• TImeChange

    it’s not going to happen for kim. she needs to put an artist on or something.

  • Classic

    Get em Kim!

  • Yikes

    Looks like a mannequin.

  • fastflipper

    She horrible

    She look like sh!t

  • Kimmy Blanco

    I love it!! Kim slayed! and she delivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice Rap

    i Like it , it was 2 years late of release lol, but nice surprise for her to drop it on her birthday!! I am so excited for her new music!! She looks great aswell :)!! #Teamlilkim

  • awesome

    It’s something different , and it worked.
    They can’t say shit about her flow because she’s a bad motherfucker when she raps, They always resort to attacking her appearance. Like does it affect you personally that kim got surgery done? Does it affect your everyday life? no so shut the fuck up because kim will Murder any of your faves in a rap battle.

  • Female rap

    Yes, She impressed.
    She’s releasing a Mixtape before her new album

    We NEED the queen Back.

    We’re counting on you kim.

  • Nomorepasses

    How come 90 percent of anything we’ve heard from her since the “lighters up” era has been sounding extra dated, poorly written, and generic. She sound like she barely can rap. I know she’s not signed herself..but if a new woman came on the scene sounding that basic ..no record exec. would sign her. She’s the wackest female out currently active in the United States of America and surrounding areas. You get wiser as you get older right? So how do your lyrics go back to something a 12 year old can write when you’re 39?? You should be allknowning at that point and have more complexed verses

  • Sav

    Terrible.. Let it go Kim.

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  • Looks like Photoshop

  • tsktsk

    “Remember, looks sure can be deceiving”

    rap-radar tryna shade the queen?
    #Teamlilkim are crazy careful watch ya’ll say lol

    she did great !! People don’t know this was really old track, Kim had it for years but gave it to us today for her birthday surprise. She has a whole shit load of music coming soon that will impress, she was experimenting what would succeed more than other sounds, She’s her own boss now that gets 100 percent of all cash made so she has to be smart on her decisions.

  • Mr.November

    Dre Darko says:
    Thursday, July 11 2013 at 10:01 AM EST
    Looks like Photoshop

    Went wrong…
    Is what I was gonna say

  • CBH

    Looks like Photoshop

  • Peekay

    terrible photoshop job

  • obi one

    Lil Kim made Hardcore… I know biggie wrote most of it from a female prespective but most rappers still ain’t caught up to her first shit… all she needs is darker production…

  • Just Sayin´

    Lil Kim is the black version of Joan Rivers…

  • Emad Shad

    Accurate, looks like money.
    Lots of it spent to look that way. Doctors made a grip on her new faces.

    Stop hating, especially Rap Radar. Y’all would accep this exact so g from any other female rapper but her. Smh.

  • joeymayi

    kim was the ish… key word “was” i respect her grind but… #newlegends

  • Lightsaber Leg

    The ppl around her always telling her go when she just making her legacy weaker

  • Evil

    She brags about money but that cover photoshop looks cheap as fuck,it could be made on an iphone.

    And the song was terrible.

  • Hahaha wtf type of shit mic is she recording on, or the EQ is shit.
    Still talking about Monica lawenski? Come on that’s 2 presidents ago. A side piece talking about another side piece.

    Joan Rivers wannabe

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  • PistolPistol

    Nikki lovers get the fuck out of this post… Show respect. Nikki is a clown ass.

  • Word

    Yeah, thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery. That’s the only money she looks like.

  • Flyest nigga on 2 feet

    *slim waste pretty face* looking good mah!! Still an icon only female rapper that got play in whip!!!