• Trippy

    They both came correct on this joint cole does it so easy now

  • TruthBeTold

    I can’t see Wale’s facial features in that picture . Just an observation . ..

    Prolly listen to the track tomorrow after the New GTA V game-play trailer is released . I need to rest my ears and eyes .

  • Jav

    Expected better. Cole half freestyles it and wale is just wale on it. Damn how I miss the you got it days.

  • 2Pac213

    Niggas bitching this aint for an album or a mixtape they just speaking on their curent status wtf u mean u miss the you got it days? They still got it good freestyle

  • kld

    @2pac213, I know huh! nighas trip pin

  • king

    wale went off!!!!!!!…its easy for cole

  • bumpy johnson

    good job its like cole needs to keep hoppin on other beats he sounds fresh here just like the jodeci track … wale started lil shaky to me but finished off strong again good look …

  • Northwest


  • The5King

    Fucking Ill Got Me Saying I Wanna J. Cole an Wale Album Now More Than That Kendick an Cold One

  • troofa

    wale is garbage! i wouldve preferred kendrick more on here .jcole is pure talent!

  • bumpy johnson

    I understand wat yuall sayin its like wale flow not meshin with coles flow on this song is it ?

  • JustMyOpinion

    Two lyricist doing what they do best; rhyming remarkable. #nicetrack

  • edi




  • Yardee
  • D Twice

    J. cole said he plottin on that Warm Up 2. Awwww Shitttt!!!!!


    The Day rap niggas stop trying, is the day rap niggas should find another job.

  • slicksick

    Cole really just steps up to the ring and does his muthafukin’ thing!

  • Jav


    You got it as in their last good collaboration faggot.

  • Truu

    ^^ Wrong, bad girl’s club was their last collab && that was aight I guess.

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  • Jav

    I said their last GOOD collaboration. They had fitted cap together and that was wack.


    These my two favorite artists. Imma tell it like this:

    if you DONT appreciate wordplay, then J. Cole’s verse was average.

    if you DO appreciate wordplay, then Cole’s shit didn’t even stand a chance.

    But Dickriding and Hating is at an All-time high. One is easy to love and the other you Love to Hate. All I Know is.. we not on Beautiful Bliss anymore. “You niggas think too slow. You Peek-ah-choo but I’m Picasso.” In other words, y’all cartoon ass niggas and Wale is an artist. Smh

  • Jav

    @MJ Anonymous

    there is always that dumb ass quoting the hottest new albums and it had to be you.

    all im saying is this was sub par to what they can. It wasn’t bad but nothing good, just shelve it.

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    So refreshing



    da fuck, is you slow or stupid?

    Thats the line from the song you JUST listened to.

    smh you fickboy nighas not listenin right, and it just had to be you.

    This was a J. Cole P.S.A. verse and a Wale Wordplay verse. Listen next time before you make yoursepf look 15 years old.

  • FTW


  • T

    jake one crazy with the beats




  • Black Shady

    Villematic!!!! #bornsinner

  • Jav

    It’s a general statement for people that quote songs to try and make their point. Did you not just quote a song? I meant song not album though typo. My bad little bitch.

  • Dee Haven

    they both went off. that wale line “I’m playing with these foreigns like kawhi leonard” was FUEGO



    you the type of nigha that downplay anything that is new, and then come back to it 3 weeks later and praise it. Smh.

    and that typo fucked up your whole entire insult. You made yourself look stupid as if you missed the lyrics in the song.. but whatever.

  • AyYyyy

    this shit not mixed good

  • Jav

    im not actually. I hate wale now I fast forward through him once I hear he’s on his sell out flow. lets leave it at that I have no time to go back n forth.

  • troofa

    who says picachu in a rap jont? you wack fans and your wacky ideas of lyricism intrigue me today smh.


    Like I said up top,

    One is easy to love and the other you Love to Hate. 

