Dame Dash On Magna Carta Holy Grail

It’s been a minute since we’ve last heard from Dame Dash, but while waiting for a haircut from YN’s barber, he gave his thoughts on Jay-Z’s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Hopefully these guys can reconcile their differences. But then again, Hov’s doing better than before, so why’d he do that?

In the barber shop listening to jays new album….I can’t front… I still like hearing him pop shit cause I know he’s telling the truth…proud to be be a part of that..#bittersweet


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  • B.Dot, overall you’re better at this blogging/journalism shit than YN but please don’t follow in his Hova cock slurping footsteps. Even Hov thinks it’s a bit feminine.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im shock…Not about the Dame Dash thing but YN’s has a barber. I thought dude always went to the hair salon. Dude stay with a perm.

  • ECP

    The realest to do it.. HOV


  • Jaz O

    The problem with Jay-Z is that he’s constantly searching for approval from white people. Like many poor blacks from the projects, he’s very insecure and doesn’t want whites to see him as a ‘n*gger’. He has done various things to make me feel this way…From pushing Freeway out of the picture with the white politicians (without even being asked), to playing that Oasis song at Glastonbury after being disrespected, to all the pictures with rich white billionaires and actors, to various name drops of famous white artists in his recent songs…Ever since the Black Album he’s been on his best behavior to please white people. This album, Kingdom Come and Blueprint 3 aren’t for the fans who liked The Black Album or any album before that. This is for the hipsters, old white ladies with poodles, and people who think they’re too good for “black people music”…And Jay loves it as long as they give him a pat on the head and a scooby snack. Whatever makes him feel better about that inferiority complex, I guess. btw I’m not impressed

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Why didn’t he just end it with “…..cause I know he’s telling the truth”. I mean just give the compliment and that’s it , you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. “Proud to be a part of that”-smh

  • glowman


  • Jav

    What a softie.

    He should of sang the holy grail chorus for Jay.


    @Jaz O, the problem with you is that you could never get over the fact that the student surpassed the teacher by 10,000,000% so the only thing you have going for you in life is your hatred & jealousy of Jay-Z. Tons of people on many hip hop sites have talked about how great the new album is & I’m willing to bet $1,000 CA$H that they aren’t old white ladies with poodles!

    Big Ups to Dame Dash for keeping it real about how Dope the album is!

    M OGUL $$$ GAME ’13!!!

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    Jaz O, YOU my friend, hit the nail ON the head with a Daniel son approach (go watch the original Karate Kid movie for those that don’t get it). Best comment I’ve seen on Rap Radar in months. Hats off.

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    “Mr. UNDISPUTED The Mogul” ← lmao I’m willing to bet YOU don’t have a $1000 cash to bet. Isn’t the internet great, you can fix all your shortcomings with one hit of a button?

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”

    Just 1 of the many people Jay fucked over.

  • TecOneNyc

    Jay-Z the new Diddy

  • Chronic

    @Jaz O it’s not a white-black thing. It’s a looking successful-looking ghetto an ignorant thing. Jay z just wants people to view him as the rich powerful man that he is.

  • Donn

    Ppl still talking about color. Success has no color. Jay doesn’t care about pleasing white ppl or black ppl. Cus he does concerts filled with every race. U see black white. But all I see is PPL. He has taken pics with black successful ppl too, he has shouted out black painters like Basquiat and Muhammad Ali. Like stop with the race shit. Ppl like dude up top are the reason racism still exist. The day you guys stop seeing the world as black, white the day we can all be equal.

    You are segregated in your mind.

  • Dro

    Jay album is good…point blank period i think people are jealous of dude moves he changed the game and is giving money back to the artists with his latest project…If he was still broke people would love him because he would be like every other rapper…Its like jcole said “damn a black man cant have money so he gotta be illuminati” whew internet runined cats

  • County of Kings

    @ Jaz o

    i think your overlooking how many times he name drops obama and oprah and will smith. u saying he name dropping white ppl for approval but ignoring the black ppl he name drops.

    i think what he is doing is showing a diversity and a open mindness to other things outside of what most black ppl from the hood know. u know how weird a black person from the hood looks at another black person in the hood if they have “white interests” like white music, or clothing, or food. its like “why u trying to be white, or get white approval” when in reality its growing and seeing the world and knowing that just because your black u dont have to like and support only black things. i can tell u when i was broke and in the hood, i only liked black everything. now that i got some money and been places and seen things, my taste in things has diversified greatly

    but since you seem to be pretty concrete on your dislike for jay, i’m sure whatever i just wrote will not register with you at all. u cant convince ppl that dont like jayz to change their minds no more than convincing jayz fans to change their minds so….

