• Truth

    Justin killed it. Nice track.

  • Nickey Black

    Joint was cool. I’m mad because I didn’t get the album on my SG3…..anybody have any ideas?

  • Oz

    mmm sounds like justin ft jay-z is the only prob but still cool, jay and kanye getting lazy getting people to do most of their album then putting in an hour to record the vocals

  • Jack Hoff

    Go to pluspremieres

  • bumpy johnson

    yea did not like after a few its cool

  • bumpy johnson

    Picasso joint is fuckin dope ……………………

  • zilla

    leaked this bitch, heaux!

  • That drop tho for the first verse, but indeed, too much JT

  • Nickey Black

    I just got it…..I’m good now.

    Listening to Piccaso baby

  • new guy

    The red cows burning and the Grail is http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/89619067/file.html

  • smfh

    old jay z fell off after the black album

  • bumpy johnson

    I don’t know but hov soundin kinda hungry ……….. album is fuckin sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


    jay got a rage against the machine quote on the song crown, “fear is your only god”

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    I think the “he old” is getting old!!! The mere fact that he’s still bring anticipation to the game, the industry should be extremely thankful.

  • Jav

    He did what he had to do. He could of gone harder but this will do. Effortless

  • bumpy johnson

    track with raekon missin

  • Evil

    Meeh nothing special.
    Justin saves the song.

  • NY kidd

    Album trash

  • Bigg John

    Lookin for the Raekwon joint… Is it hidden like the nas feat on bbc?

  • Dafuq

    Only a couple good songs on the whole album, other than that pretty weak and just plain shit.

  • Dafuq

    He’s got nothing left to rap about. I wouldn’t waste your time on the album, only DECENT (and when I say decent they’re still pretty shit) songs on the album are Picasso Baby, FUTW, and this pretty much.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    that nirvana riff was not cool

  • Drethewave

    Coolest jayz album yet…and no lie I’m amazed son keeps pace with a lot of rappers today…not his best but coolest..beats are fresh as shit refined his subject matter..

    Come through with the ye mask on…

  • Johnny

    This shit is FKN STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE PUTTING THAT FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • london

    Well..the album ..nothing special.i like one fucking track.one.yeezus sucked and I think it was better than this shit.just my opinion .this is not my shiy

  • london


  • guys listen to the whole album there are joint that are so old school, n yes jay changed his style after the black album but if he didnt i would bother listening to trap music from a multi millionaire right???

    so i like both bragg z and hungry z ……….rap is bragging ..some bragg with money they dont have some have em #JAYSWAGG

  • Da Truthhhhh

    i don’t like this track but the album is Magna Fire

  • Yacht

    @Da Truthhhhh, i agree 100% ,

  • Dashing


    Easily the best album Jay’s made in a long time and way better than that wack BP3, but with less obvious big singles. It’s experimental but still bumps, unlike Yeezus. Gotta listen to it more, but that’s my initial thought. Feels like Hov blended his old shit (there are flashes of Vol 1/2 on it) with a clear 2012-era Kanye influence but it works.

  • Dashing

    I just want to be the first to say it. Yeezy season is over.

  • Johnny

    Is there a place y’all got the entire album at?

  • Drethewave

    Raekwon shouldve been on FUTW…what happened ?? I was waiting for that shit

    Aoty though

    In that order

  • …….

    @Dafuq, USA today already gave this album a good rating buddy

  • Even when there’s no space to hate y’all still try… I had doubts, but this album is incredible.


  • At Johnny
    Full album is available at KAT (kick ass torrants) for just 70mb.

    Very good album… better than Yeezus but falls short of Born Sinner

  • Wo

    I like MCHG but not this track… Born sinner better than both these niggas albums jay and Kanye’s


    Thanks [email protected], fast download as well. For the 1st time I dont feel bad downloading something since some are downloading it via an app for free coz of the phone they use, and on top of that Jay-z gets to have those free app album downloads count as chart sales.

  • Rookie


  • TJP17

    Whole album is amazing, apart from the Rick Ross feature which ruins F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.

    Nas is amazing on BBC, as expected.

