• Set303

    There was an article in GQ that called him & Eazy-E two of the worst rappers of all time.

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  • http://iam607.com/ adrian

    it’s GQ though… i’m sure the hood would give their best dressed winners 2 thumbs down

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  • obi one


  • tucq

    @Set 303 and adrian

    That GQ article is on some bullshit puttin Short and Eazy on that list. Short has made some of the best BANGERS in hiphop!

    And we all know Eazy wasn’t a serious rapper, but let one his songs come on and see how real mfs react….

  • http://loch121.wix.com/loch Loch

    Much respect to Too Short/He’s a fixture in hip hop and a brand.When I was young I wasn’t a big fan of his raps, but he had a couple classics and I think he’s gotten better over time.

    Loch J Cole @jcolenc Ft. TLC Crooked Smile Freestyle: http://youtu.be/YvFJjY0asSQ