• Jav

    surprised shaq isn’t on a song. terrible artwork, he using windows 98 paint?

  • God Cipher Divine

    Dear JAV: Fuk the artwork punk, listen to the music! kayne had no artwork an u sucked him off so suck this off to unless u dont like women!!

  • Jav

    i never sucked Kanye off? Unless you have a better memory of my own thoughts and opinions which would be creepy stay put you dweeb.

    plus kay slay stay making 2006 street music. I have no more ecko shirts to vibe out to this with. My bad.

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”


  • God Cipher Divine

    Nah JAV u just one of these computer weirdos that dont know what Real HIPHOP is! its no time frame on good music! Hiphop comes from the streets NOT the suburbs and that will always be the foundation whether yall cornballs like it or NOT!

  • The Brain Trust

    1. There’s no such thing as ‘real hip hop’. Only good & bad rap music. All of it is ‘real’.

    2. Hip Hop comes from wherever it’s made. Your fetishisation of ‘the streets’ is stupid.

    2. Slay ALWAYS has the corniest artwork. His consistency in that regard is unparalleled. lol

  • God Cipher Divine

    The Brain: You crack babies need education on the culture! Everything is what it origins from! HIPHOP BEGAN in the STREETS of the BRONX NYC! u can try to change the rules just as u savages did with changing the Bible! But the facts Remain, what was in the beginning will be in the end! Real HIPHOP is culture and culture is a way of life! in Music HIPHOP comes through lyrical form and RAPPERS are just saying what the BRAINless ppl like you want to hear while your taking your drugs! Fuk slay cover Kanye gave yall NO cover an yall suked his DICK! so suk on this now!

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Kay Slay always lookin like Grumpy Cat

  • Da Truthhhhh

    These Lil Niggas don’t even Know who Eric B and Rakim is

  • Gilgamesh

    cipher was born in 1978 probably wrote that paragraph in a 3X dada shirt and some karl kani jeans, smoking a black n mild and downing a cup of Henny and sprite.

  • JOHNYblaze

    LMAO those comments caught me off guard i loved them ha!

    ^^^3x dada shirt and karl kani jeans! damnnn

  • Judge Dredd

    Wtf are you geeks talking about…? Kay Slay tapes are fire, quality hip hop music every time. What are you worried about the cover for?? Two gorgeous nubian queens with the King of this mixtape shit is not good enough?

    You nobodies are always looking for a way to discredit a black man…. Last I heard the content of the tape is what matters…

    P.S Sauce money set that shit off…… fire tape….

  • King Chandler

    @Gilgamesh……LMAO…..that comment was a masterpiece bruh, I got a visual. Real shit though, if Slay dropped a tape with a dope cover I would think something was wrong. You know damn well he got MD 20/20 in that champagne glass too.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Yeah man if you expectin’ anything other than exactly this from Kay Slay your gonna be sorely disappointed. This is what he does: A bunch of decent hood songs, usually got 2/3 of the LOX on track, Busta on there somewhere, posse cuts with Uncle Murda and Fred da Godson and some dudes you would never listen to, with a cover evocative of era when this all started. Can’t complain about that, there tapes are always worth a listen or two.


  • The Brain Trust

    ‘Everything is what it origins from! ‘

    False. If that was the case, rap would be indistinguishable from Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk & Rock.
    Rap in 2013 would sound exactly like rap from the 1970s.

    Concepts like you know……… change……… evolution, show that everything IS NOT what it originates from.

    I could attempt to refute the rest of your incoherent garbage, but it’s not worth the brain cells i’ll lose re-reading your rant.

  • migueljontell


  • God Cipher Divine

    The Brain <<< soldier boy is this nigga favorite rapper! Go give him brain! i bet u work in the mailroom! but your name is "Brain" Savage minded idiot…

  • God Cipher Divine

    Gilgamesh i dont even think u can pronounce your own name! u definitely on Bath salts or something with a name like that! Go detox before u make comments on major sites!!

  • God Cipher Divine


  • NovaKaine

    Hes gotta be doing these 90s covers on purpose if not its becoming pathetic you DJ Kay Slay niggas would do your shit for the F


  • Gilgamesh

    ^^^^^^ says the guy who wears low cut baby blue fubu boots. still fucking w/ Kay Slay in 2013 is a sign that you’re stuck in the fubu era.

  • Morris Day Laugh

    End of his last verse Beans is still going at Jay. He needs to just move on and do him…He’s right though lmao

  • Black Shady

    Beans shit is tough.

  • The Best Track And New out of most tracks in the mix I Believe is:

  • anon

    He who is resistant to change is destined to perish. Hip-hop has clearly evolved. What Brain Trust said about the fetishisation of the streets was bang on.

  • therealjuliano

    Tryna make moves I got some of the dopest music you ever gone hear who can I speak to that can help?