Yasiin Bey Force Fed As Gitmo Prisoner

As-salamu alaykum. Ramadan begins today and during the month-long observance, Muslims abstain from food. Islamic leaders from are calling for the Obama administration to cease force feeding at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba.

In the video above, Mos Def demonstrates how the procedure is administered. Now would be a good time to put away breakfast.


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  • NipseyHusslex2

    I’m going to have nightmares now. Thanks RR

  • damn. real shit.

  • bumpy johnson

    that’s real fucked up ………………..

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  • Jungz

    “Soon we’ll find out who is the real revolutionaries” – Bob Marley

    A lot of these rappers talkin the talk but aint walkin the walk. Much respect to Mos for this.

  • Xxx

    The fact that mos did this, broke down and still allowed them to release the video shows alot of strength. there is probably no other rapper, (let alone person) that would allow themselves to experience that type if agony just to make a point. Respect to yasiin, peace and good morning.

  • StarFox64

    come on son

  • Obama

    Rich actor (who dates nothing but white chicks) CHOOSES to be “force” fed… Then calls on his acting skills to make it super dramatic… Nigga what the fuck does this have to do with Gitmo?!?!? Fuck this bullshit…

  • K

    Wow… MAD RESPECT for this man. Sometimes words are just not enough to make a point, my brother did something noble and meaningful right here.

  • Tee Smif

    Props to you B Dot for posting stuff like this along with everything else. Hip Hop Culture. Keep it up!

  • rahrahrah

    Everyone forgets.

  • oj Da Cornball

    Way to stand up for rights. I commend it and they should be respected in their rights to practice their religion, as evil it is. THey are terrorist and evil bastards. This video doesnt’ change that.
    Somehow, Obama must not have no say, or is clueless cause he supports Muslim, more than Christians if anything.
    Respect tom Mos Def tho

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  • this hit me because 1 im a christian participating in Ramadan 13, so i’m not eating as well and 2, if you ever had one of those tubes down your throat, you’d understand why this is sad.

  • Mitch

    Respect, Mos! Much love for demonstrating this. Gives the average citizen much insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Peace.

  • Dougie

    Much Respect to Yasiim Bey for doing this video . @ Sniffer good luck brother participating in Ramadan this year much respect to you also .

  • DJ Game

    Seriously this isn’t even torture. Forced food? Seriously?! Not that serious.

  • Winston Churchill

    One of Obama’s first election promises was to close this disgusting place. He’s a liar and a war criminal.

  • PistolPistol

    ^Acting or not… Still FUCKED UP!
    While I’m devouringy a Primos Hoagie..

  • Devante

    I thought Guantanamo bay was shut down?

  • truth

    Obama didn’t come through with many of his “promises”

  • @Obama, not the real one, the idiot a few posts ago.

    1. Which white chicks has Mos Def dated or even been romantically linked to? Stop talking outta your anus.

    2. “Using acting skills to make it more dramatic”? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FORCE FED THROUGH YOUR NOSE?

    Your existence is the single most strongest argument I have seen to date for pro-abortionists.

  • Fuck Mos Def and his wack ass acting skills….he is phony as fuck and he married a white stripper….GT is dope for terrorist they have sat TV and a big ass soccer field

  • FTW

    Why put yourself through something so torturous to attempt to change the minds of people that are completely desensitized to the pain of others? The world is indifferent to the pain and or discomfort of people of color. How about he get shot to show the government that gun control is necessary. Doesn’t make sense; he’s acting like this war machine has a conscience.

    Breaking News from the White House: Not a single fuck was given today…

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  • Big B’z

    This just put my life in perspective, Thanks god for the blessings you have and pray for the people who don’t. They really pulled that equality card magnificently when they put a ‘black’ man as president. He ain’t even give us justice, Zimmerman still free! and the foreign policy just got more evil. F*** this evil country

  • @FTW

    Exactly! Instead of putting time and energy into this, he could’ve used his notoriety to bring light to it in a different way. But the fact is, light’s BEEN brought to this topic for years now, and certainly, ain’t shit change yet….


    Im confused. Why do anybody give a flying fuck about terrorists being force fed? They wanna die of starvation lettem. Religous reason or not them boys knew the consequences of becoming terrorists so now they gotta live the life THEY shaped.

  • yo! BET raps

    If they would just eat their bread and water it would save everyone a lot of time.

  • mike b

    [email protected] yobetraps …right…that shit is horrible tho gettn tubes down ur nose..ppl in hospitals
    have um perminetly tho but i guess u get used to it…goin in is crazy..i kept choking they had to
    try 3 times

  • LikeJordan45

    Put’s your life in perspective. Salute to Yasiin Bey for going through with this to raise awareness.

  • Obama

    @Buggin Out.. He’s dated a bunch of white chicks, an he apparently married a white stripper in Canada according to his video chick wife.. An yes, I have had a feeding tube down my nose in a hospital.. And I’ve also been to acting school.. And your closing line was the single most weakest line I have seen to date.. For anything.. Ever…

  • Vet

    To those who say fuck this country…. LEAVE IT!!!!!! I get whats hes trying to do but those detainees KILLED our brothers and sisters in arms, they CHOSE not to eat and if we let them starve we’re just as evil as the rest, let them have their faith, we should respect them all, but WORSE shit happens in our own jails daily!!!!! Wheres the help for our own??? Wait thats right… they’re in jail for committing crimes like MURDER!!!!! If your mother father sister brother son or daughter was killed over seas I’m sure you’re not losing sleep over the fact that we have to feed these monsters! USA!!! if you don’t like it GET THE FUCK OUT maybe to some country that won’t put up with your ignorance and bigotry!!!