Migos On Drake “Versace” Remix

Sorry ‘Pac, it’s all about Versace again. And while in ATL, Migos members TakeOff and Quavo, talked to MTV about Drake remixing the lead cut off YRN. They also say they’re working on projects with Soulja Boy and Riff Raff.

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  • versace versace versace versace versace versace

  • Tev Milli

    ^ This
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • Realist

    i didnt hear a word

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  • Reg

    This is basicaly Drakes song now… No1 is going to remember Migos is even on it

  • Dope Shit

    Check out young inspiring rapper 1st video

  • greg

    Drake jumps on anyone who’s new . He doesn’t want no competition so he plays the ass kissing game . JCole and Kendrick Lamar is 2 people he made sure he stayed tight with so he has no competition . I agree with Reg this song is drakes not migos .

  • watchthethrone

    that was the most unintelligible interview of my life

  • $$$

    They look almost as stupid as they sound

  • Yardee


    Virgin Islands Rapper Yardee

  • DAC miesel

    Greg isn’t lying did that shit with asap rocky and future too

  • Gayke

    Charlamagne Tha God is the only one with a real opinion about Drake. I don’t why so many people have high regard for the bottle throwing bitch. He doesn’t know how to rap. His ass is only in the game for the fame. Fuck Young Money and Rihanna.

  • mrholloway

    Atlanta keeps hip hop alive. These guys need artist development though…

  • Peekay

    *They’re working

  • PAC would be rolling in his grave…

  • Black Shady

    SMH @ even mentioning Pac

  • bored at work

    I keep hearing about this guys so yesterday I gave their tape a spin and it was garbage even worse than gucci and future who istens to them I can guess kids who think its funny

  • Brian
  • no comment

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Gayke

    ^ I girds Charlamagne is the only one without an agenda. Which I totally agree with, I’ll never understand how everyone overhype ONE artist.

    But then again that’s Hip-Hop for you today, everyone like everyone’s music. Miss the days DMX saying he can’t someone else music. All you need is ONE repitive single and everyone co-sign. As proved by this post. No pressure, by ANY of Hip-Hop gatekeepers, to be creative at all. NONE.

    “I’m sick of that song how its so long.” – B.I.G.
    ^ pretty much 97% of what we here today is repitition.

  • glowman

    drake a legend fuc charlamagne the girl

  • blow

    all yall niggas saying this drake song can eat a hairy skunk’s ass..MIGOS #YRN is this best mixtape not only for the summer but the entire year

    sidenote..FUCK PAC that nigga ain’t special

    dont hate im a 90s baby

  • Word

    Yo I didn’t understand one word from this interview. Not one!

    But, all they needed to say was thanks Drake! Thanks for making my song a hit because before you, nobody heard of me. Now, the likes of Meek Mill, Los, and other rappers are jumping on my song. Because of you, I may be able to go the “Future” or “Chief Keef” route and parlay this massive cosign into an actual 15min career! Undoubtedly I won’t be heard of again come next year, shit maybe even before that, but I at least for my MTV interview right?

  • Devante

    Drake does this to prove a point…
    Drake can hop on any trash song blow it up. Anyone remember who career got got started from the Tony Montana Remix?

  • Section 80

    @Devante Nothing more to say.

  • hitsquad

    yall living under a rock faceass niggas please stop saying drake is the reason this song is hot or he’s the reason these niggas getting any recognition..this song been catchy way before drake hopped on it ..these niggas were already getting recognition in the georgia..it was bound to be a hit before drake decided to put his bum ass vocals on it..these niggas are bound to blow the fuck up because they have catchy songs and street/club anthems. the only thing drake did was put them on a national platform..thanks but no thanks because these niggas were bound and are the hottest niggas out right now

    by the way if you like street/trap rap they mixtape #YRN is the best shit out right now 10/10 beginning to end.

  • AllDay_HipHop

    wtf did he say?

  • Dutch Danilo

    the song had the same concept and all before drake hopped on it. let’s be honest, drake shouldn’t be thanked because the song is the same without him. not to mention drake used their style to do the verse so the only thing special about his verse is it’s his voice. just sounds like another migo to me….so if anything they made drake sound good because if you knew your music then you would know drake would never come up with a song like this. hell I’m a huge drake fan but this is honesty. if anything drake should be taken to court lol. dope song tho….with or without drake.