    Thanks for admitting it. And if you got a problem with the word “pikachu” being used in a song, then you probably salivate at the mouth when nighas say shit like “cole heating up like leftover lasagna”

    the pikachu to picasso line was wordplay. The heating up like lasagna line was a suicide note.


    decent, the best part of this song is the announcement of warm up 2

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  • yeaHOE

    Both of their albums were less than great..doesn’t mean they can’t eventually be “new legends”. But when did the bar get so low..compare Born Sinner to It Was Written or The Gifted to Vol. 3, why are y’all so eager to crown these dudes?

  • The Brain Trust


    Loved Cole’s verse.

    Wale was annoying here. Why doesn’t he know how to rhyme???? Like, why can’t he choose words which ACTUALLY rhyme together…

    Oh, and that Pikachu, Picasso line was basura. What horrible juxtaposition. No wordplay there what-so-ever. lol

    @MJ ANONYMOUS must be 1 of Wale’s annoying, Nigerian cousins.

  • Itz Yourz

    ^^^^^ fucking hilarious. I concur with you.

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    But Brain Trust, just admit the bias towards Wale before you speak on his annoyance. Been a fan of Cole’s since his beginning. He said nothing special in his verse. He announced the warmup 2 and thats it.

    You do not like Wale nor do you like his music. Everything is simple when you admit you do not like a person’s raps. Saves argument time when you are honest. Same with you, Itz Yourz, or however you spell that shit.

    nobody can make you like a dude’s raps. But dont play like all the other shit Wale made Wasn’t annoying to you before you clicked play on this song, Brain Trust.

    for niggas who actually appreciate wordplay, Wale killed this shit. J. Cole didn’t.


    Someone tell me what sounds better.. smh



    “Tryna distribute what Allah has given me, listen. But some of the bars are synagogues to a godless opinion.”

    you tell me.

    If you liked that first quote.. you will never make it in Rap on your own. Those are called, “THROW-AWAY BARS.”

    If you liked the second quote, you know wordplay compared to “THROW-AWAY BARS.”

  • j1

    bloggers and y’all comment niggas ruined hip hop and its sad. Yall download music, and talk down on the album. Stop comparing these niggas to old shit. Just accept the music and listen or don’t listen. Yall are impossible to please and yall lame as fuck.

  • Jav

    MJ shut the fuck up.

    get over the world play shit ..there’s old wale song called word play listen to that and shut up.

    wale sold out and is trash now.



    I wont even argue with you. Just a simple

    Fuck you.

    from the bottom of my heart, Fuck you and everybody who thinks like you.

    All you bitch-ass niggas who say wale sold out, wale not the same, blahzay-blah,


    “You only fuck with my old shit cuz I’m on shit.” Niggas been sleeping. Wale was potent back in 06.


    Where was you bitch-ass niggas when attention deficit sold 28k? HUH?


    When More About Nothing fucked the game up?


    28k nigga? Why the FUCK would ANY nigga stick with the same formula that sold 28k and NOT progress?

    The nigga broke from underground and you fake-ass Hip Hop “purists” niggas hated.

  • Jav

    bitch I was at his 15$ shows when he sold 28k. I remember the serving crashing when more about nothing dropped. Motherfucking wale had the chance to do something on his own after more about nothing dropped the hype was crazy he didn’t need ross. A:D was too early for him he had no fan base..mark ronson wasn’t giving him shit but slow he got himself noticed with no hands and collabs with currensy and wiz and cole and shit even after interscope dropped him he could of gone indie like he said he was contemplating and done something but instead he switched up his shit and sold out. He went from saying he would never wear chains to only rocking chains. He went from catering to the real hip hop heads to the ghetto ass people that tattoo ambition on themselves..his fan base was very very diverse and he said on one of his mixtape song intros and now you go see him all you see are wal mart shoppers. so stfu. I had my motherfucken urb wale new era hat from years ago..don’t doubt my fucken knowledge bitch.

