• 1st … Should be ill

  • Yessuh

    What an unlikely pair!! But im wit it…….There has been rumors him and Big Boi are touring for there 20th anniversary of “southernplayalistic” next year.

  • Capricorn Religion

    Hard to admit but. . . . .


    I’m still holding out for a Andre 3000 solo effort and. . . . . Has crazy as it sounds


    Even “Detox”. . . . I know, I know.

  • Nosirr

    We wont get an album, we will get a few leaks hear and there..but there will be a full Outkast album before dre builds up the courage to do one alone. He’s scared of the “fall off” thats what it all comes down too. He don’t want to ruin a legacy, on some Chris Tucker BET awards type shit.

  • matrix

    Ask yourself this….is mike will really that great to be loccing in with these legends though?

  • YoMike

    I Agree with @Nosirr I dont feel like he has the heart to do a whole album whethe it be by himself or with OutKast. This would be the perfect time to come back though, because rappers are now actually rapping again, people are being innovative, opening back up the same lane that they help create.

  • Capricorn Religion

    “He don’t want to ruin a legacy, on some Chris Tucker BET awards type shit”

    Its was. . . . . . I mean, damn Chris. I had to turn away at certain points during his hosting spots. That cringe feeling hurts when you care about someones craft and you know they’re ruining it.

  • The fans made him into something he never thought he would be… his way of dress, the content, the whole not giving a fuck mentality many of us wish we could have. Hopefully he drops a full project.


  • When Kanye’s mama died, we got that helluva verse on Jeezy’s ‘Put On’. That verse gives me chills everytime. And i don’t even like most of kanye’s music.
    I’m thinking we’re about to hear an impressive body of work from 3000. Death and incarceration both seem to force people to recalibrate. The homie bout to yike 1000. I’m wit it

  • Honestly

    Question? Has anyone ever really seen MikeWill “Make” a track? Not hating, .just raising an eyebrow.

  • How Wonderful…

    Who cares….Big Boi’s solo shit knocks without 3000!!! and Mike WIll is just like any other producer, he wont be around long. These producers come and go quickly. Dont get all up in arms some studio footage.

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  • Black Shady

    Lets see…

  • That Guy

    that was uncomfortable