  • bumpy johnson

    that magna carta album is just straight out fuckin dope ………………….. and I aint talkin about no lyrical album comparisons , no album of the year awards , no debate about what is classic , but in terms of DOPENESS , i’m goin on to say this is the DOPEST ALBUM OF THIS DECADE SO FAR .

  • Billy Beef


  • bumpy johnson

    I will like for HOV and dame to make amends and team back up …. BUT seein how powerful hov have become from since then to now ……….. I THINK THERES NO ROOM FOR DAME TO FIT BACK IN ..

  • Converse

    I bet that is the real Jaz o smh

  • Evil

    New Jay album is average.The production is what saves it.

  • bumpy johnson

    @ EVIL give me one album out here that’s ( DOPER ) than this album …….??????????//

  • RRCoolJ

    “Why would he do that?”. Are you even serious? The cock slurping by RapRadar on Jay-Z is so disgusting. And that’s coming from a Jay-Z fan and RapRadar fan. It’s appalling, actually.

    How about this guy is the reason anyone ever even heard of Jay-Z in 96′? How about all that loyalty and family forever talk he used to say? How about the fact that he’s Dame’s son’s godfather? How about the fact that Dame lost Aaliyah around the time they fell out and that probably played a factor in why Dame wasn’t mentally right?

    Enough reasons why? Or because Dame woulda been the type to tell Jay to stay away from corny ass bloggers you don’t like him.

  • ayeee

    ^ Yeezus

  • The Truth

    Yeezus > MCHG, musically is better, I heard this same story from jay plenty of times

  • The Brain Trust

    @ Donn


    People like @Jaz-O LOVE IT when race relations are bad.

    It’s so that they can get away with saying racist shit like that.

  • The Brain Trust

    Oh and Yeezus ABSOLUTELY IS better than MCHG.

    Better production, more consistent lyrically (in terms of quality), just the right length (MCHG was too long), more cohesive thematically, far more daring sounds, concepts, melodies & song structures… which of course made better music.

    The Gifted is also a better album.

    Jay stans don’t kill me, but I thought MCHG was only a solid 3/5 tbh.

  • Jaz- hit a grandslam with that top comment. Perfect.


  • And It wasn’t racist in my opinion. It was well thought out and written.
    That’s the type of comments that we need. We need more opinions and voices in general.

  • realtalkbru


  • Ryuk

    @Myke Wayne
    Yeah his album is spot on. If, you know, you ignore all the blatant inconsistencies & false statements.

  • Ryuk

    *Comment is spot on

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  • slick

    jaz o said he doesn’t want whites to see him as a nigger? did you hear how many times he used the word on his new album?

  • LOL

    i think Jay needs to reach out to his older peers, it’s only right.

  • JamesBond

    @Jaz o u do got a point though. if i am going to ride with u on that i would say we blacks should then just appreciate as Jay made like 9 albums or more for us. Dude is meant to have retired so lets be happy he is here. i do feel u bro. Its clear that Jay’s lyrics are not as technical as before. its a bit easy to decode it now and i believe he is doing it on purpose because the American Gangsta album was extremely lyrical but main stream did not appreciate so Jay turned things up and came out with Blueprint 3. Whatever approach he uses though he still goes harder than majority out there. i mean u have to think of everyone. Not just us would want to listen to it but everyone else. So big up to Jay and the new album goes hard.

  • Hip-Hop

    @RR Cool J:

    y would he do that?”. Are you even serious? The cock slurping by RapRadar on Jay-Z is so disgusting. And that’s coming from a Jay-Z fan and RapRadar fan. It’s appalling, actually.
    That’s a jay-z line faggot.

  • Proud to be a fan of hip hop during that era – rocafella was dropping heat every month lol


  • Payattention

    To me Jay is that one rapper that says to people no matter how well you think you can do, you can always do better. OK not every one is going to be the president but Jay shows these people that act right and do right no matter WHO you are and where you come from you can still reach the pinnacle.

    In fact y’all call him a sell out and say he’s acting like the white man but in fact he’s grown as a person, the circles he moves in and aims for no ones impressed by all the things these two bit rappers do. Yeah he spends more time creating and selling the “Carter brand” than he does his music but he does it the right way so fuck it.