  • TrueMusic

    i love the song!….. Stop all the hate … lmbo

  • Jav

    server* and fuck u because I have a copy of A:D signed by Wale himself. I would take daniel merriweather change wale verse over this shit any fucking day. #sellout.


    Yo Jav, glad to know some of his music touched you.

    But let go of Nostalgia. All you niggas the same. Yall fall in love with Nostalgia. Niggas grow old. Niggas get married. Niggas make new friends.

    It aint gonna be the same projects. Niggas like his old shit? BUY HIS OLD FUCKIN ALBUM. Niggas CLEARLY still giving you wordplay and you being selfish. Wale gotta hear from niggas like you Every Day. He already said Album About Nothing is coming and you STILL on here bitching about his “flow” that you “skipped” because he “sold out.” If you was really Grateful of all the music Wale made, You then would be greatful that his last album was #1 in the country. The album before that was #2.

    And all you niggas wanna claim Reasonable Doubt by Jay Z a classic but don’t even know what it takes to reach Magna Carta. “I dumbed down for my audience and doubled my dollars. They criticize me for it and yet they all yell Holla.” -Moment of Clarity. “If skill sold, truth be told, I’d probably be, lyrically, talib Kweli.”

    And yet, you niggas still claim Hov as the greatest.

    Wale DIDNT EVEN DUMB IT DOWN, and you Still Stuck in Nostalgia. Smh

    appreciate the fuckin music if you a fan. If not, dont hate, just respect this muthafuckin hustle. You aint eem gotta love it.

    and dont shit on Album About Nothing when it arrives either.

  • Jav

    That’s the thing that pisses me off the most about wale is that he doesn’t dumb it down but his style has dramatically changed.

    Contemplate > Bad

    just one example.

    Walmart shopper music now. Don’t forget to buy The Gifted with those pacifiers for your 2 babies.


  • Jav

    And if the Album About Nothing doesn’t feel like a trilogy set with the mixtapes I’m done believing in what he stood for.

  • The Wise

    None of these new rap cats can hold a tourch to what was done in the 90s point blank an like the guy up there was sayin..why yall so eager to crown these dude..mothe fuckers accept anything these days..were are ur standards…both trash


    You gotta learn how to reach a core audience WHILE ALSO putting Medicine in the Candy. (Message in the music). You probably thought Chain Music was about a fucking chain. (You obviously did because you just said some bullshit about chains in that recent post.)

    Let me Dumb It Down for you. (And make sure you listen to Jesus Piece off The Gifted, too. It will enlighten your ignorance. )

    you see, Chain Music proves that those “Ambition” Tattoo’d ghetto people you speak of will only listen to him if he brags and boasts and does shit that catches their attention. But as soon as he gets tour attention, he is giving you the medicine (message) in the candy (music). He is giving you DC or NOTHING. He is telling you he aims to be LEGENDARY.mp3 .. he is giving you FOCUS with Cudi. He is keeping your girl entertained with Flowerbomb, but then spreading message with tracks like VARSITY BLUES.mp3 YALL. He is speaking for a sub culture within a sub culture. (DC and PG and Moco and even VA) He is reaching heights that DC HAS NEVER SEEN A RAPPER REACH BEFORE. But you still stuck on Nostalgia so mich that you hating on the skillful sneaky nigga with a mean crossover. “I’m no LeBron, but I am cool with being jamal cross, nigga QUIT REACHING, LET HIM JUST BALL!”

    Now go to sleep. Wake up. And listen to Wale- Jesus Piece.mp3 again and tell me why you slept on him again. And if that aint enough, tell me another rapper that can reach the dc community with a drug song like “Bricks”, teaching these kids to STAY AWAY FROM THAT DRUG SHIT.

    Learn about putting medicine in the candy. Wale been hip.

