• Midsize Jerm

    IDK what to make of this album, it kind of reminds me of a cross between a DJ Khaled album and a DJ Kay Slay mixtape. There are a lot of good bars and beats on the album, but overall it lacks flow and any lasting presence. There’s a lot of shit that sounds like filler, and the old school feel running throughout the project just makes it feel dated. However, tracks like this and the LOX track give the album some substance. I know the whole theme is “50 MC’s” but cutting the number in half and ending up with 15-16 tracks would have made it stronger in terms of a listenable album from start to finish. I’m not complaining about getting extra material but a lot of these tracks are filled with throwaway verses or are just too dated sounding and uninspired. Worth a listen for the handful of good tracks tho.


  • Officer Ricky

    Joell is getting better and better….this is dope

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  • dmc


  • 89

    only if these rappers spit on a better beat

  • JamesBond

    @89, what can be better than this?

  • justin

    a bink! beat ….

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  • STFU

    This beat is terrible…

  • Stibbs

    The beat is amazing, but Slaughterhouse didn’t bring it 100% lyrically.

  • @stibbs the prod is perfect, and slaughterhouse didnt bring it lyrically but the flow is just too good its amazing !!

  • StarFox64

    these dudes actually make me hate lyricism…however possible…

  • The album has a few bangers, some really weak tracks and a bunch of ok ones. This is one of the tracks that is just ok for me. I ended up scoring it a 3/5 in my review since the strong songs are really good and definitely worth a listen.

  • PistolPistol

    Slaughterhouse dudes always get hated on.. Always.

    Ahh that beat sucks, or the lyrics aren’t strong enough…
    Keep bitching! Still better than all these other commercial fags trying to make music and trying to be hard as fuck rappers. FOH

  • Slaughterhouse!!!

  • Rego

    Whoever hates on slaughterhouse clearly does not know any real lyricism in rap . You prob be sittin there listening to wocka flocka or some French Montana lmfao GTFOH

  • Evil

    This is that dope shit! More of this please and that beat is pure fire.

  • MrHeat

    Slaughterhouse is fire. Anyone hatin on this should be playin a ¨real¨Lil Wayne joint ahah. These guys kill it every single friggin time

  • Jason

    When amazing rappers do half ass verses, they make the producer look bad and it doesn’t do anyone any good, especially the fans. Give 100% every time. That’s what this beat deserved.

  • Ppl too picky.They ask for hard beats and lyrics and we they get it ,it’s not what they want.Underground fans are too picky

    Loch J Cole @jcolenc Ft. TLC Crooked Smile Freestyle: http://youtu.be/YvFJjY0asSQ