Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Cover


In less than 24 hours, Jay-Z will release his 12th solo album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Today though, L+T unveiled the cover along side the original Magna Carta documents in the UK. Visitors can see the display at the Salisbury Cathedral Chapter House all month long.





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  • Honestly

    Never thought hip hop would take it this far….

  • b


  • london

    i don’t know what the fuck is wrong with this dude and kanye .yeezus and now magna carta .art,amazing,right?bullshit. there must be a fucking line

  • bumpy johnson

    couple more hours to go …… boom

  • spits

    kinda homo…

  • Dj Khaled

    these covers are just gettin too ridiculous how the fuck is this suppose to motive me





  • Regular Guy

    “Never thought hip hop would take it this far”

  • @SelectahSnipa

    Very dope cover. Watch all the illuminati comments roll in tho. SMH…

  • Slim Baller

    Ok yeezus sucked, this cover sucks but hopefully the music is good and I expect it to be. I saw he worked with mike will made it so it should be interesting

  • Paulo

    Who cares if an album cover is too weird? At the end of the day, it’s ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC! *Throws up the Roc*

  • @Me

    Haha let me guess. More rhymes about his watches, penthouses, money, etc? Basically a continuation of his past albums! Yay!

  • itsMe

    Damn this is dope


    *Kanye shrug*

    *Throws up The Roc*

  • djmailerdaemon

    Wow some of you guys on here are reaaaaaal narrow minded. Here’s to the artistic future of hip hop, down with the boring thug stuff ūüôā

  • Capricorn Religion

    Jay continues to take some of Kany’es moves….. I always thought that was weird.

    Tell me this doesn’t look like a Kanye cover. . . . .


    Still can’t wait to hear it but, damn. Let Kanye breathe a bit Hov

  • Hopefully this turns out good.

  • eXtreme.com

    i’ll reserve my judgement till tomorrow, as for the cover, its actually the perfect continuation from the Blueprint 3 cover (which i also thought was dope) lets see how this all turns out

  • xedos

    Reading some of the comments i have to blame the American school system. No sense of history.
    Most of you never even know and still don’t know what the Maga Carta is.

  • edi



  • edi




  • Kanye makes an album with no cover.
    Jay-Z makes an album with a cover.
    One is blank.
    The other has a statue, Picasso’s David if I’m not mistaken but I may very well be incorrect.
    One of these is not like the other, yet many people are complaining that they’re too much alike and that one is stealing from the other, when in reality these covers couldn’t be any further apart on the spectrum.

  • Leanin’

    @CapricornReligion Your 100% Right! Dont get me wrong i know the music will be hot! But the Whole “Art” influence is STRAIGHT from Kanye’s Thinking. Do yall think if Kanye wasn’t around that JayZ would make this the COVER to his 12th Album? Hell No! lolol

  • Meanwhile, no one has mentioned how the cover art was revealed at Salisbury Cathedral. A rap artist unveiled his album art next to one of the original Magna Carta documents, in one of the most prestigious and famous churches on the planet. Not only that, he’ll have it on display for the entire month. Say what you will about the cover (I personally think it’s ok, not the world’s greatest or anything, but fitting due to what I believe some of the content will be centered on), but it takes a savvy man with global esteem to pull off a boss move like this. I expect nothing but complaints about it all though from half of the commenters on here, though, as if this effects their paychecks in any way.

  • The College Dropout had the dropout bear. Late Registration had the dropout bear. Graduation had a cartoon version of the dropout bear. 808’s and Heartbreak had a heart. MBDTF had a griffin smashing an armless chick, among other covers. Yeezus had no art whatsoever. So tell me where the Kanye West influence is at? Kanye seems to be more artistic than Jay-Z, but looking at past events there’s nothing to suggest that this is Kanye West inspired.

  • Nathaniel

    for years, jay-z put out albums with his face on the cover, striking different poses.

    i’d rather see something else, from any rapper. something that they think captures the music, other than these niggas posing, looking at the camera with a screw face or blank look.

    so i ain’t mad at it. real talk.

  • Ricky Retardo

    OMG! there’s levels to this shit!


  • Nathaniel


    they talkin bout cruel summer, son. now, i ain’t pressed about it. these two are brothers and they spend a lot of time together (see WTT sons) so they’re bound to rub off on one another (pause). …but that’s what they’re referring to. kanye’s affinity for renaissance inspired art. the power video, too. blah blah

  • good ass point

    i like it cuz its different
    although i could see there being a disconnect with his hood audience
    because aint nobody dealing with art in the hood

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Cool. back to listening to Lee Fields.

  • @Nathaniel Forgot all about Cruel Summer. Points for that one, as they are kinda similar.

  • Lotta Kanye pole strokin’ in here. I think it’s dope that a RAP album (which was supposed to be a “fad” 30-some years ago) is being presented in this fashion. But I guess folks would rather have project steps than progressive ones… go ‘head sip ya 40s of OE and reminisce about “the good ol’ days” smh…

  • I don’t hate rap music nowadays, I think I just hate the “fans”.

  • bumpy johnson

    I saw an article on the net saying someone somehow has been able to download the magna carta app on the htc one …………..?

  • @bumpy you remember where you saw that at? I have an HTC one. I know if you root you can have your phone impersonate other devices for play store purposes, but I didn’t and won’t root my phone just for this. But I’d love to have the app.

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  • bumpy johnson

    @gpatrick 15 on phonearena ……..

  • You rap fans are some of the most ignorant fans on the planet, other than Sarah Palin fans.