  • Jav

    dude you’re an idiot I saw Wale post 104329402534950345x “you probably thought chain music was about chains” no i did not..look at that picture of him with cole and the listen to “The Soup”
    “They ask me why I never wear chains, but if you brought up
    How I’m brought up, then you probably feel the same”

    I know chain music was not about chains I am not stupid and that’s my point is that he went from feeding the savvy crowd to feeding the dumb asses.

    watch that video and look at the people that were at his concerts.

    You think any of those people got ambition tattoos? Nah bruh.

    I don’t need to listen to bricks..I don’t need a D.A.R.E class from Wale

    or Jesus Piece.

    Ambition was trash too.

    You want real non coated messages?

    The Kramer
    The Grown Up

    just to name a few.


    Dude you clearly do not appreciate versatility.

    I watched your video of how a bunch of White people (and not a single minority) was interviewed. Bravo. White people liked him. N guess what? White people still do!

    Now do me a favor and learn the REAL Wale before you are so quick to disrespect Wale’s NUMBER ONE RAP ability: His Versatility.
    and hey ASSHOLE, Clearly you are not from DC or you would actually have compassion to why Wale felt the need to code messages in his music to reach the community that looks just like him.



    And on top of that, wale overheard one of his A&R people talking on a phone once to some radio station.. guess what the A&R guy said?

    “Oh, We gotta make sure Wale is “Black” again.”

    now how would you feel knowing that the people marketing your product, is not even trying to Market to YOUR PEOPLE!?

    Wale aint a Flo Rida or a Nelly.

    You must have the wrong opinion on him if you think only people that look like the ones in your video are the Main people Wale EVER wanted to attract. It was about putting his CITY on. Putting the DMV on. And putting other rappers on. Establishing himself. How the fuck he gonna do that if he some WILL.I.AM type-a nigga?

    And you come off as judgemental. . You stick your nose up at Wale songs like “Bait,” knowing DAMN WELL they are not meant for you, and yet you loom down on them because they aren’t what you need.

    you really need to learn more about the Real Wale and NOT the marketed guy who the company had to make look “Black” again.

    And as you wait to stick your nose up to Album About Nothing, make sure you do watch this video. I at least did the same for you and your “white people” interviews.



    Look* down on them

  • Jav

    He was versatile before mmg too stupid asshole.

    He did black n gold the war no hands the posse cut the cloud all on the same tape

    Listen to his freestyles over bed rock and say something and listen to his freestyles now. He was doing songs like waledance and still doing songs with messages. That’s been wale. Just the choice of beats and production and features and flows have just gone in a total different direction.

    Ha Bruh I went to see wale 3x in the past year. I can’t remember one white dude in there. He does 5 seconds of Nike boots 90210 and then goes on to do nooooothing but after he went mmg songs.

    Sell out.

  • Jav

    I’ll continue this shit tomorrow. And yeah ill watch the usual cliche clips. And I don’t talk shit about bait or clappers because that’s his go go shit and I respect it even if it doesn’t apply to me. That’s his thing. So ill leave that alone.


    @Jav said: “He was doing songs like waledance and still doing songs with messages. That’s been wale. Just the choice of beats and production and features and flows have just gone in a total different direction.”

    He doesn’t sound the same (good change) and his beats are in my opinion Better now and his beats/flow reaches a wider audience now.

    but guess what? HIS MESSAGE HASNT CHANGED!

    Wale is reaching the audience he wanted to reach all along. The Gifted is Wale. A great work. No shitty songs. Everything has a purpose sonically.

    All types of thought-provoking wordplay and messages in the music over WIDELY-ACCEPTED, JAY-Z CERTIFIED BEATS.


    ^^^ wale mentions people like you in here too.

    See ya when you start to Complain About Nothing (see what i did there) again sometime later this winter or whatever.

  • theon3

    that one wale verse was doper that Wales whole album.Smh…

  • Jav

    If he is reaching the audience that he wanted to reach all along then he fooled himself from the beginning of his career.

