their artists albums was a big joke and regarded as cheating… now a record company can buy 1mill copies of their artists albums, hand their artist a Platinum plague and them give the copies they bort away for free.

    I knew Jay-Z would do pretty much anything for music but I never for once thought he’d go this far… lol its like a man being robbed of all his jewellery and then asking for HI-5s and baps from from his hommies coz the insurance company payed him out 100%

  • Laurence Washington

    Yes!! This is exactly how we got into this mess in the first place. The coporations have way too much power.

  • Slim Baller

    Someone explain this further I’m not sure i understand it 100%

  • lordhavemercy



  • (0_0)

    At [email protected] thanks. I didn’t get this change of rule and stuff but if what you say is accurate than that’s fucked up and is nothing Jay-Z or his fans should be proud of. I mean WHY? what for? all for money and power?

  • Tiiz

    But what’s in it for Samsung?

    • B.Dot

      @Tiiz But what’s in it for Samsung?

      cool points and cred from one of the greatest artists ever

  • Ace Hood’s watch

    Emperor Hov. New World Order.

  • bumpy johnson

    turning point for hip hop . …..a record company will never do this , why because if they buy the copies , billboard will have to post they bought the copies and that will look really embarrassing , knowing your record comp bought your own copies , and 2 your record company always looks for an profit when they put out your album , if they buy your copies then its like they hustling backwards , no money made on u ….. @ SIYA I feel your hate towards the great one ………. but its ok ……..

    • B.Dot

      @Bumpy Johnson & @sway-z make good points

  • This is cool for artists at that level but that “level” only has two artists in it, as far as RAP goes. Hov & Em. MAYBE Lil Wayne…but that’s about it, everybody can’t do this so it’s not really gonna change much. Pop & Country music tho, that’s a whole different animal now….


    @ Slim Baller.

    READ [email protected] comment for more clarity.
    Its Puff Daddy buying a Mill copies of French Montanas album and French Montana walking around with a plat plague and his chest out praising himself for having a number 1 album, when really only 48000 people bought the album.

  • The Brain Trust

    You niggas are fucking idiots.

    What the hell is all this talk about corporations ruining the art form in the future?

    You guys do know that major record labels are corporations right?

    You do know that major label corporations have already dominated music for over a century right?

    You do understand that under this arrangement, Jay is able to make far more money from his own music (because traditionally, labels would keep an overwhelming percentage of album profits).

    How can this be anything but positive? An artist is finally being adequately compensated (financially) for their work, as opposed to getting screwed….



    You think record labels like Atlantic and EMA and Def Jam aren’t corporations? You dumb motherfuckers ever heard MOS DEF the RAPE OVER?

    Seriously, the only thing that is changing is how record sales are counted. Sales and distribution are NOT a measure of quality. If you measure the worth of music or an artist based on their sales, then you are an idiot.

    Listen to the music, don’t worry about someone else’s money.

  • JOHNYblaze


    What this deal means atleast to my thought process, is that the certification policy of what qualifies as A PLATINUM selling ALBUM has been changed, due in part to JIGGAS partnering with Samsung to release a STUDIO album. We have to REMEMBER JIGGA owns his own masters and basically his own music so this deal is not bad for him, by “cutting the middleman” hes wholesaling a HUGE number of albums which may or may not be sold,individually at the same speed. But he also NOW is able to make this CORPORATE sponsored album show up as a legitimate PLATINUM PLAQUE, thats also excluding the Physical copies that will be sold of this.

    I really do NOT know what to think, but Im not sure this is the best thing per say for anyone other than JIGGAMAN himself or a select few other BIGGTIME rappers. It’d be like SPRITE backing up an album by BEIBER handing them out freely on select bottles, and it’d be an HONEST platinum plaque.

    This is going to STIFFLE the game somehow, your average rapper thats coming up thru hardwork and quality music now, will either be offered 360 deals, or have to goto companies to somehow sponsor their music, which these CORPORATIONS will NOT be dealing with your coming up artists. Its going to get to the point where EVERYTHING will have to be sponsored for it to be even thought of as a legitimate Studio release RETAIL album. NWO in FULL EFFECT sir hova.