  • Oz

    this album is all production thats what holds it up hov has maybe 3 -4 solid songs as in his verses the rest is frisbeeable, his finally run out of things to say and now joins the likes of eminem and lil wayne top rappers who have lost that fire. suprisingly nas is probably the only one and raekwon who has gotten better with time they both sound more leathal then ever now but i guess you need to be hungry (divorce) or just not caking up that much in raekwons case to rap that ill jay wayne and em are too rich, their musics lost its richness, irony

  • realtalkbru

    just go to rapgodfathers they always have the albums leak in time

  • Space Ghost

    Some of these lames on Rap Radar kill me…..JAY HOVA FUCKIN’ DROPPED AN INSTANT CLASSIC. This goes hard on so many levels.

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  • Space Ghost

    That joint “HEAVEN” should silence all haters and questions. HOV said “THIS IS GOD BODY” ALLAH-=ARM LEG LEG ARM HEAD. GOD IS A MAN!!!! BLACK and self created. HE IS AND ALWAYS WAS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth is out in the open. STAND UP BLACK MEN!!! Let’s go take our Universe back!!!!

  • Space Ghost

    @Dafuq. You have to be slow. Listen to the lyrics. HOV is ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING THIS TIME!!!! This album is stellar. I enjoyed YEEZUS, but this shit is sooooo old school,yet new and fresh. HOV ROCKED THIS SHIT!!!!

  • foekist

    Incredible album. Damn… people LOVE to hate. What’s not to like about this release? Every album has a couple of nah tracks… this is not exempt. Overall I am digging it. Good work Hov!

  • bumpy johnson

    @ space ghost yep definitely get the old school feel , but yet so fresh / modern type if u will he blended very well …………. great work HOVI ……….

  • D Twice

    Do you people realize that the whole landscape of music has changed in the past month? Regardless of is its his best or not Jay-Z, Kanye, J. Cole, and Wale all released albums within a 3 week span. My head is swimming from all the new joints. So shut the fuck up and enjoy the moment cause it doesn’t get any better than this.


    Whoever says this album is anything other than great is still trapped in the era of baggy jeans and XXXXL t-shirts.

  • nick

    who said this album is wack? only 2-3 good songs? BOY STOP! hov is so diverse it aint funny, this album aint as lyrical as Born sinner, but this shit rides

  • crysis

    this joint is a banger. i know that you MMG YMCB guys will think this is shit but you dont know what good music is and how people change the game.

  • addyourcomments

    BBC was fire. Hov and Nas killed that shit

  • Chronic

    Was gonna buy this today…but if its still just pre-sale I’m downloading that bitch, fuck waitin any longer

  • Devante

    Ehh decent track… JT took over the track seemed like it was featuring Jay-Z

  • caseyp

    Some people r idiots. Album is great music!

  • jonnybusiness

    Y’all insane to trash this album 8hrs after it came out. Upgrade ur speakers fuckers.From what i heard easily the best Jay album since the Blueprint.

  • The Brain Trust


    What unbelievable dickriding.

    Aside from a few songs like Oceans (Frank Ocean’s hook is fantastic on this), the album is weighed down by shallow talk of wealth, fame and designer labels (a subject which Jay has covered for 11 albums). It shows that even after all these years, Jay’s perspective hasn’t broadened.

    The production is inconsistent. Sometimes great, other times pedestrian (a la Tom Ford & La Familia).

    Lyrically, it’s also very underwhelming. Jay’s famous wit, wordplay & commanding flow sparsely make an appearance.

    The interludes also add very little to the overall project.

    I’ll give it a 3rd listen, but so far, it’s a disappointing (but not horrendous) return. Certainly not his best album since the blueprint.


    Album is dope…not a classic but something to enjoy along with the other music that was released by Cole, Ye and Wale. Loved the song when he addressed the Illuminati rumors. Loved the Miley Cyrus references on Somewhere in the World. Didnt really like the track he had with Ross. BBC was aight. Expected more from Nas I guess.

    Born Sinner
    The Gifted
    Watchin Movies with the Sound Off

  • mattleezy53

    Lol y’all retarded saying this isnt jays best work since Blueprint…this shit goes. Great album

  • I never liked Jay Z, but this shit knocks

  • Peekay

    This is okay. Surprisingly to me, JT owned this song.



