• Officer Ricky

    Hey Elliott obviously “Big Homie” is blackmailing you to keep his job, but isn’t there something else you can find for him to do than writing? Starting sentences with a conjunction (“and”)??? The Thailand culture or the Thai culture? Off his what Reincarnated…album? movie? mix tape?

    Big Homie seriously dude you are embarrassing yourself, and not even just by having the pen name “Big Homie”. That’s the type of nickname I expect middle school kids to give themselves, not wannabe professional journalists.

  • That Guy

    You sound like you need a job. You can start sentences with conjunctions. Also, reincarnated is hyperlinked

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  • DK

    I love it when commenters on this site try correct the actual bloggers’ grammar, while simultaneously using shitty grammar and misspelling words. Shut the fuck up and finish making those fries, dickface.

  • DK

    Oh, goddammit. There I go disproving my own point.

    *try and correct

  • Mr.November

    ^^Word. Just listen to the song, its like niggas need an opinion given to them first.

    And Rita Ora can get it by the way. (Kinda like Rihanna but better looking)

  • Mr.November

    That was @ DK first comment lol

  • Officer Ricky

    I love it when commenters spend their time correcting the grammar of other commenters and critiquing their commenting style.

    I have never, and will never have been responsible for making fries or any other type of fast food in my entire life. Commenting on a music website does not have any type of correlation with employment in the fast food industry.

    Oh, and you look like a fucking idiot right now DK