    ^^^ brain trust beat me to it.

  • That Ni99a

    Not only do corporations run politics, now they determine what music is considered HOT….. New rules my ass, this the end of RAP music as we know it!!!

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    Thank you STINKMEANER, The Brain Trust, gpatrick 15. Dudes is such Jay-Z haters they can’t see the situation for what is.

  • Pete from Harlem

    Brilliant marketing strategy.

    Samsung gets exclusive first week’s rights by buying a million digital copies to give for free to anyone who has Samsung Galaxy or Note device.

    Kinda gives extra incentive to anyone who was thinking of buying a Galaxy or note device to begin with,while rewarding those who have one already with a free copy of Jay Z’s newest album,which Samsung gladly picked up the marketing tab on.

    Not too many artists could swing that.

    AND got the Recording Industry Association of America to amend the existing rules regarding what constitutes sales.

    Brilliant…all the way around.

  • bumpy johnson

    that nigga said this is the end of rap music because hovi did this but somewhere 1 million fans worldwide , was able to legally download a jayz album for free … instead of payin for it ,just because they owned a galaxy phone s4/s3/note2 …………. man this is win win for both artiste and consumer in its own right ……. and yuall buggin ……………….

  • Johnny Ryall

    Some of ÿou are trying to knock the hustle, ÿou can’t do that.

  • troof

    Adele will go Diamond off her ’23’ album with Apple once they debut the iPhone 6

    mark my words

  • awww shit

    this is a sad day 4 hip hop smh,we are selling our art directly to coporates who turn us into their marketing puppets,fuck u jay z man

    whats next nivea lotion buying chief keef albums in exchange 4 sellin lotion to his dusty fans foh!

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is monumental. This is a perfect example
    of a industry understanding its better to accept change than get left behind. Take notes television networks (HBO., etc)

  • LOL

    LOL at you idiots saying we hating on Jay for this move, he’s KILLING your artform with this type of fuckery. fuck sales, that stuff never mattered. he’s making your hip hop be controlled by corporations bigger than these record labels. Nas said it best, Hip Hop Is Dead.

  • This is bullshit!! Now an artist/label can pre-sale a million copies to a corporation, that business give the copies away for free to the first 1 million that downloads it, and it counts towards sales? Bullshit!!! Louie C.K. sold shit direct (shipping himself) no piracy, no leaks & it went platinum, and the album was cheaper by like $10/15. I understand the ideal but isn’t that essentially payola- i.e someone pays to have their item be pushed on consumers without the consumers (in this case) evaluation of the product? What happens if they (the consumer) doesn’t like it, who get’s there money back? What if they only manage to give away 250k/550k or less than 100k. Does that (million) still count towards sells? If it does that defeats the purpose of billboard now doesn’t it? ijs…

  • bumpy johnson

    @ B.dot , have u ever thought about introducing the thumbs up/ thumbs down along side the comments ……… what u think ………?

  • So would you guys really rather buy the albums yourself versus having a company buy it and give it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE if you fit the criteria? What’s the problem? I don’t have a Samsung device, but I can’t knock those who do and as such will receive the album for free. There’s literally no negatives as far as th consumer goes. Haters gonna hate, even on free stuff.




  • bumpy johnson

    @GPATRICK15 says haters gonna hate even on free stuff ……. ^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS ….

  • It doesnt matter this does not help the community Jay loves to rap about and get paid off of. 2pac would have done much more for his people and the industry if he was to live as long as Jay. Corporations own Jay, as you see. But its all about the money to you simpletons.

  • hoes

    Rapperz will become corporate hoes now,imagine an alcohol company sponsorin lil wayne so they can sell alcohol to this kids(his fans),”you buy our vodka/beer we give u a free lil wayne album

  • @QUEST?ION to me, it takes the power out of the grimly music execs. I look at some of my favorite artists and see how they get screwed over by label demands. One of my favorite artists is Big Krit. It’s well known that the label forced him into some songs that made his album lesser quality than his classic mixtapes. Execs misread the market on Wale’s first album, and as such it undersold expectations because it wasn’t shipped to stores in decent numbers. Many stores allegedly received small amounts. The labels regularly screw over their artists. Now none of them are as big as Jay Z, but moves like this start at the top and trickles down. Now artists will find more creative ways to legally distribute their music while keeping money in their own pockets instead of lining the labels pockets. I can see 50 Cent bundling album discount codes with Vitamin Water, things of that nature that keep the artists from being raped by the executive.

