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  • The Wise

    use to be an advid ludacris fan but since the past few..albums..he needs to put the mic down!

  • milli

    same, used to fuk with this guy, such a shame….

  • Jav

    the curse of the nelly.

  • So much struggle here.

  • rus

    man yall really need to stop hatin so much. even on bad songs he got lyrics shut up bruh…

    now I can admit his mixtapes and freestyles still killn em..he just need to transfer it to album material this go around. ludaversal can b a good album if he wants it to be he just needs to stop playing.

    @The Wise put the mic down for who? 2chainz? rick ross? lil wayne? your an idiot! Idk bout you but im tired of hearing the same four rappers on every hip hop song. I got faith that luda will prove yall haters wrong he has too much of a chip on his shoulder wit these hard verses he releasing

  • The Wise

    ^^reply to this fag…thats whats wrong with this generation cuz im not feeling his shit no more means im a hater..ur a complete moron!…clearley everybody else hear feels the same apparently u dont know the same luda we use to know….an WTF means if he wants to make a good album!?! ..he want all of his shit to be good…u think he chooses to put out shittt albums no but he does ..so get over ur the only luda fan left on the planet..im guessin u thought the joints he did with david guetta were TOUGH TOO..lol ur a joke..an who mentioned 2chainz, or rick ross..clearley ur dillusional

  • KingJuggaNott

    Luda got Bars for sure. He has already tried dissin emcees….they really don’t want it with him. He’s just gonna die out. Nigga might need to just be a ghost writer.

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  • matrix

    Luda is that nigg always has been always will be… yall niggz need to stop it this nigg been shutting niggz down on they songz for a decade…he dont go as hard anymore but he still better than these niggz out today chuuch….

  • rus

    @The Wise fag I aint say shit bout his singles I said his MIXTAPE material…learn to comprehend what you read.

    Slow down and actually READ each line and you will figure out my statement ok? slow ass nigga

  • Oh come on Luda, now you’re just being stubborn with those headphones!

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Smh at all this hate! If you put Drakes voice over these same lyrics, niggas would eat it up, but just because it’s Ludacris it’s ‘ohhh he’s falling off’, ughh I can’t STAND a dick riding muthafxcka!

  • Luda still nice, still one of the best deliveries too but he just never progressed. That one album he tried to take a more serious approach but overall he still sound the same as when he came out. For some artists that’s cool, Nas still sound exactly the same, but Luda’s style with all that clownin he do got a shelf life