    Wale was making Dig Dug and Rhyme of the Century while Rick Ross was making “hustlin” and adjusting to life outside of being a P.O. lmao. I really doubt Wale the kid that rocked Skateboard Nike’s was aiming for the crowd that was wear du rags and ecko shirts..I really doubt that. Wale gave up on his 28k fans when he signed to Ross. He went towards a fan base that made Trilla a gold album with T=Pain still singing hooks and shit. He got attention on Self Made 2 and then fooled his orginal fan base mixed in with his new fans into buying Ambition, tell me why did Ambition sell 5 thousand more than The Gifted 1.5 years after it dropped? Because most of his original fan base left him. You got youtube and search classics like Warwick Avenue and Uptown Roamers and you will find endless comments saying “Before Wale this..” and “Before Wale that..”. Wale changed himself to fit in more with a wider amount of people that are of low iq’s. He’s a hypebeast now. He’s just trying to sell and that’s why I lost the respect I once had.

  • Jav

    And although Wale did not directly dumb down his messages the way of him delivering it has been dumbed down a lot.

    His references are just more basic now and easier for people to understand compared to before

    Look an IQ score of 110 is found in 1 in 4 people. an IQ score of 131 is found in 1 in 50.

    The difference in sales bro.

  • Jav

    I don’t expect him to ever slightly touch who he once was.

    Like he said himself: “when there’s dollars on the brain, why would you expect change?”


    @Jav said: ” He went towards a fan base that made Trilla a gold album with T=Pain still singing hooks and shit. He got attention on Self Made 2 and then fooled his orginal fan base mixed in with his new fans into buying Ambition, tell me why did Ambition sell 5 thousand more than The Gifted 1.5 years after it dropped? Because most of his original fan base left him. ”

    Look, that is one theory, however, was Ambition competing with Yeezus? Did Ambition go have to compete with Born Sinner a week before? Did Ambition have to deal with Magna Carter a week after dropping?

    your mind is not stretching out to see what else could explain The Gifted record sells.

    And guess what The Gifted did that Ambition didn’t, even after all those big-name projects were announced? THE GIFTED WAS THE NUMBER 1 ALBUM IN THE COUNTRY. That cannot be refuted, cannot be changed and those are facts. If Ambition was competing with all the shit The Gifted was dealing with, there would have definitely been more than 5k less fans buying the album.

    And I understand that you “doubt” Wale’s intended target-audience, even AFTER I TOLD YOU the story of how Wale’s A&R people didn’t even MARKET his product to the People that looked like Wale. But Wale has said thousands of time now, Wale now has CREATIVE CONTROL. He now is reaching all you 28k niggas AND CONNECTING WITH THE PEOPLE HE WANTED TO CONNECT WITH ALL ALONG.

    How you do a song titled “DC CHILLIN” and the record company makes you shoot a DMV video in fucking BOSTON?

    You say fuck that label, yall didnt see his vision, you get with Ross, and you give the people “BAIT.” WHERE HE GOES TO THE SLIMS OF DC TO SHOOT. ANNND IT GETS NATION-WIDE AIRPLAY AND ACCEPTANCE.

    No Lady Gaga on that shit to reach you 28k niggas either.

    All DC to the core. Now THATS called Creative Control. Something that he came in the game lacking a lot of. Wale never fooled you or fooled himself. INTERSCOPE fooled YOU.


    Slums* of DC


    Wale said it best.


    “^^^ And if you can’t respect that, you’re whole perspective is wack. Maybe you’ll love him when he fades to black.” – (c) Hov


    “Your* whole”

  • Jav


  • Jav

    I had a whole thing written and wrap raidar must of censored something,.


    narrow it down.

    He was with mark ronson. why choose him if he didnt want to go that route with fans? he toured the UK and singed to the scope when other labels wanted him. Im sure jimmy lovine didnt force him to do back to the feature or rap over sam sparro on more about nothing. he had creative control over everything but a:d .

    why market himself the wrong way for 5 years? Even on the quoted song he says A:D 2 coming or whatever. Thats where his mind was in 2010 before meeting ross and getting pimped on.