  • At gpatrick15 and all the other Jay-Z stans out there… please use your brains before you comment.
    No1 is complaining about music being bought for us consumers and given to us for free, its when you start counting those free handouts like purchased sales.

    I mean my god who is gona make mixtapes now when free music starts counting as sales and the RIAA gives out platinum plagues for free music?

    • B.Dot

      @ [email protected]

      what’s the dhttps://widgets.wp.com/notes/?v=20130701#ifference between what Samsung did and Drake purchasing a whole rack of “Born Sinner” at Best Buy ?

      Samsung’s pockets are just deeper

  • bumpy johnson

    @ butter 2pac been dead since the early 90s . who is u to tell what a dead man would of been doin today ……… when is the fuckery goin to end ……..

  • jason


  • That has nothing to do with one man caring for his community and people and snother who does not. Wake up.

  • @[email protected] the difference here is that someone BOUGHT the album and distributed it how they saw fit. Someone wrote a check. Signed it. Jay Z took it to the bank and kept all of it, minus whatever he paid his producers and what not. A mixtape is still a mixtape. They aren’t for sale. It’s not that I’m a jay z Stan, I’d say the same thing no matter the artist. It benefits us, the consumer. People are still going to make mixtapes because no one is going to line up to buy already free mixtapes in bulk. This is an album, not a mixtape.

  • rahrahrah

    Don’t believe the HYPE…..

  • nocomment

    Jay-Z is a brainwasher extraordinaire. he HAS to change the rules because as a business man he understands the law of diminishing returns. If it were strictly up to the music buying public there’s no way Jay-Z sells a million records on his own in 2013 the first week, first month, or first quarter for that matter.

    For him to brag about selling a million this time around is flat out corny. This dude will do anything to appear relevant for one more go around, he’s the hip-hop Madonna.

    • B.Dot


      But Jay-Z usually averages 1-2.5 million sales every album tho

  • Infared14

    You got to remember, Samsung is doing this to market their brand and products through Jay-Z. So the origination of this is merely a promotional deal similar to Pepsi and Beyonce. Promotional deals have evolved from being paid with cash and now to being offered equity stakes. This deal is slightly different, in the fact that Jay-z compensation is mixed in. Samsung paid $5 per album. That’s $5 million up front. So if Jay’s take per album is around 25%(i have no clue what he takes) He gets $1.25 million upfront. The kick is that Samsung is also marketing the album and distributing 1 million copies of it.

    This is just another way to market albums, sprite has been marketing rappers albums for a while, even offering studio time to rappers. The problem with this deal is that the success of an album in terms of sales, will be overstated. It doesnt truly represent the number of people buying the album. Samsung buying 1 million copies probably translates to less than half of that amount.

  • Wolf

    [email protected] says:
    Monday, July 01 2013 at 5:01 PM EST
    At gpatrick15 and all the other Jay-Z stans out there… please use your brains before you comment.
    No1 is complaining about music being bought for us consumers and given to us for free, its when you start counting those free handouts like purchased sales.

    I mean my god who is gona make mixtapes now when free music starts counting as sales and the RIAA gives out platinum plagues for free music?

    ^^^^^ THE TRUTH. We dont mind free music but we do mind it being counted in the same bracket as sold music. bumpy johnson, gpatrick15, Pete from Harlem, STINKMEANER and The Brain Trust need to remove cock from mouth back into Jiggas pants.

  • bumpy johnson

    @ nocomment . na he done did a mill ……..changing the rules is what hov will b bragging about …………this time …. a big juggernut move at that …………

  • At B.Dot… Simple, Drake did it out of goodwill and support without making any financial gain… and Samsung are doing it for marketing of their phones and financial gain.


