New Music: Tyga “Versace (Remix)”

versace remix tyga

Tyga is the latest one to put his stamp on Migos’ track and also announces that his Well Done 4 project is on the way. More Versace. More mixtapes.

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  • blow

    niggas need to stop adding their own verses to this song. the MIGOS original VERSACE song is a CLASSIC and should NOT be fucked with

    • Kelvintct

      LMFAO Classic? get the fuck outta here. a classic is something you can play 5-10 years from now and still doesnt get old. watch ya mouth wit dat “classic” shit

  • West West

    Drizzy the only one with the original instrumental! All them other Rappers rippin the shit off the internet! #WEAK

  • ridalen

    lmfaooooo nigga said a classic.

  • It’s the roc

    Some big rapper like Jay or Drake needs to put an end to this trend where rappers unofficially remix the popular song by adding a verse. These are hip hop’s version of covers. Only in hip hop do major artists get props of doing covers of other niggas records. Leave the covers to the amateurs on YouTube. And in Tyga’s case, just stop rapping mayne

  • JustMyOpinion

    This reminds of that UOENO song, it’s going to be around for 4 weeks and everyone is going to forget it ever happened. But remember how annoying it was.

  • Trell

    This was alright, but for some reason I can’t wait to hear wiz hop on this

  • Right meek mill fucked it tyga did it better but still this is too legendary to be touched couldn’t mill have come up with something of his own.. Seriously needs to stop counting money and thinking botches and give people real shit because he has the talent of he wants to use it.. But just doesn’t when I make music I try and give my best all the time and make worthwhile shit real shot real talk there isn’t much of this left in the game nowadays

  • Jacob

    This motherfucker ain’t eating, didn’t you just release an album why the fuck are you releasing another mixtape hahaha

  • brza

    *Homer Simpson voice* BOOOOOORRRIIING!

  • Jack Hoff

    He said he ain’t eating.
    Lets see. He has his own clothing line, his own shoe, porn website, water, and has shows.
    Yeah I’m pretty sure he’s not eating.

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