New Music: Omarion “Bumpin’ & Grindin'”


Omarion is working on his MMG debut album, Love & Other Drugs. Until it arrives, he’s tearing it up on his new raunchy track.

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  • Jav

    this dude still stuck on ice box lmao..looks like he stole the artwork from the Wale bad Rihmix..double negatives.

  • Jav

    Yo rapradar shouldn’t of posted this I don’t even think it’ll make it on mzhiphop. sounds like it was recorded with a usb mic.

  • flip

    I give this lame a try everytime. sounds like he never was so suppose to sing and mistakenly became one. bring back the other singer ross had he was better then this guy sheesh!

  • koa29

    lol isn’t there a movie with that title? Damn niggas can’t think for themselves.

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  • brza


  • King Chandler

    Sorry bruh, Breezy got this lane covered, no room for your whiny ass vocals.

  • LR

    i think the track may be worse than the artwork