  • 80griots

    I have concluded that some people just say shit to say it. How can anyone say Jay is done lyrically? This is by far his most poignant and dense rapping since BP1. Listen… Subject matter is better than any hiphop album in half a decade, unless you skimming through it …. Listen ….

  • bumpy johnson

    bumpin fuckwitme u kno I got it under heavy speakers …. boy that swag flo that hov has , the whole album is fuckin dope …….. I swear ………

  • Nickey Black

    Niggaz still skimming thru music. Just like popping an aspirin, you gotta let it work. I dig it.

    Niggaz want my old shit……..u know the rest.

    I believe Kendrick gonna get album of the year.

    But I like the album. Not love. It’s a grower.

    The joint JayZ Blue…Daddy Dearest is instant classic. With Big voice popping in and out.

    The shots at Wayne. The Beats. The Beyonce track is FIRE!

    Tell u more later

  • davirus212

    Track is dope. Pretty sure the album is the same. And niggas still hating.

    • Hxppv

      Hey marquis

  • Wtf? A nirvana sample? And the song Kurt hated to perform. Jay z is lame for that. And this song sucks, I’m not hating, just wow.

  • The album is really dope. The beats are really good, but Jay’s lyrics were hit-or-miss on some tracks.
    Gave it a 4/5 in my track-by-track review on my site.

  • ridalen

    you music purists make me sick. the nigga wanted to sample nirvana so he did. who gives a fuck if kurt didnt like performing the song

  • bumpy johnson

    HOV why only 1 minute on beach is better , whyyyyyyyy u sounded perfect on that trap beat …damn

  • 80griots

    * If you know anything about Jay’s recording career then you know he responds to all his critics via his albums.

    * Lil Wayne – no beef here just reminding youngin’ you can’t come at his WIFE

    * Harry Belafonte – that nigga preaching, telling another man how to be charitable? Jay rightfully checks him

    * Addresses fatherhood, marriage in an honest open way.

    * Oceans, far from self-hate. Complete analysis of how far we’ve come from slavery from a Jay perspective.

    * Heavens – how could you love rap and not love this philosophical piece? Take off your blinders, Jay paints a modern man’s view on religion….

    * Nickels and dimes, there is so much depth to the different facets of life I can’t explain it here, rapgenius yourself …

    My synopsis; even with all his success Jay is by far the most honest and relatable MC rapping. Jay still breaking ground for artists to earn the most from their own work. The content of this album needs some digesting. Certainly lives up to it’s religious and political connotations and not a snoozefest like some of these albums that are out..

    * MCHG
    * GKMC
    * Born Sinner
    * Maybe Yeezus

  • Del

    album is dope

  • Sunset

    Jt made this song what it is jz verse was weak

  • Rozay

    Jay is the goat to me but this album was basically watch the throne without Kanye which isn’t reaaly a knock but, the lyrics aren’t that deep, not really rapping about too much that he hasn’t been rapping about recently, either he is getting old or his skills are declining, I believe Jay needs to start writing his lyrics down now, because of the dome isn’t working as much anymore, similar to Jordan when he stopped dunking so much when he got older, the production holds this album up to me, some of the songs are too short and the vocal skits for about 50 seconds were probably because he couldn’t think of anything else to rap about on the beat, overall the album is better than a lot of albums out there but because I am a Jay-Z fan I will be objective and not just co-sign the entire album because it’s Jay-Z, finally I didn’t really hear anything that made me go oooohhhh shit, that Rick Ross collab was garbage lazy flow from Ross and Jay.

  • MrDope

    The Album aint that good….


    Laugh now, cry later.

  • 80griots

    @ Rozay, listen again homie. This is the most revealing Jay has been in recent memory. From his stance on religion, politics and his personal philosophy or the codes he lives by. Don’t skim thru brush, or if rapgenius helps check it out … 1

  • Jav

    It’s not even okay to critic Jay-Z..he isn’t Wale he isn’t going to spend 15 minutes of a 20 minute interview talking about his haters. Jay made Samsung money how the hell you gonna hate on that.