  • I don’t even get the cover, but fuck the cover what them songs hittin like.If they are like Welcome to the Jungle on WTT I’m w/ it
    Loch Afro American Horror Story mixtape hosted by @djdoowop http://allhiphop.com/2013/06/26/mixtape-download-loch-afro-american-horror-story/ …

  • Jay-z album cover for “Magna Carta Holy Grail” is a classic am gonna cop a Samsung today to get this album early.

  • Reblogged this on City Press.

  • Mugen


    Really? lol.

  • KING

    hiphopobama. i agree with you i dont hate hip hop i hate the fans do filled wit hate these days. it dont matter what the artist do they alwasy hating they save kids from a burning building and some one wud still find a way to hate

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    Gay-Z promoting homosexuality.

  • 12th*

  • stop

    All we can do is pray thanks to hov.

  • Ramel

    I just wish these artists that have made classics before would make classic music again rather than make classic marketing plans and classic buzz and classic business models. That’s how WTT was, all this buzz and hype, but that album was boring to me after 2 weeks. I’ll never play that album again.

  • creo

    Shit look gay

  • There is no conspiracy when you have ignorant people. It’s obviously a marketing strategy to sell records. Why would the Illuminati need to infiltrate Hip-Hop, when rappers are already doing the job for themselves duh?!!!

  • Oh yeah as a graphic designer the cover art sucks lol!

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Who this nigga think he is? HA!

  • Very mixtape-like… We see this a lot in mixtapes where they take an already existing pic (like really this pic on the cover exists as it is and has not been edited or customized) and at custom fonts on it. I’m actually very surprised he took a pic far distanced and not at all related to the feudal barons Charter hes titled his album
    It felt like a mixtape the minute how it was going to be distributed was announced, and the mixtape like cover justifies that feel even more.

    Kanye and Jay-Z fans like xedos need to stop thinking that just because we don’t praise or approve of something kanye and Jay-Z do is because we don’t understand it.
    Yeezus sucked not because we didn’t understand it, but because the sound was done before but better and simple by Kudi and Dot The Genius’s WZRD, cause the cover wasn’t original (also done before), cause of the features that didn’t add much to their songs, cause of the length of the album and most importantly cause of lines like “PUSSY GOT ME FLOATING, FEEL LIKE DEEPAK CHOPRA” “KEEP IT 300 LIKE THE ROMANS” “I HIT HER WITH JAMAICAN DICK I’M THE NEW SHABA”.

    And like this MCHG cover, some of us don’t praise or approve of it not cause we don’t understand it, but because its simply not great nor does the statue have anything to do with the feudal barons Charter.

    Its an ok cover, not wack not horrible not gay not brilliant not amazing.

  • And to end with, new music from Jay-Z will always be welcomed be me.

  • Devastation Inc.

    It all started out in the Bronx! Hip Hop
    is the Greatest!

  • TImeChange

    these cornballs think their so creative and sophisticated because they throw the white man’s art on a cover, give me a break. trying so hard to feel they are deep artistic minds,lol,and by reading some of these comments alot of fools are falling for it.
    they cant even create their own original art,sad.
    cover is wack but i still hope the music is good.

  • WestCoast


  • creo

    Co [email protected] time change.niggaz think different is dope. Stop suckin white man dick. Why not black african art fuck dat white gay shit. If it was 2 white men kissing suckas still be bitching bout how ppl dnt understand it. Hope this aint the future of hiphop smh

  • STFU

    Stop using the word ‘dope’.



  • hova

    HOT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK THE L;INK

  • Balla


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  • north west

    @xedos ,,, it’s “magna” smartass

  • Donn

    Lol internet commenters are such mad individuals lol. Their mad about everything lol

  • Goose

    Huge win for Jay and hiphop that it’s being displayed along side the actual magna carta.
    HIs influence is crazy. However, lets not front like that’s a hot album cover.

  • creo

    Stop using the word dope stfu bitch. U sound like a hoe.ur momma on dope u offended sucka

  • March 2013: Queen of England signs gay rights charter dubbed “The New Magna Carta.” Just four months late Jay’s album follows. Four is the number of foundation; Aleister Crowley wrote a book called “Book Four” which was a complete guide to Magic. #Illuminati

    Some folks will actually believe that shit I just wrote is significant. LOL

  • mrdontplay

    Most of you dont know what the Magna Carta is about…. I am a History Teacher and its basically the Great Charter a set of rules per say. The Great Charter of the Liberties of England if you will. With what Jay is trying to get across with this whole “New Rules” Its real clever.

  • you’re right

    ^ right.if i don’t like the cover and all jay’s charade i don’t know what magna carta is.maybe i fucking do and i don’t like this shit.but of course you can’t have an opinion and not be called an ignorant

  • Black Shady

    so how do I download it on my samsung galaxy s4?

  • AyYyyy

    Haha yooo this shit is so over the top.!

  • Vins

    People saying the cover is gay. The funny thing is the person on the right is a women. U fucking ignorant bastards.

  • Joe Isuzu

    Jesus, let that man cook! Just be fans already and shut the entire fuck up! SMH

  • tha OG

    Good cover for the album

  • urrrr

    someone has it already, i know this shit leaked

  • MUTE

    3 MORE HOURS TILL ITS JIGGA TIME. Happy 4th of July people

  • *12th or twelfth. The expression “along side” is one word and should read: “alongside”

  • C

    bragging isnt inspiration

  • nico_one


  • Geralds

    Music and Art “Pure face of Life which grows around the clock.” Big up jay yo holy grail cover spits it all.

  • Gods son

    I wanna let everyone know that all u muthafuckas r blind to what’s going on this shit isnt art these rappers better stop playing with God like he ain’t real