New Music: KiD CuDi “Going To The Ceremony”

"Gangster Squad" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

The former G.O.O.D. Music artist keeps his festivities going by raising his bottle to the sky on his new cut. Produced by his production duo, WZRD with Dot Da Genius.

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    Yeezus = Indicud pt 2

  • Carry the team on my back

    True artist

  • Officer Ricky

    Haven’t liked a Cudi song in a few years now…

    Did he stop doing drugs? Seems like it might be one of those situations

  • Anti-Lollipop KId

    Nice work.

  • Dre

    Fucking Nice! This Is What Yeezy Was Going For, But Failed!

  • Los

    This has an early/mid 90’s rock feel to it. This is how Rock suppose to sound like and Cudi just does it effortlessly.

  • Errol


  • Los


  • B

    Beat was cray

  • Jav

    Cudi sets himself up with beats that allows rapping and opts not to rap. Damn.

  • NIGAA NIGGA fairhaven

    @Dre LMAO noooo yeezus was trying electro,and distorted drums you dumbass this right here is cudi trying rock and it sounds great he improved from WZRD first album

  • AyYyyy

    Lol just cuz a nigga mumbles over a guitar track some think its hot. lol, this shit below mediocre.

  • Officer Ricky

    All you idiots saying this is dope because it sounds like rock music are fucking retarded.

    If you like the sound of rock music….LISTEN TO GOOD ROCK MUSIC!!! Don’t listen to a rapper try to make rock music, obviously it is not as good as when talented rock artists make rock music.

    but Cudi is so artisticccccc he’s such a true artistttttttt
    give me a fucking break you sound like a moron

  • TecOneNyc

    Thank you Officer Ricky
    You want rock? Listen to Guns&Roses, Metallica, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, AC/DC
    To call this rock music is like saying Justin Bieber does rap music.
    Know your craft rather than opinionate of Cudi’s attempt to sound ”different”

  • Beetlejuice

    LMAO somebody said “This is how rock is suppose to sound.”

  • Chronic

    Honestly at one point cudi used to speak for a generation of kids about problems he had in his life. And then everything after the first album has just been him talking about his drinking and drug use and that’s it.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Old Cudi is dead. And that new “new” new is shit.

  • Champ is here

    Niggas will come up with the lamest excuse to hate on Cudi. With that being said, this song is ight, nothing to get hyped about.

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  • lewis

    i think his production is crazy dope for a beginner… sick cudi track, in-his-own-lane typa ishh

  • LIMB0

    as someone who actually listens to rock and is also a cudi fan I thought this track was trash.

  • @SelectahSnipa

    This is a dope record indeed. Cudi always puts out great material. His sound in my opinion is so unique and that’s why I’ll always rate him. As to the rock comment, I wouldn’t say this is how Rock is supposed to sound. To say that is a bit much lol. Hope Cudi continues to drop music.

  • Evil

    This aint rap Music.
    Fuck outta here with that rock shit.Not even good rock shit.

  • idiots doing idiot things bc they’re idiots

    few of you people even know what rock music is so please dont try to explain what good rock music is, and in case you’ve never listened to a cudi album, he’s neither purely hip hop or rock, he doesn’t follow a genre, he just makes music, we just try to label something that was never meant to be labeled, so what he’s not spitting punchlines like fucking 2 chainz or that he doesn’t sing like cobain, its about feeling the damn music, and if you don’t feel it then cool, at least say something a little more educated than what a toddler would say when he doesn’t want to eat his carrots (uhh..idontlikeit), cudi makes some fucking unique music and like he’s said before his shit sounds different bc why not? Honestly variety is what will help this genre live on, your styles are all played out.

  • LikeJordan45

    Cool shit. I’m a Cudi fan and this will get added to the iTunes

  • Ye

    “You pay all your bills yet your a zombie, and you dont know where your going”
    I would say thats speaking to a generation

    And that line relates to alot of people.

  • Mike

    I think more people hate on Cudi because of his Stans than because they hate his music. You got some people saying he’s a fucking genius changing the industry every song he puts out, and then you got people just yelling at them for their stupidity. just enjoy his music he’s nice