  • Jav

    I wish I could interview Wale actually and ask him questions that a lot of us 28k fans deserves answers to.

  • takenotes.

    I scroll down every so often on these Rap Radar posts. What a joke you mafuckas are. Go get a job, get your money up. Listen to these good jams and move on. You really have time to argue back and fourth on here? Hilarious. Correcting each others grammar and shit. Thanks to Cole,Wale,TDE dudes like that is why Hip-Hop is in a pretty decent place right now. Remember 2007?? HAA!

  • Jav

    @takenotesn it’s all about your wpm.


    Iight you stuck-in-Nostalgia fan. Hope you watched the video I posted multiple time on here.

    interscope didnt know how to market Wale. He had to get his music out there To Get Noticed outside of the US. Mark Ronson helped promote 100 Miles and Running. Notice the swift difference of material from HATE IS THE NEW LOVE and PAINT A PICTURE compared to that Heavily-toured 100 Miles and Back to Feature mixtapes? Wale started out trying to market his message with the community. Then Wale started changing his music to reach you “28k” Niggas. Then we realize Wale can make club records like dig dug and make tracks like WordPlay.mp3. Now by the time Wale made it to Interscope, 5 years or so later, Jimmy Iovine still doesnt see Wale’s potential to be more than a 1-trick pony and they start taking away Wale’s creative control n dont even market to Wale’s ORIGINAL “BEFORE THE 28K” fans. They start to make Wale look generic “back-packer rapper on fashion.” They failed miserably with helping the world see Wale. So Wale’s1st album flops. Now if you touring all over the world with plenty of mixtape material, then WHY DIDNT YOU 28K NIGGAS SUPPORT THE ALBUM? He gave you at least 6 projects before AD and yet only 28k of you niggas show up?

    Getting dropped from interscope was the best thing that ever happened to Wale. How can you be mad at GROWTH? At the end of the day, you got at least 6 projects for free before AD so enjoy that shit, 28k niggas. Now let Wale be great.

    Let him be who the fuck he was destined to be.


    “Ross told me switch the style up, and if they hate then let em hate and watch the money pile up.”

    Yall confuse “style” with “message” though. Totally different.

    Or yall 28k niggas hate Ross so much that your hate trickles down to Wale. No pleasing some of yall.

  • Flyest nigga on 2 feet

    *yawn* gay z clones!! Nobody bumpin this shit in the whip. Wale stick to r&b type of songs. J cole get new producers shit is redundant!!!

  • Jav

    DUMB WRAP RAIDAR not letting me post things wth.

    ahhh again summary of what i had written.

    the sound didnt change much in between those tapes only thing he did was stop doing rap over songs that were playing on the radio like sprung tell me what you know slow down etc..
    you could fit songs like uptown roamers on his following tapes or songs like crazy (not the gnarls one)

    wale wore sbs and bright clothes as said in waledance no one forced that look on him

    also wale and cole same hype after more about nothing and friday night lights except cole hasdnt dropped an album yet so it helped it a lot..it just scared wale. Chillin and Who Dat had the same reception. Only wale scared of failing went with ross..when he could of built on his own sound like cole.

  • Chillthrills

    Cole is cool,,wale is non cipher. Flow sounded forced,,,the beat didn’t call for that,,,


    I have been WAITING to say this shit about the differences between Cole n Wale. (Like I said, BIG fans of both).

    wale = football = TEAM PLAYER.

    J. Cole = basketball = STAR PLAYER.

    Cole want the credit for everything.

    Wale can share his spotlight all day, and welcomes features. And NEEDS HELP WITH BEATS. (Wale just started making beats on Gifted with “Simple Man” after 6 years hustling music.

