• I love this beat. Way different.

  • dope shit

  • creo

    Asap rocky need 2 do a video for I COME APART off the deluxe edition of long live asap. shit has single written all over it. i like these young cats they on sum different shit

  • Hip-Hop

    This shit sucks. Fuck rap.

  • raph

    very nice

  • smfh

    damn nowdays everyone can be a rapper and get a deal these two fags couldnt rap a present yet u blastin there music on here smfh nah right here i come

  • Chris


  • Slim Baller

    This reminds me of “Work”, both are extremely wack but I will admit I got stuck listening and bobbing my head til the point it’s gets so repetitive it’s tiring, damn this guy sucks. Both this and work are shitty attempts at singles, they’re both one dimensional both production and verses

  • DMVinyourchick

    this shit jams what you mean? usually i prefer niggaz with heavy bars EX
    Kendrick,Jay elec, lupe,kanye jay z , ab soul,
    but i like niggas that know how to make music and these niggaz know how tf to make a song. the shit just sound good

  • idiots doing idiot things bc they’re idiots

    niggas. can’t ever be satisfied.

  • idiots doing idiot things bc they’re idiots

    macklemore and ryan lewis get less hate than ferg.

  • JOHNYblaze

    SAY what you want but Asap ROCKY came in and RAPED THE GAME!

    Why do you think EVERYONE is wearing black/white or gold again, truth be told??? Plus why is everyone wearing skullys and snapbacks with TEXT on them?

    BUT THIS TRACK IS W/E, I CANT FRONT IT DOES HAVE THAT HIPSTERHIPHOPCLUB FEEL, that hipster bitches with curly hair and gold teeth wild out too, and try to ask if they can hit my blunt.

  • Fuck a hater

    Hate all you want. His album will sell. Simple as that. Take it for what it is, this rides. Ferg doesn’t make lyrical masterpieces, he makes riding music that you can listen to when you’re getting turnt. Simple as that.

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  • Ck

    I like ferg but I couldn’t wait for this to finish. So shit, rocky was the only redeeming thing

  • soooo its obvious that the Trap Lord looks up to the #BASEDGOD.

  • Officer Ricky

    Definitely has a dope sound to it, reminds me of Work…but that’s probably the only other Ferg song I’ve ever heard. The hook is god awful, Ferg’s verse pretty much sucked. Rocky was ok.

  • this is not for me, but I get the appeal.Basically they just make down south music.This some real Gucci mane shit
    Loch Afro American Horror Story mixtape hosted by @djdoowop http://allhiphop.com/2013/06/26/mixtape-download-loch-afro-american-horror-story/

  • realtalk

    this shit sucks and i know that nigga asap ferg talented, just after hearing kissin pink with asap and work i know he can make good ass songs andv verses

  • Crewz Control

    Got a trailer-load of girls like Shabba Ranks …

  • juju

    aren’t these dudes from NY?

  • A$AP


  • ShoNuff718

    This Cant be life! smh.. harlem not repping right. Where CAM at with that ghetto heaven.

  • illuminati


  • Slambino

    This song really sucks.. Never thought i would see the day when NY Rappers steals a downsouth Swag.. and not even the good southerners like ( T.I, Jeezy, Bun B) They stole Trinidad James style… do me a favor don’t ever rep Harlem again, because as a fellow New yorker.. you A$ap dudes are clowns…. granted every song doesn’t have to be lyrically invested but, damm dude at least make some damm sense… please lets boycott this Bullshit.. Shabba Ranks.. get the fuck out here…. .LOL

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