  • Nickey Black

    @Mr Dope…Kendrick will lyrically destroy Eminem

    Jay album tough.
    @Mr Dope….Jay got substance on this album. Em will copy what we(blacks)do and get props like he’s innovated.

  • MrDope

    Nickey Black – No just no… Kendrick will NOT out-rap Em lyrically, he can come near Em but he will not come out on trop. BUT if that now happens (probably not) I give him that and swallow my toungue.

    Yes and no. Bullshit. Wait and see.

  • KingJuggaNott

    This shit is a fucking great album. I’ve been listening to it all morning….that nigga went short yellow bus on ’em again.

  • chan

    heaven is one of the greatest tracks I have ever heard.
    this album is really good. only on 2nd run through and it keeps getting better the more you listen to it

  • Morris Day Laugh

    This is a Timbaland album. I wish he would have just made a compilation joint instead of giving Jay all this shit that he isn’t strong enough to carry. Jay is nice in his 1 dimension. But his flow is tired and when he borrows meeks flow you can only be grateful that meek was already own before he did it or else he would be Young Chris. Jay love a philly flow…I ain’t even from filly but yeah we all know

  • I could of did without the JT feature.

  • jamesrowdy29

    The best song on the album by a mile. Only 5 or 7 good songs on it. Magna Carta Holy Grail Is not an album for the people its an album for people like himself(Jay-Z) in high positions. Its Elitist rap. If Donald Trump liked rap this album would relate to him, Jay pulled a fast one on yall, but I cant hate him for it cause its his life hes rapping about but hes lying about its music for us the consumers when its actually for those on his level like Jordan and super rich folk. Yeezus was better and creative, and Kanye actually said more Jay wasn’t saying nothing we never heard before.

  • jason

    @jamesrowdy29 thanks for sharing your OPINION ……

  • Da Truthhhhh

    I mean real nigga shit, Hov doesn’t have that Umph!! like he use too, maybe from being in the business world but this album is still dope, and its sad at the same time because the only new artist who is hot with the east coast flow is from the South “J Cole” . New York Needs a New Artist to Hold the Torch who will it the Be? only Time can Tell, Look at the Knicks ain’t win a Champ since the Pearl.

  • glass

    jesus fucking christ this album is great. when this beat dropped in at 1:18 I shit myself

  • Hmmmm

    To be true, the album ain’t that great. Yeezus bullied him. I can only compare Jay’s album with born sinner, and Cole might win this race. And I’m a fan of jay, but this album is NOT a masterpiece, unfortunately.

  • flo


    Thank you!

  • J Whistles

    You guys saying too much JT not enough Jay realize they are doing a tour together right? The song was probably written more to be performed live than for the album.

  • Whatitit
  • Nope

    I ain’t the type of dude who wishes to see Jay-z bring 96 back. But this album is VERY DISAPPOINTING. Nothing new in Hov’s world, but on the other side YEEZUS is winning, bringing something new to the game. Sorry big brother, lil’ brother is more into making great album than you.

  • derg derkin 2013

    #letsbehonest jay-z is more boring than ever on this album. some of the most boring flows and lyrics i’ve ever heard. there’s a fewwwww tracks where he kinda snaps. but cmon son. this shit bASIC.

    ay some of the production is alright. some of it is a little overproduced. Needs more pharrell.

  • Song is HOT GARBAGE
    a peon like JT singing Kurt Cobain’s lyrics are beyond sacrilege
    Cobain is everything that JT dreams to be , a writer, a musician, world shaker, game changer & of course, A LEGEND

    JT is a Disney kid who was in a boy band lip syncing in cornrows & dressed like he was raised in an American Apparel store

    Fuck out of here with this over rated , over hyped album from a guy who’s “of the people” but puts out his album so “the people” who can get it are only the ones well off enough to afford a new phone.

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    Kill your idols
    Fuck a B Dot

  • brza

    too much timberlake!

  • J Bro

    Funny, that’s exactly what this song is about. Brushin of the haters, the rise and fall of fame , and remaining yourself without folding. This album is Fuckin Church!! Haters kill yourself. Become a student before you bump yo gums!

  • J Bro

    Justin’s verse says it all. All y’all need to grab a q-tip