  • bumpy johnson


  • If the album will still be sold in stores, what’s the big deal? Samsung buying copies and giving it away is no difference than me buying 2 copies and giving one away. In both cases cash changed hands and a copy was given away. It’s. it like the album is completely free. The Abu, will still e sold just like every other album. The only difference is that Samsung dug into their own pockets to foot the bill. What’s the negatives? All I keep hearing is how the sales shouldn’t count, despite the fact that a transaction took place. It’s not like they’re selling a mixtape and claiming it went platinum. At the end of the day the sales don’t matter if he doesn’t deliver on the quality, and I have no doubt that he’ll bring the heat to this one. Like I said even if Samsung didn’t buy a million copies, he’d still sell over 300k first week and still go platinum fairly quickly. He’s still a household name and he still has loyal fans outside of the average computer nerd scooping up pirate bay copies.

  • jason

    @ bdot you’re right jayz always does around 400 – 450 first week then goes up to around 2 times plat …

  • At gpatrick15 … you looking at my mixtape comment with short sight. With this new change of rule, if you had free music you wanted to release on a free mixtape, would you gpatrick15 rather release it for free as a mixtape and get no sales count or would you sell it to a corporate company (e.g Blackberry) and make money for you and the corporate company and at the same time getting sales counts ??
    Do you now see point of my mixtape comment ?? do you see the can of worms this might open?

  • JOHNYblaze

    ^^^Hip Hop Madonna. I read a quote from JIGGA man on CNN’s article on Talib Kweli a few days back that went like something like this :”If lyricism sold, id be more like talib kweli” I understand from the business side why this is huge, but honestly you Jay STANIELS are gone mad!

    Refer to my comment explaing in detail whats going on now at the bottom of the first page, this is ONLY going to help out established artists and the thing that WE are NOT feeling is that this is labeled as a fucking official studio album release!

    When in REALITY it is a CORPORATE sponsored handout, this is cool for the fact that we get NEW JAY Z material but besides that and some money shifting hands between himself and Samsung what does this do for the game?

    Name me a door that JAY Z has opened that really any other artist has followed in and been successful? (OK maybe 50 cent sneakers, firstly)

    JAY Z IS A MEGALOMANIAC! we get it Hova u have successfully figured out how to best suit and manipulate the game towards what u want but you are soulless.

  • I do see what you’re saying. However, who’s to say that companies are just going to line up for the right to buy a mixtape and give it away. The process is different with regards to a mixtape and an album, such as clearing samples, label approval, etc. I can see companies doing a Samsung/hov deal for studio albums that go through the same processes as all studio albums versus doing the same for content that was always intended to be a free product.

  • creo

    Music been free 4those who dnt want2 pay for it. Fuck sales artists need 2make as much money as they can without labels pimping them like hoes. If artists can get sponcers n double the paper gd for them.its plenty of astists dat sell wild records n still dnt get paid cuz they own all their publishing,own zero masters or copywrites 2their music. When labels put music n bestbuy,target etc they can sell x amount copies n give x amount copies for free.in the artists doesnt get paid for ne free copies the label deals 2the stores.its been happenning. Fuck the labels cut them out be independent n find a sponcer if u got a buzz n get paid up front

  • WestCoast

    so eminem 5x platinum 1st week

  • @Siya has huge flaws in his/her logic. There is no money to be made if the label is buying it’s own product. How does that even make sense??

  • creo

    Major labels are out the door fuck 360 slave deals. Sponsorship is the future. artists getting paid is more important then plaques on the wall. a fat bank account n feed the family n kids is what counts.

  • flo

    he still not plat tho, not physical copies. gotta still see those physical copies to get certification.

  • jason

    @ flo u all are lookin for all means to down play jigga , wether its digital or physical copies once its crossed or sold a million its platinum ……… when wtt / carter 4 dropped it was the iTunes /digital and physical copies combined that made up the sales ……..


    some idiot spoke my name and i appear to squash him.

    i love people acting like Samsung is a “worse” corporation than record labels. You mean the same record labels that have been whoring out artists in EVERY genre of music? The same record labels that have been fucking over and stealing from our favorite artists for decades? The same record labels that lock artists into shitty deals and unrealistic expectations? Those record labels are “better” than samsung.

