• wivu

  • Vinny Fox

    kinda sounds like wiz roll up

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is TERRIBLE.

    Who would’ve thought auto-tune/synthesizer would have found BTNH.

  • The Wise

    Theyre production never topped strength & loyalty album..that album was dope an i tried was a true bone thugs song..actually classic…since that album there music took a turn for the worst afterwards

  • classicboots

    i will say these niggas were rhyming and singing waaaay before all these other wack ass niggas long live btnh…..crossroads, thuggish ruggish, 1st of da month, fo tha love of $, dayz of our lives, that song with pac, and the other with biggie, murda mo murda, thug with harmony these niggas are legends end of story…they can do whatever they want albums were great no body can touch these niggas

  • CP

    not only does this sound like a hit record, they always come correct with lyrics

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  • DK

    I agree with the comment on Strength & Loyalty, except for how it was made when Bizzy was out of the group. He would have done great things on “I Tried”.

  • migueljontell

    DOPE. man someone gotta pick this dude up that sound like KANYE. easy the best song if not top 3 best SONGS i heard within the LAST FEW YEARS. someone gonna sign this kid soon http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/recklessyouth

  • NovaKaine

    This is dope Bone Thugs can do whatever the hells the want in music they have that pass wether it be Ac/DC to Mikey Cyrius they have that pass

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  • King

    not bad at all….everybody’s gotta adapt

  • Intl

    Bone will always be legendary. Man 20 years they doin their own thing. This song still got that bone element too it even in the chorus. Everybody feedin of them which is cool but just show respect.

  • mrholloway

    Nigga this shit sound good! Bizzy come in and kill it as usual. With the right promo this can be a top 10 single…especially on Top 40.

  • Im Quite Sure The Hook Was Performed By Wiz Khalifas New Artiste TY Dolla Sign, Big Homie, Do Look Into This, Super Tune by The Way

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  • dfslimm

    that was nice. all of them together too.

  • Sgt.Pepper

    as a fan 1st, im happy to hear this. Not the song im checking for since they have so many street heaters on deck..

    but I will say, Wishbone still sounds like shit after all these years. Wish always been the weakest one out the group. I am glad to see them still making music.


  • micthom

    wtf wish bone??????it was going good.

  • old bth fan


  • K