New Video: Game Ft. 2 Chainz x Rick Ross “Ali Bomaye”

Game pulls out the fly whips for his latest visual off Jesus Piece featuring 2 Chainz and Rozay. If that isn’t enough guests for ya, cameos also include DJ Khaled, French Montana and Chris Brown.

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  • Gambino

    Bout time

  • Kali

    one of my favorite cuts off the album

  • Rah hill

    This is dope. I think this is he’s last album on Geffen Interscope too.

  • Jack Hoff

    I’m bout to rumble in the jungle in these new kanyes.
    Only people from LA know what the jungles truly is

  • NY kidd

    Turn tha fuk up …LA King

  • Reply

    1emcee that never lets his fans down Dope Vid Chuck Taylor

  • D’on Hall

    Jayceon !!!!OKE Jesus Piece


  • EpiLL

    Legend WEST we winning.

  • King Game O.K.E

    The West ain’t fell off, I was asleep in Compton… King Shit

  • ASAP pone

    Game really goes inn

  • oVo


  • NasIsLike

    Anyone know when, OKE dropin??

  • AidenBradley

    Meek should have kept that second verse for himself.

  • Q

    Game always been one of the top rappers in the game dead or alive

  • MGS v

    Bout time this shit hard cuz

  • TdE

    The Big Homie killin shit King shit #GameTime #OkE

  • rz

    Jesus Piece was underated has a lot of dope tracks..Game never released a wack album in his life

  • e.w.a.

    omg dope video, dope verses, dope album

  • bored at work

    there is a better version someone made without officer ricky which makes it better

  • crackaveli

    straight fire

  • JOHNYblaze


  • Rah hill

    I think he should go back to Aftermath Just please don’t sign to YMCMD The Game is to large for that.

  • Jonte

    Best Rapper Alive OKE J+P

  • bumpy johnson

    favourite track off the album about time ………

  • Get this guy outta here…smh

  • Born Sinner

    Saw that nigga at tru hollywood with drake and nicki Game had bitches!!!! lol saw bangz oo

  • Regular Guy


  • jay

    Like it….

  • Q

    My song on J.P is can’t get right. This goes tho»»»»

  • fastflipper

    why wack ass 2chainz got 2 verses ??????????

  • HK 416


  • Kaz

    Just coped the album now Let’s get high and vibe out before wrk 😉

  • TruthBeTold

    The Game has a horrible tendency of dropping videos WAY too late .

    Had he put this out before the album dropped or 3 or so weeks after … he could have gotten a few more album sales. Im not sure what the logic was behind droppin it so late, I know he’s got a mixtape coming out soon , but damn .

    regardless , this is one of my favourite joints ATM period and the video is fresh too . The production is crazy & they all snapped one way or another …

  • 818 rep

    Positive Game I mess 1blood killa Game but this dope blood

  • TruthBeTold

    only criticism of the video — way too much camera movement at times and shot changes

  • Justin

    Video sick man

  • DJ Starter

    Game is a dope fukin Artist

  • Big L

    Name me king vid!!!??

  • King

    the video is totally wack!

  • sealey

    In 2013…Game is still relevant musically….50…well he sells headphones

  • onrea

    Dope ass video!!!!! JESUS PIECE!!!

  • T Raww

    Game killed it

  • Renee

    My panties jus got wet <3 Gametime

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Ha! OKE Bitch!

  • “I Do the same thing as MONTANA!” favorite song off da album bout time.
    check me out tho

  • SK

    Ok ok

  • @BlueScalise

    Niggas gon’ be like Game got a New Album coming out!!

    AHH.. NAHH.. It’s been out!!

  • horrible vid. love the song though



  • Ace Hoods Watch

    People talk shit about Game but heres the facts.
    Hes never made a wack album
    Lyrically he shows and proves
    Never been punked or lost an altercation
    Still relevant he just got 5 million dollar deal for the new GTA video game reality show renewed and OKE on the way.
    Opened it back up for the west coast.

  • dmc

    Can’t wait for this 2chainz faze goes away, he fucks up a lot of good songs.

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  • dll32

    cheap ass greenbox video! What a fuckin joke

  • The Brain Trust

    Such a shame.

    This fantastic song was cheapened by a very tacky video.

  • Game is simply the best!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    What the fuck does Ali Bomaye means?

  • Hannibal Lecture

    ^ It means we knock faggot ass niggas like you the fuck out. Wait on a G Unit post and stop hatin pussy UPS is hiring!

  • Dream On

    Saw The Game in Denver after LAX dropped. The dude chugged a whole 5th of Goose. One of the better shows Ive ever been to. Chuck never disappoints