    These idiots are so thirsty for drama they don’t stop to use their brain. They don’t realize they are complaining about fucking nothing. Samsung isn’t a “great” company, but they are no fucking worse to the music industry than what record labels have been doing for 50+ years.

    Samsun and Jay z sign a deal and suddenly there are a bunch of idiots on here talking about how much they love the old record labels. You fucking idiots.

  • pookie

    weezy did a milli first week LEGIT

  • @_iam_sam_

    This may have been said, but in a genre where the people don’t buy albums why is there so much angst about album sales??? Whether people want to count it or not, 1 million albums were purchased. Displacing who cuts the check, should it really matter? I also don’t think you’ll see the food of artists doing this like some are saying. There are only a handful of rappers that can get a major corporation to do this type of deal, and guess what, they’re all top sellers anyway. So where’s the real harm??? This is what we want anyway right??? Don’t we want major companies cuttin checks for hip hop??? When the dollars dried up several years ago, people complained. Hov brought in a model to bring more money into the game, what’s the problem???

  • steezy baby ( I AM A JAY Z FAN)

    This is the equivalence of inflation of to music 10,000,000 records sold after what just happened equals 800,000 right now

    1. The new standard will be not who was the better music but who can get the better corporate sponsor to by their album.

    2. this will be the end of the true essence of music. only mainstream artist will benefit and become even bigger then they are now that means Justin bebier, lady gaga, Adele, Taylor swift, Beyoncé and lastly Mr. money hungry himself JAY Z ( only mainstream rappers will prosper)

    3. this could now be based on market ability as an artist not your skill this mean someone like lil Wayne can out sell Nas due to his lil waynes young fan base and market ability

    4. Mixtapes will no longer help up and coming rapper if your favorite rapper is giving out his music for free because no one will care to look for new talent

    5. up and coming rapper will have to sign a 360 deal and give away your music right and publishing due to the fact that major corporation will not sponsor and up and coming artist AND ALL NEW ARTIST WANT TO SELL RECORDS

    6. Most rappers due to the way they carry themselves and what they talk about (lil Wayne AND rick ross) will not be able to get major corporation to sponsor their albums. because artist are a reflection of their business and they do not want their brand ruined by “gangsta rappers”

    7. hip hop music as well as black culture will be view even lower than they are now due to the lack sales they generate for example (Kendrick Lamar’s sells 500,000 the first and in other news Adele’s new album sells 5,000,000)

    8. jay z only did this because he now owns his own publishing (as well as Beyoncé’s)

    99. although jay z since 1996 has progressed hip hop culture to a place its never been before, his narcissistic, greedy, braggadocios attitude has ruined the hip hop and music in general. he only did this so could check it off his “GLORY LOOK WHAT I JUST DID LIST”.




  • Why do you all care? You’re just going to download it for free.

  • Pete from Harlem

    @Wolf…like @Bumpy Johnson said,that’s for the shout out.

    @Bumpy Johnson….the thumbs up / down idea sounds good to me,as well.

  • Pete from Harlem

    @IAmSam & @UnknownUniverse…You both are absolutely right.

  • Realistically

    Although I’m pretty sure Sean Carter had lawyers to think up this plan for him while he gets the credit, the concept isn’t that groundbreaking. Popular entertainers get endorsement deals all the time – now the trade is, instead of just giving me money to endorse your product … you endorse mine as well.

  • StarFox64

    no point in saying anything, he automatically accomplished something so its “cool”..

  • Realistically

    @steezy baby – Actually. This might make rappers cater their music to major corporations, not to the fans. Since fans aren’t buying music like that anyway, and everything can be downloaded or streamed on the Internet for free – the artists might as well stop trying to change the flow and just get with the program. Your album is going to be free for the people – but you have to get someone to pay for it, and why not businesses? Just changes the focus a little bit.

