• Jav

    irrelevant. What’s the next post? Some Charles Hamilton?

  • obi one

    Same ol niggas using the same ol style talkin bout the same ol shit…. and what ever happened to the rest of young money? Ohhhhh they ended up being tax writeoffs.

  • The Wise

    Will this fucker jus fade to black…got damnnn

  • FIRE!!!!!! stop hatin on my nigga! his flow can’t be touched! Levels didn’t even deserve his input. this should have been to a dot and pro beat. TBH LIL B fans please hold ya comments. oh and SMD

  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    I fuck with Cory Gunz but not this joint

    Supe Dupe | World In My Hands | (Official Sneak Peek Video) http://t.co/Ss84rSxIK0

  • Ridalen

    Nigga rap fast on EVERY track

  • LoverofHipHop

    Nice. But homie couldve take those same lyrics, slowed the flow down and used a different one and wouldve been crazy.

  • Chronic

    Corey gunz is one of the rappers that can out-rap so many others. But as the saying goes, if you don’t say shit they can relate to, no one gives a fuck.

  • matrix

    But wait wtf yall niggz talking bout? this nigg snapped on that beat his flow is crazy yall got to stop hating b its not healthy…

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