New Videos: Lupe Fiasco “Lamborghini Angels”, “ITAL (Roses)” & “Audubon Ballroom”

Lupe Fiasco throws up his hood and arrives with a triple threat of visuals off Food & Liquor 2. Directed by Alex Nazari, the 13 minute-clip targets everything from social to racial issues. Tune in.

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  • Ye

    Wow #NewVideoRuels

  • dmc

    very dope lupe

  • Gambino

    ITAL and Audubon Ballroom were 2 of the dopest of F&L2

  • many of the things Lupe speaks on we call him crazy because of his approach, but sometimes u have to do it from a different angle to bring attention to what is being covered up…. love the videos, 100 percent truth.

  • crackaveli


  • DJAR

    and you all act like Kanye is the genius.

  • smfh

    lupe fiasco reminds me of sharieff from menace to society

  • Toy-T

    Pure genius….

    Ahead of his time

    G.O.A.T dead or alive

  • AidenBradley

    Great video.

  • classicboots

    lupe is great him cole and kendrick make u stop and think which niggas dont do much of keyword niggas

  • jamesrowdy29

    @poeticassasin “WE”(a select few) DONT call him crazy! Its the ones in control of the media that call him crazy and “WE”(a select few) because of the media’s agenda fall hook line and sinker just like they are doing with Kanye this very moment, not to mention hes a black man with a message.

  • immortal

    Wow! Wow! Lupe is the greatest rapper to ever have lived! Hands down! This should be seen by everyone!

  • Very Subliminal, The Kaleidoscope constantly used makes me think how far this corruption really goes

  • K


  • The Brain Trust

    Goddamn. This was great.

    Co-sign the above comments btw.

    I get really annoyed when people say Lupe is ‘self-righteous’, ‘corny’, ‘preachy’ etc.

    I’ve always loved music which tackles pressing societal issues. *shrugs*

    Plus, when I listen to music, I’m always looking to learn something useful (regardless of subject matter).

    Lupe has always delivered on both counts. Shout out to that man.

  • Someone

    Fuck I kinda hated FnL2 but gotta give credit where its due….
    Still kinda dislike these songs but the video in itself is really dope

  • It’s the roc

    Wow. Okay I never thought anything would top Wild for the Night vid and Can’t Hold Us did that. I didn’t think it was possible to top the Macklemore vid just because of the sheer scope of it, but yo, this is the best video I have seen in YEARS. Kendrick needs to do something like this for GKMC.

  • Donn

    I dig the video and I’m sure purist of hiphop do too but let’s be real, even though Lupe’s heart is in the right place, he’s limiting his audience and his message. If you sit a kid down and tell him or her to watch this, are they really gonna sit there for 13 mins and come back and say WOW I LEARNED ALOT WATCHING THIS LONG ASS VIDEO or are they gonna turn the shit off and say it was too long, it was boring and they probably couldn’t recite to you one line in the song.

    I’m just saying, the message is there but he needs to find a way to reach these kids. Kids are glued to ignorance but if you can find a way to reach them by just being human. Take for instance Kendrick Lamar, JCole, they spit real shit in their lyrics but its driven through catchy hooks, slower beats, melody, messages that say I’M JUST LIKE YOU, I LIKE BITCHES, BUT I KNOW ITS WRONG, I SHOULD CHANGE MY MENTALITY BUT THESE ARE THE SOCIAL ILLS THAT HAVE PLAGUED ME. Just my 2 cents

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  • Dope visuals, Lupe is fucking crazy though!

  • creo

    Lupe is dope af i got all son albums. Love dat ital(Roses) Joint. alot ill tracks on dat album braveheart, form follows function sum my favorites. need a new album lupe whats gd

  • Ninja

    kick push

  • darrius

    Correction* Lupe Of July! I got you YN.
    This the best vid of the year so far. Yall need put dog Lupe in yall top 5 list these old rappers not talkin bout anything gotta go sorry.Pac&Nas forever/Lupe&Kendrick leaders of the new school

  • Julio

    Lupe is dope period

  • TJP

    Why do people mention Kendrick and J.Cole on every Lupe post? I am big fans of both, but Lupe is way above them – creatively and lyrically.

    Like someone said above, how can everyone call Kanye the genius when Lupe is around? People seem to forget he wrote for Kanye too.

  • Converse

    Basic video. Lyrically weak video also im not impress

  • Obama

    Bullshit on every level.. An all ya’ll holier-than-thou niggas who think ya’ll are “awake”… You just can’t see it for what it is.. Lupe trying hard to claim some shit that isn’t authentic..

  • CruelThing

    I love the concept

  • lalaetc

    This is why media literacy has to be advocated in our communities. This video was brilliant, transparent, visually captivating!

    The real revolution that is being interpreted in hip hop music, is not to be mistaken for the counterfeit revolutionary messages of Kanye’s West’s new album. He is a walking contradiction. I hope Chicago realizes Lupe is THE ONE, I hope the culture knows he is THE ONE.

    Lets talk about it, white, black, cops, drones, education, lets talk about it!

  • Thatguy

    @Obama…Please explain to me how you make awareness authentic? “holier-than-thou”??? For asking questions and being aware? You sir are the problem with “black thinking”. Niggas like you frown when other people decide to at least try to enlighten themselves. You would probably even say we’re “acting white!”…I can agree that most enlightened persons carry convoluted and misguided messages during their journey to knowledge, I have been and was one of them. But how do you discourage someone for trying tho? I actually feel sorry for you bruh. You are the most dangerous person in the world…one who rejects thought and the pursuit of truth as a whole. Damn.

  • dll32

    greatly executed! very dope !

  • artguy

    this should be playing in the MOMA or something

  • Morris Day Laugh

    @smfh …hahahahaha that shit was funny and I’m a Lupe fan.

  • Obama

    @Thatguy.. Oh okay.. I get it now….

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  • the One

    this dude is so smart….sick!

  • CaliSwag818

    Thank you Lupe