Lil Wayne Kicks Off America’s Most Wanted Tour

On Tuesday, Tunechi rolled out his tour at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater in Birmingham, Alabama. Here’s an official recap featuring T.I., 2 Chainz, Hit-Boy and more. Read the review here.

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  • America’s Most Wanted Tour will be the hottest tour this summer .

  • ricky1

    I won tickets to this tour but I gave them away because I’m just not interested in Lil Wayne and T.I. like I used to be. I remember when T.I. was able to headline his own Big time tour. I am more entertained by the Kendrick’s, J.Cole’s and the Drakes now.

  • Jack Hoff

    ^A j cole tour?
    Sounds more like a slumber party

  • Jav

    This tour is straight garbage. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I rather see Bruno Mars.

  • Facts

    This is horrible

    why would you pay for this ???

  • Black Shady


    wish Kdot, Cole and Drake would go on tour together. i’d pay big money to see this

  • thats cool!!

  • its cool….Lil Wayne should at least come to Kenya,he has so many funs

  • ShamGAWD


  • Kristal

    If all y’all would rather see all of these other ppl then go to their pages…..

  • carlos

    Hmmmmm awesome

  • Josiah singh

    why do u guys waste ur timin watchin his videos he’s the best face the fact stop hatin

  • Lil wayne he is the best of the best ever…he rock the world…Proud Of u Weezy!!

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  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    Supe Dupe | World In My Hands | (Official Sneak Peek Video) #DMV #GoodMusic #DOPE 

  • Huh

    Everybody on here is lying their ass off or you’ve never been to a Wayne concert because he is the best touring hip hop artist gives 150% every night on every song

  • sandeep

    Mind blowing!!! Its tunechi muthafuckers XD

  • NovaKaine

    Wayne doesnt even rate to use Americas Most Wanted anything you will never be in the realm of Pac and Snoop T.I dumbass fell off he used to be dope but that purple panties song was dope and should of been a single