New LP: Joey Bada$$ Summer Knights

summer knights-cover

Summer is officially here and so is Joey Badass’ new album, Summer Knights. Production credits include Statik Selektah, DJ Premier, and MF Doom. Download all 17 titles here.

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  • The Wise

    an he wants a 3 mill album deal ..Ficking trash artist stuck on sum wanna be 90s u aint even live the whole 90s era…fake ass…nobody wants to hear ur shitt thats why ull never make it to commercial radio..pure garbage..on to the next one

  • YunG based god

    isnt this a ep/mixtape?

  • Midsize Jerm

    The beats outweigh the bars on this tape but overall it was better than I expected. Worth the listen and will definitely warrant a few more.

  • Ace Hood’s watch

    New York rap is dead!!!

  • JOHNYblaze

    I tried to like dukey, but he is TOO corny and reminds me of some fugazi blend wannabe vintage shit at best. He lacks modern integrity and knowledge of how to combine the best off, but tries to just immulate some bs.

  • Hip-Hop

    Couldn’t have said it better. Dude is wack as fuck.

  • West_Coast_G

    yall commenting bout this be on some funny shit, some sour sucka mutha fuckas lol

  • steezy baby

    This mixtape was good/sub par but he still lacks in alot of major criterias

    1. The beats overshadowed his lyrics
    2. he is using the mindstate that his 90s throwback sound will carry him trough an ENTIRE project and spits lazy lacidazeical bars And we the audience well automaticly fuck with it regardless
    3. Joey still has an enuciation problem which makes it hard to hear what he is saying, his pro era group makes have more carisma and spit very clear which makes easy to hear and understand
    4. I will say it again joey has an enuciation problem due to his monotone voice which makes the listener zone out and not pay attention and once the other pro era members spit you automatically zone back in and pay attention
    5.The 90s boom bap beat are sub par at best they lack charisma, in the 90s tribe,bigge,wu tang,nas,and pac all used boom bap but it more base and flare. but joey constantly uses chuck and kirk who are ok not great producers yet
    6.I have had this assumption about this pro era group and this tape definitly proved that that soon dessy hinds will be the forefront leader of the group and the fan favorite of the group. he only had three verses on the tape and outshined all of joeys vereses on the tape.
    it kind of like TDE jay rock was the first one out the group but then kendrick came and became forefront leader along with q. predicrions are dessy,nick, joey,and cj will be the only ones who stand a chance if making it BIG

  • steezy baby

    All and all i give summer knights a 6 out of 10

  • steezy baby

    8. FAVORITE TRACKS; 47 GOONS, #LONGLIVESTEELO, Amethyst Rock star, Unorthodox(premo made the beat so of course), sit n, pray

  • Shady13

    Tracklist & Production credits

    01. Alowha [Prod. by Kirk Knight]
    02. Hillary $wank [Prod. by Lee Bannon]
    03. My Yout feat. Collie Buddz [Prod. by Chuck Strangers]
    04. Death of YOLO feat. Smoke DZA [Prod. by Bruce Leekix]
    05. Right On Time [Prod. by Kirk Knight]
    06. Sweet Dreams [Prod. by Navie D.]
    07. 47 Goonz feat. Dirty Sanchez & Nyck Caution [Prod. by Lee Bannon]
    08. Word Is Bond [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
    09. Sit N’ Prey feat. Dessy Hings & T’Nah Apex [Prod. by Navie D.]
    10. Trap Door [Prod. by Alchemist]
    11. Satellite feat. Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight & Dessy Hings [Prod. by Lee Bannon]
    12. 95 Til’ Infinity [Prod. by Lee Bannon]
    13. Amethyst Rockstar feat. Kirk Knight [Prod. by MF Doom]
    14. Reign [Prod. by Chick Strangers]
    15. Sorry Bonita feat. Pro Era [Prod. by Oddisee]
    16. #LongLiveSteelo [Prod. by Kirk Knight]
    17. Unorthodox (Bonus) [Prod. by DJ Premier]

  • gaz

    All i see for years is people complaining that the golden era of the 90’s is gone, and they want it back. You get a new artist who is dope and has that 90’s feeling, and everyone says he needs to change his sound to what everyone else is doing, smh youll all hate no matter what.

  • Hip-Hop

    LOL @ you saying Joey Trashass is dope

  • (o_o)

    I am always so shocked at how much hate he gets on here, he is so dope!!!!

    remember fools, a lot of joey’s fans are young and through him them they are learning about the roots of hip hop. would you sooner the kids listening to joey or french montana? lol… damn fools the lot of you. big ups to joey, one of my favourite artists at the moment! sounds young and fresh without coming off as a cheesy young rapper making music for kids. keep at it son!!!

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    There’s just something about him thats missing, I understand the whole “golden era” vibe but his overall music is extremely lackluster. The enunciation/weird accent bullshit is ridiculous and makes it hard to listen to. He has no charisma/mic presence, and sounds bored half of the time. He’s got some dope tracks but I just don’t see this kid having mainstream success. *throws 2 cents*

  • TM

    Ain’t even listened yet and I can already guarantee it’s not nearly as “trash” as some of you are claiming it to be. I love when I read 100% neg reviews on this site cause I know it’ll be the opposite.

  • jtron

    Anyone else have difficulty downloading this via tablet? My nexus is being a bitch.

    And IF youre hating so hard, why the fuck are you here?

  • DJ B.Original

    People complain about Joey’s enunciation but listen to guys like French Montana who have serious enunciation issues. If you don’t like Joey than move on, no one is forcing you to listen.

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  • I don’t get the hate?This kid is nice.he’s one of the most natural Mcs out there.he’s not an act he seems like he just got the vibe the music forgot in his sound.Dude is gonna be huge.Pause
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video):

  • Errol

    How I’m supposed to get hype when this nigga sounds bored af on the mic

  • Brahsef

    Man maybe I’m stuck in the 90s, but I can vibe to this shit.

  • Chris

    LOL @Errol

  • steezplati

    yoo somee peepss dontt understand musicc i cant even belivee that someone said he will never make it to commercial rapp commercial rap is wack son take the wax out ur ears and listen to the words

  • steezplati

    truee MC this shoulda been sold in stores

  • Da Truthhhhh

    Dope, I say this is dope , cuz i’m tired of here the same shit from the same million rappers, NYC in this Bitch , Leave the Pussy Leaking nigga.

  • This shit is fire. Not as good as “1999” in my opinion, but its still really good.

  • @SelectahSnipa

    This is the most music I’ve heard from Joey and I can’t front, I really enjoyed this project because of the 90’s vibe it gave me on some records. I also liked how it’s something that is far from what is on the radio nowadays. I give it a 4/5.

  • Jay-Z

    This shit is fire the kid is a working process he decided to stay independent and is making his own way no label there to help market him I see a lot of hate its because you don’t know who is Joey Bad…


    Damn im impressed like someone said take your wax off those ears DUMM DUMM

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