  • Mattyboy


  • Jax

    I don’t like this. I love Roc Nation and J Cole, and Jay-Z’s movement. But this type of move is not about the people and the art, it’s all about money. It used to be moving a million units was a testament to how supportive an artists fan base was. But this new thing Jay is doing ain’t nothing but a trick. All it says is he got enough juice and enough rich friends for somebody to buy him instant platinum status. His artist J Cole just did so well with proving how important it is to have a solid fan base, and how strong even a new artists can be among the giants in the industry like Ye. Hip Hop took 10 steps forward that past Super Tuesday, and now Jay has done a move that moves us back 20 steps and will likely make true fan sales an obsolete measurement in the near future.

  • mattcap

    Here’s a little trick then kids. Form an LLC with your state, make an album. Form another LLC, buy as many copies of your album as you want with this company. It will all count as legitimate sales! If you have rich parents you can top the charts and no one can say jack now!

  • Jay is a don #Newrules
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video): http://youtu.be/oWF0DkfI2zk

  • BKJigga

    You idiots complaining about Jay move are the reason most people die broke.
    Millions of fans illegally downloading albums, including most people commenting on RapRadar, and that is cool.
    Now Jay Z is just getting paid for Samsung users to dowload his album, and eeryone crying foul mmh this is crazy!!!

    Most people should have beef with illegal downloading, not legal downloading.

    what are you guys missing here????

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  • bob

    you guys fail to realize a company isn’t going to purchase an artists album in advance if they know it won’t be downloaded heavily. so this isn’t bad for music the big artists that are already going platinum anyway will just get certified faster.

  • BKJigga

    People here are mad that Jay will be Platinum day 1! Why? Jay just broke the bank, we should all be happy and think outside the box in our own lives to generate more income streams.

    How can someone opening the market up get hate unless people are dumb.
    Jigga moves should tell you, think out the box how to make more money from whatever you are doing. If you are an accountant, find ways outside your job to increase paper and so forth.

    People who get the music for free by illegal downloads are now mad that someone paid for music?? Wow we are never going to prosper.

    Jay already told you dweebs that he is not a rapper, he is a Hustler first.

  • Megamind

    I see a lot clowning replies and statements in this thread. I’m really appalled at the reading COMPREHENSION of some of you cats…before I go off on inner city illiteracy.

    I saw one cat say something to the effect “no labels can buy 1 million of their own artist records…”
    In theory this is correct, in practice this would NEVER happen…the money isn’t there…think about that statement….why would the label spend close to 14 million give or take to have a #1 album?
    Album sales always decrease about 50% the following week so that not’s money well spent. You’re not paying yourself…you’re paying for endcap space, advertising, etc. In the words of Martin in the movie Life “THINK MAN!!!” LOL Label would lose money doing that. (i work for a label…trust me…unless the margins are 5k and under and it has to mean something, milestone beating a rival artist…they don’t like to buy back albums)

    This is a win for Hov…also as someone said…this is only reserved for BIG DOGS!
    Jay, Em, U2, Madonna, Beyonce’s, Rolling Stones…this ain’t for Lil Wayne’s Drake or even kanye…
    These are brand collaborating with artists who has the global capacity to bring their brand more POSITIVE noteriety…i had to use the word positive before the Kanye fans go crazy! it’s all about the cashe and clout of a Bono, Jay, Em, Taylor Swift, McCartney, The Eagles….

    PS – the product is still PAID for…so these brands are corrupting the ART…and if it does become so blantant, then you have a right as a fan to not buy or accept it. BUT if you happen to own a device in which the marketer is giving it to you for FREE as they as with the Samsung Galaxy then listen, delete, etc….bc other fans STILL have to purchase it. THIS IS A MARKETERS DREAM…

  • Texas Boy

    Now who got the Juice? Who got Real Major League ties? Who making “NEW RULES” Today?

    Shawn Jay Hova Carter.

    Fuck Young Money/ Cash Money, they some pop wannabe Gangstas!!!!

  • Judo

    They way I see it this deal only make sense to Superstar entertainers. There are potential problems that arise from this. Im not the type of guy to speak bad things into fruition so well just let that play out how it goes. People really dont understand that this type of move reflects more on the sports agent Jay z. Durant signing with Jayz around the time of this deal wasnt a coincidence. Bottom line is that this really doesnt affect the music. If the album is trash its goin to be trash whether its sold over the counter or by Samsung. There are positive and negative effects to this. Lets jus hope there are more positives than negatives.