  • Devante

    Niggas said YN gets perms… I’m bout to exit out this shit and call it a day after hearing that..

  • Dame’s one of those dudes who thought he would still be huge after being a part of something with someone who was truly the backbone of the success,, talked plenty of $hit about that person after going separate ways,, but wants to make sure he publicly seems to want to keep a bridge open for a bone to be thrown his way seeing that he ain’t eating in the game no more.

    Jay could’ve put out a country album at this point and people like Dame or anybody else hoping for a handout from him would call it a work of art.

  • Judge Dredd

    Eat a dick @ LukesCorner.net how the fuck do you know what Dame thinks or if he wants a handout. You smart dumb retard commenters just know it all huh?

    Why don’t you go earn a mill or two with all that foresight. Fucking clown.

  • Nickey Black


    Good comment.

    The album is good not great. My favorite joint on there is PART II (on the run)

    Jay didn’t get real lyrical as usual but it’s ok because I know he could if he wanted to. But to chime in on somebody asking who album is better than this, and I’m 40, but Kendrick got the best album I heard in a while. I’m a Tupac fan first. Jay 2nd but Kdot came with it.

  • Reblogged this on David Chery.

  • G

    To tell the truth, i think he freestyled this whole album, Tim just put the beats on and Hov was probably like “fuck it im just going in”, which to me is cool ’cause he gave us ‘American Gangster’ in 2007 and ya’ll niggas aint even listen to it, that album was pure 1970’s 1940’s jazz/blues/ hip hop and the majority slept on it. There were missteps from Jay on MCHG, but ya’ll can’t honestly listen to this album and say Jay fell off or anything, he’s still great

  • Nathaniel

    i guess his desire to please white people is why he went to cuba and wrote open letter. jay been unapologetic since day one.

    and why he’s shitting on all these seasoned white sports agents.

    and why he always publicly defends the hood and black people in the ghetto. drug dealers, criminals and all.

    nigga even signed jay elec & had farrakhan in decoded.

    but i guess a nigga throw on a suit and admire success in any other person outside of a black one, and he’s kissing white ass. his business with white people is only to get the wealth and resources to position himself to be independent of them, particularly where our music is concerned. that’s how i see it, anyway. feel free to disagree.

  • Megamind

    @Nathaniel – I was gonna go in on some of the illiterates…but you summed it up perfectly.
    You have to understand a lot of what he says because it’s entendres goes over the layman’s heads.

    Jay BEEN unapologetic…live to songs like FUTW and Somewhereinamerica….he’s at his best!
    Records like Picasso and Crown is the Hov we love…the bragging.

    Cats are stupid and the internet provides them a voice.
    So now we have to hear a cat with NO life accomplishments besides birthing some children out of wedlock…break down the moves and achievements of a multi-millionaire??? LOLOL
    You coons CAN’T be serious! I don’t suffer fools gladly.

  • Megamind

    I noticed the moderators don’t let some of my comments get through. I actually question B. Dot one time and the comment NEVER posted….hmmmmm!
    These cat’s can’t tell me SHIT about the culture, i’ve been gainfully employed off the entertainment business for a LONG time…God is GREAT for that….And i go back a long time with beat & rhymes.

    it’s actually sad that RR is so one sides and don’t provide any balance…but nepotism and cronyism operates in that fashion.

  • migueljontell

    http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/recklessyouth <—— KANYE KILLIN NIGGAS WITH THIS SMH. BEST SONG I HEARD ALL YEAR.

  • Ramelo

    Can’t front tho, album gets worse with every listen. Timbaland really strong armed the album from Jay. Production was a 9/10, Lyrics were a 7/10.

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  • The first half of this album (1-8) is damn near classic but it gets inconsistent to me after that. Still, ain’t no way this isn’t one of his best efforts post-Black Album

  • ss

  • Yaboyboyforiegnluccino

    *yo jay hit ya mans off wit a couple* paid in full scene, now he the nigga in the back seat of the Saab!

  • the watcher

    JAZ-O made the most correct comment i’ve read about Jay z in a LONG TIME. and the people saying that Jayz mentions people like Obama, Oprah, will smith. Biggest examples of ” modern uncle toms, 20th century uncle toms”

    Best speech ever about this kind of people.. by who else than MALCOLM X