    Thats the difference. So much so that RGIII (Redskins football QB) tweets about The Gifted and Derrick Rose (NBA former MVP WHO RARELY TWEETS) tweeted about Born Sinner.

    thats the difference.

    star player vs team player. Both are needed in that type of sport. Different sports but still RGIII and D ROSE (ironically both torn ACL’s) count on their team to win but still shine bright on their teams.

    And Wale played football in college. J cole played basketball in school. You can tell in their flows.

    and we act like everything is written in stone. Just enjoy the movie.

  • Chillthrills

    @mj like you said,,two niggas with torn acls,,,ironically both of their biggest hits have miquel on them

    Go figure,,,I guest Miguel is really the man,,,hmmm?



    I didnt know who Miguel, Jerimih, or Tierra Thomas or even Sam Dew was until Wale was on tracks with them.

    now after hit records like Flower Bomb, That Way, Bad, n LoveHate Thing, we start to take notice of these people. That speaks volumes for Wale. Damn near Every time an unknown artist is featured on wale song, it touches the charts n blows up.


    Unknown artist is featured SINGING* on the song

  • Chillthrills

    @mj then you must be a serious wale fan because,,,,because like I said Miguel is the common denominator. To both of there biggest songs,,that’s all,,,,,,


    Miguel is a true artist. Talented artist. Glad to see him shine with two of my favorite MC’s. But Both MC’s will make records that will eventually surpass Miguel’s features. Only a latter of time.


    only a Matter* of time.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    I talk mad shit about wale, But I Bows Down on this track. Dope

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Wale snapped! He was like, ” this nigga ain’t Beautiful Bliss’n my ass again!”

  • HK

    Dope…and I’m not a huge J Cole fan.

    This, Iamsu! “Designer” & Hitboy x Rockie Fresh are my fav RR recent music posts

  • Chuck

    @Jav you sound like actually use to fuck wit walebut you can’t say the man sold out because he signed with MMG. I thought the same thing at first until i actually started to pay attention to the words on his post More About Nothing shit. He still spitting his ass off about subjects with substance. The main difference is he has a bigger fan base and he has a wider selection of beats. You can’t tell me he sold out musically. Have you heard LoveHate Thing, Sunshine, Heaven’s Afternoon, Vanity, Gullible, Simple Man, 88, Don’t Hold Your Applause, Legendary, Chain Music, Focused, Sabotage, Illest Bitch….I mean really paid attention to the words. That was only album stuff too…People treat rappers like clothes the second everyone starts wearing them its played out. His fan base just ain’t only hipsters, hypebeasts, and college students anymore.

  • Mr.November

    MJ ANONYMOUS says:
    Tuesday, July 09 2013 at 12:48 AM EST
    But Brain Trust, just admit the bias towards Wale before you speak on his annoyance. Been a fan of Cole’s since his beginning. He said nothing special in his verse. He announced the warmup 2 and thats it.

    You do not like Wale nor do you like his music. Everything is simple when you admit you do not like a person’s raps. Saves argument time when you are honest. Same with you, Itz Yourz, or however you spell that shit.

    nobody can make you like a dude’s raps. But dont play like all the other shit Wale made Wasn’t annoying to you before you clicked play on this song, Brain Trust.

    for niggas who actually appreciate wordplay, Wale killed this shit. J. Cole didn’t.

    I completely understand where you comin from bro, BUT Fuck Wale. I wasnt gonna comment because of the bias, but I had to prove you right lol

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  • (D)MVBassed

    @Jav I understand where you’re coming from to a certain extent. But I wouldnt be so quick to say that he’s fell off since joining MMG. I was just like you when I heard he was joining MMG cause I felt they were below him and it was going to change his style/lyrics. But listen to the first track on the SelfMade 2 album “Power Circle”, Wale preached some real stuff on that verse. Even when Wale first joined MMG, his verse on “Pandemonium” was arguably one of the best verses of the year. You just have to listen real hard hard, the old Wale is still here.