  • cheeeese

    @Megamind you never fail to amaze me how you always school these lame ducks commenting on this site, props to you my g.

  • i remember Prince did a deal similar to this with a news paper. He had them put his album in the sunday news paper, google it. for the story

    Hit me for Beats @OneManBeats Beat Library http://www.OnemanEnt.com

  • Judo

    Jay z basically sold 1 million copies of his album for $5 dollars apiece in which he made $5 million dollars. He could make as much as $10 million off of 1 album that hasnt been released yet. Brilliant but risky. Of course a deal like this has to come with clauses.

  • Megamind

    @cheeeeese….thanks homie! I appreciate that…we have to HOLD UP OUR HEROS MAN!
    Hov is one of the BEST TO EVER do it…no just as a rapper…as an artist…he’s in the pantheons of the greats…beatles, MJ, Bowie, Stones….HOV, Nas, Pac, Big…we have to hold up our heros…we are so engrained to down our own man…this is something I admire…as a man and more importantly a BLACK man!

  • Dame

    The lack of understanding by you guys on here is astounding. This is great for hip-hop and music in general. There is literally no bad side to this. You act like this is suddenly going to make album sales illegitimate. Do you understand that not just anybody can pull off this deal? Samsung sure as hell will not be buying a million copies of the next Ace Hood album. Corporations are only going to offer these kind of deals to the biggest artists who will help sell their products. Any artist who receives a deal like this, is already bound to go platinum eventually anyways.

    And I can’t believe someone commented that it’s up to the fans to decide what’s dope. Wait, really? So Tha Carter 4 was dope right? I mean it sold a million copies in a week, so it must be dope. You gotta be kidding me. The amount sold should always be recognized, whether fans buy it or corporations buy it and deliver it to fans. But the day that sales determine how dope an album is, is the day we actually have a real problem in hip hop.

  • bumpy johnson

    was thinking about this all day long ….. what jay just did there is open up a whole great way for artistes who depends only on selling music to sustain their lively hood …. to constantly make money …. all they gotta do is find a distributor , the plus here is getting paid up front … in turn artistes wont have to spend all that marketing money inturn to sell only 50,000 copies ….. less marketing get paid up front more money in your pocket … extra plus ,,,,,,, your album will also b sold in stores too resultin in continued profits …

  • Judah


  • bumpy johnson

    @ pete from harlem = I hear u bruh , great idea this ,,,it will further clarify , from great points being made to ppl who just log in to troll ………………

  • Brahsef

    Bunch of smart dumb dudes on this thread

  • bumpy johnson

    I’M SURE 99% PERCENT OF ALL RAP ARTISTE WHO depends soley on sellin music to make money , are quietly applauding Hov for this move ……………..

  • Black Shady

    Boss Move

    watch Jay-Z brag about it nonstop on his next album ahhahaha

  • StayingSchool

    What else can be said… Icon.Hustler.wrapped in 1

  • creo

    @megamind always breaking it down 4the dumb,deaf,n blind. Jay just cut out the middle man n made a whole sale profit b4 the product even hit the block. In wasted no money printing up albums. Its like n american gangsta when frank made a deal wit the italians 2 wholesale Sum keys. While his other product still hitting the block 4 the nickle n dimers. Hustle smarter not harder. The samsung downloads attracting new clients n fans. Genius hov

  • creo

    Ppl would download the album for free.might as well get paid.jay made free profitable

  • oj Da Cornball

    I mean this still doesn’t mean he sold a million units.
    This dude will do anything to enhance his ego and this is where he wins, he will not loose at looking at BIG. Mind you, “looking big”, but truth is is changing a rule to look like you’re platinum a real success?
    Eminem had 1.7 million cough $10 running to a store to BUY his album. That is success and platinum.
    Going platinum now is having little value as it goes, first it was you have to sell 1 mill, then it watered to shipping 1 mil to store now downloading 1 mill for free means you’re platinum. smh

  • Maxwell Silverhammer

    Smart move by Jay, dude does have the business acumen to put himself in a position to do this. At the end of the day, one person (Samsung) bought a million copies and gave them away for free, which is pretty neat. In terms of sales, I feel like that deserves an asterisk, but all in all the work should be judged based on merit and not sales.

