New Music: Curren$y “I Can’t Stop”


Spitta was so high yesterday that he forgot to release his new recording. Produced by Sledgren, you ought to stop what you’re doing and give it a listen.

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  • Skip Dillenger

    This and “Showroom 2” are disappointing efforts

  • Young Nigga

    ASAP Rocky effort but it is #WEAK

  • fan of good music

    Spitta aint ever disappointed…. Who are these lame niggas talkin down on the pilot

  • fastflipper

    still wondering why people like this guy

  • Devante

    This is weak…

  • itsMe


  • Jav

    this is boo boo.

  • Toy-T

    Living legend….hey trolls u didn’t pay for this he gave it to u for free….ignorant cockroaches

    1. Lupe Fiasco
    2. Curren$y
    3. Common
    4. Ghostface Killah
    5. MF DOOM
    6. Black Thought
    7. Jay-Z
    8. 2pac
    9. Nas
    10. Raekwon

  • Jav


    dude top 10 list are so 2009, so I will quote a 2009 song “we off that”.

    Plus half that list is a joke, we talking rap not snap poetry.

  • jlr

    Spitta must of fuxked a few of yall’s bitches on his last tour

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  • yall know

    currency used to be good now he doesnt even rhyme…smh …stop smoking so much bro u killing ur brain cells

  • Definitely not my favorite

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  • koO


  • fuck

    Spitta makes music to smoke and chill wit some bitches too. If you dont like it then dont listen. Spittta is that dude tho

  • yeemjay

    what fuck said

  • Mic Tyson

    I like spitta….really do!
    got all his mixtapes and ep/lp’s but to be honest ALL his songs sound the same…
    he’s put himself in a situation where its expected and sadly its accepted without a push from fans for a more diverse sound… I said I like dude, his tapes stay on rotation but I just wish he would try a different sound/formula once in a while

  • Mic Tyson

    not saying to change who he is or get out his lane (lets be honest that IS his lane!) I just wish he would sprinkle in some different shit every once in a blue moon…
    I knew what the beat was gonna sound like before I pressed play is all Im saying…..n yes it is dope but I just want him to step out this comfort/ auto “pilot” zone…..feel me?

  • Stone

    It’s just a chill song to smoke and ride to , quit the hate

  • Stefano DiMera

    “Trying to get close to the Jet code, but it will never be deciphered by a rookie pilot” – Curren$y

  • Yaboyboyforiegnluccino

    *certified banger* listened to it 8 times in a row!!!