    H-O-V, I got my own lane, already”

  • Ryuk

    Big artist start doing this. They Win, Consumers win, & by default it has an intense strong reaction in the Independent Community. People start supporting independent artist almost simply because they aren’t in that new corporate structure. IMO at least.

  • 27

    ^^^”Y’all should be afraid of what I’m gon do next.”

  • Un Great Fool

    ^^^”Y’all should be afraid of what I’m gon’ do next.”

  • Don

    Jay-Z and anybody else who could pay for a million records are always gonna be certified platinum whenever they want to. How is this effecting sound scan ,billboards and grammys is the real question.

  • WOW

    LMFAO. You people who hate on Jay and think this is “whack” will be broke the rest of your lives.

  • PistolPistol

    GREED. Period

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”


  • observer_21

    THIS IS BIG, but the hackers nay-sayers rule breakers, will find a way and once they upset the established order! Rules were made to be broken unfortunately, but more power to Hov this is a power move!

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  • TrueMusic

    Alot of you just do not know how the business works… Thats why Im not even going to entertain you guys with knowledge of how it works.. Just know Jay is grown in this Industry and is a smart individual and has even molre control of his art than alot of artist …

  • TrueMusic

    Yall need to stop focusing on what was done and focus on WHY it was done….. How many times does an artist get “raped” by the Record Company” Just to get raped by the consumer that Leaks the album ….. and illegally downloads to share it to the rest of the world…. Now the Artist will benefit

  • ejb

    I don’t get why this is significant. Yes it’s nice, but who cares if you have to wait a month for your gold or platinum plaque? As for the money – well rappers get an advance upfront for their albums. The royalty on sales or bonus for RIAA certification is minimal. He can wait 30 days for that $300,000 check.

  • chillthrillz

    samsung still gotta move the app,,,,,what if muthafuckers dont wanna cop?,,unless samsung adding points to their product to cover,,that cop,,if an additional charge,,is required,we will see,,,cause niggas aint givin jay no bread from the streets,that shit is getting,ripped for free,,,cause he is multi till he close up,,,,he gave samsung that work,,,now they gotta bubble,,,,if you holdin then you foldin,,,,this is a basic street move if you got that work,,,,

    cant hate on that

  • Soundwave

    I’m truly torn.

    What I immediately feel is:
    It is a plus for the no-leaks, but is it worth it? It takes years for some major artist to strike platinum. Decades for diamond. With this “truly ground breaking moment,” the prestige of Gold and Platinum is gone. Billion dollar corporations can now openly make deals with labels to buy the status they want.

    On the other hand:
    Depending on how contracts and deals are structured to account for this update it can mean artists, producers, engineers – the folks who actually make the music. I can’t help but feel that’s just wishful thinking though.

    I’m surprised that the RIAA, a company known for strict holdings to it’s policies, folded so fast. It intrigues me, the power behind Jay that made this happen. Let’s see how this develops…

    Appropriate picture, B. Dot.

  • Normal

    People are missing the entire point. The album is called Magna Carta Holy Grail and being released on INDEPENDENCE DAY. Jay-Z just put out an album independently without any label interference. This guy is a genius. The music industry has had it’s shackles on rap for years now. They’ve basically made us new slaves within the past 20 years somewhat. Jay-Z has been making moves to free himself from these corporations slowly but surely. Now he’s set the trend on how to market your music without a controlling industry that doesn’t care about the community. If Jay is talking real shit on the album then he has made history again. This is almost like his modern day Blueprint. “Magna Carta was the first document forced onto a King of England by a group of his subjects, the feudal barons, in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect their privileges.” He’s protecting the art, at least what’s left of it. How many will follow suit? Does Jay have the god complex like Kanye? Are they simple modern geniuses, people with good marketing teams, illuminati puppets, false prophets, or regular good people.. lol who knows. If you don’t know history it simply repeats itself.

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  • bogart4017

    Pete From Harlem got it right all rhe way around!!

  • Sophia Baker

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